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On May 22
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A cream that claims to work well in eliminating the many signs of aging around the eyes like puffiness, dark lines and wrinkles is the Age Advantage Ultimate Eye Cream. It claims to have a new and improved formula along with a bigger jar that allows it to last longer in giving you the rejuvenating effects that you want.

The Age Advantage Ultimate Eye Cream makes use of a lot of proven ingredients that will help improve the skin around the eyes. the most popular one being palmitoyl oligopeptide or matrixyl 3000. This has great effects on increasing skin elasticity, which will allow the skin to reduce existing wrinkles while also preventing new ones from forming. It does this by enhancing the collagen and elastin production of the body leading to having better support for the skin and the reduction of crow’s feet. Aside from this, it also has Emu oil, aloe, alpha-lipoic acid, DMAE, glycolic acid and various vitamins. Emu oil is said to help the eyes in reducing puffiness and also improving the appearance of the skin. It does this by improving blood circulation as well as moisturizing the skin to make it smoother. Glycolic acid further boosts the improvement of the skin as it can exfoliate dead skin cells that look bad on the eyes. Lastly, the various vitamins are needed by the skin to help repair damages and eliminate dark lines under the eyes. All of these ingredients are relatively well known and sure to give you the effects that you want.


– Makes use of proven ingredients that can help make the eyes look younger
– Not very expensive


– Has very few customer testimonials
– May cause irritations on the sensitive skin around the eyes

Conclusion: In terms of effectiveness, the ingredients of the Ultimate Eye Cream should be able to make your eyes look younger and improve all of the signs of aging around the eyes. The only problem is that it makes use of a lot of ingredients and some of these may be a bit strong and cause irritations especially for those with sensitive skin. There are also very few customer testimonials about this product so you cannot see how well it has worked for other people and if they were satisfied with using this cream.

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