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On August 26
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Auravie is packed with all the essential ingredients to combat aging signs. It is a skin cream that works 3 treatments in one. It contains the potent ingredients that works three major functions: minimizes acne marks, wrinkles and blemishes; it lifts the skin making it look firm and smooth in texture; and conditions the skin making it look revitalized and hydrated. Not only does it reduce the obvious aging signs it also stimulates the regeneration of skin cells producing young and healthier looking skin.


This product is rich in the natural ingredients that are powerful enough to bring you the best results – younger and better looking skin. It contains Omega 9, 6, and 3, vitamin D, Reservatol and Acai Berry. All of these ingredients are popular for promoting skin rejuvenation and in reducing harm caused by free radicals like pollution, stress and unhealthy diet.

The product is backed up by its manufacturer Iivisil. The company is an experienced producer of beauty products in the same genre. As an added bonus for the introduction of this new product, the company is giving a 30 day free trial of Auravie. All you need to do is charge it on your credit card and pay for the shipping fee.


– The product contains potent ingredients that promotes healthier and younger looking skin.
– It is a 3 in 1 anti wrinkle cream product.
– Reduces the appearance of acne scars, wrinkles, puffy eyes, and dark circles around the eyes.


– Relatively new so the product is still quite hard to find in the market.
– Very few testimonials from actual users.
– Very expensive at $170..

Conclusion: Auravie is priced heftily at $170. The value of its price depends on how you will look at this product’s features. It definitely costs 3 times more than the average cream but definitely a lot cheaper than having a facelift or botox treatment. Some of the users opt to get the trial size first by paying the shipping cost of either $15 or $30 (for express delivery) before shelling out the full amount on the whole product. But due to the fact that this product is new, there are only a few reliable testimonial from users.

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