Astara Daily Refining Scrub Review


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On January 26
Last modified:March 20


This is an all-natural scrub that can gently remove dead surface cells, dirt and debris and can help minimize pores and smooth skin’s surface giving it a youthful appearance. It can help soften, smoothen and refine the skin by its natural antiseptic properties.

Directions For Use:
May be used on dry or wet skin with or without a washcloth or sponge. General use is on wet skin immediately following cleansing with the Botanical Cleansing Gele’. For increased exfoliation, use the scrub on dry skin. This is especially beneficial for dry, leathery skin. Apply about 1/2 teas. scrub to face (and/or backs of hands or other body areas) in outward circular motions to remove dead cells and debris. Scrub for as long as feels comfortable (seconds or minutes). Rinse well. May be used daily morning and/or night. Sensitive or pore damaged skin should use scrub less frequently or mix with Gele’ for a lighter scrubbing action.

– It can irritate sensitive skin.
– The packaging is not good.
– Hard to dispense.

– It can make the skin smooth.
– The scent is good.
– It has very small particles that are not harsh on the skin.
– This product really works.

Guarantee: Depends on the website that sells this product.

Conclusion: This scrub really works. It can make the skin smooth and soft. Many users are satisfied with the results. But for those that have oily skin, there is a precaution that scrubbing may stimulate more oil secretion so you need to use this once every other day. This product may also cause irritation to sensitive skin. Another negative comment about the product is the packaging. The packaging is not good. The pump is very inadequate for a thick scrub. But in terms of effectiveness, this product is great.

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