Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Creme, Anti-Wrinkle Exfoliant Review


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On May 25
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A cream that is said to be compatible with types of skin and can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, exfoliates the skin and renews the texture of the skin making it smoother and firmer is the Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Creme, Anti-Wrinkle Exfoliant.

The main ingredient of Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Creme, Anti-Wrinkle Exfoliant is glycolic-AHA, which is obtained from natural fruit acids that is said to have the capacity to rejuvenate the skin. It mainly does this by helping get rid of old and dull looking cells on the surface of the skin. Since the outermost layer of the skin is the oldest layer and is almost exposed to the elements, removing this layer will expose the younger and better looking skin cells underneath thus making you look younger and eliminating blemishes found on the surface. In addition to its exfoliating effects, continued use of this product is also said to help stimulate collagen and elastin regeneration which will result in firmer skin that is resistant to forming wrinkles.

– Very cheap cream compared to other anti-wrinkle creams
– Has received a lot of very good customer testimonials saying how well this cream has worked in reducing wrinkles and fine lines on their faces
– Can enhance skin elasticity with prolonged use

– Works mainly as an exfoliant only
– Will not be able to moisturize the skin making it feel dry sometimes
– Needs to be used with a sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun as you will have less protection due to the loss of the outermost layer of the skin

Conclusion: Other than glycolic AHA, this cream does not have any other significant anti-aging ingredient. This may be a cause for concern for some people who want their cream to have more actions than just exfoliating their skin. But looking at the various customer testimonials about this product, a lot of them were positive and gave very good reviews. A lot were pleased that blemishes on their faces were reduced, together with an improvement in their wrinkles and fine lines. This cream has even exceeded the expectations of some people which is why it seems to be a very good cream to try. With its cost being only $10.74, it is very cheap and with very good testimonials from its users, you might want to try it out yourself and see if it gives the same results on your face.

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