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On August 17
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Belisi Rx acts as an effective anti-wrinkle treatment because of its skin tightening qualities. It instantly tightens and tones your skin upon application. If used for a long time it even improves the elasticity of your skin. The product is made from medical grade ingredients that were designed to imitate the skin firming treatments used in the dermatologist’s clinics. The product was featured in Allure Magazine as one of the effective anti-aging products in the market.

The stellar ingredient in this product is the organic green tea extract that is combined with shea butter and peppermint oil. Shea butter, derived from nuts of the Karite Tree of West Africa acts like natural skin tightener and moisturizer. It provides a natural sunscreen against harsh UV rays of the sun. The peppermint oil tones the skin, is anti-inflammatory, enhances skin cell regrowth and purifies the skin.

– Imitates skin firming treatments used in the dermatologist clinic
– Moisturizes and hydrates skin
– Contains a natural sunscreen

– Does not contain other effective ingredients that can be found on other creams.
– Needs to provide clinical results on how effective this product is.
– Short trial period.

Conclusion: You can take the opportunity and try the product for yourself to see why it is highly acclaimed by those who have consumed it. This is a product that has noteworthy qualities and several positive reviews with no reported adverse effects. It offers 14 day trial but you need to understand that this is a very short period to test how effective a wrinkle cream in reducing any signs of aging.

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