Bellanue Anti-aging Serum Review

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On February 24
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Bellanue Anti-aging Serum claims that in 6 months, it can lower wrinkle density by 68%, decrease wrinkle volume by 23% and decrease wrinkle depth by 20%. It also says that visible results can be seen within days of using the cream. But just like most of the other creams on the market today, its active ingredient is Matrixyl 3000, together with retinol, Argireline and Osilift. It also has some other added ingredients such as ginseng, pomegranate, acai berry and mangosteen which act as antioxidants.

Matrixyl 3000 is a proven ingredient which is known to be effective in reducing wrinkles. Argireline is a substance which works similarly to Botox but not as rapidly as it relaxes tension in the face. Retinol or Vitamin A helps in prevention of wrinkle formation by stimulating production of collagen and elastin which in turn increases the skin’s elasticity. Osilift is a natural, fruit-based ingredient which aids in lifting sagging skin to smooth away those wrinkles. Lastly, the added antioxidants help in eliminating free radicals, which speeds up the process of skin aging.

The Bellanue Anti-aging Serum also claims to have a proven 90-day system can serve as your guide to how the product works in removing wrinkles and giving you younger looking skin. During the first 30 days, the cream moisturizes the face and starts to firm out wrinkles which start immediately at Day 1. In Days 31-60, collagen and elastin production will have increased thus reaching the cause of wrinkles at its root. By Days 61-90, the collagen and elastin have remained increased at significant levels for a long amount of time. This will help in giving you long-term protection from further formation of wrinkles. The antioxidants should have already worked in removing free radicals and repairing previous damage to the skin.

– The Bellanue serum contains ingredients that are proven effective against aging.
– It contains several antioxidants which is highly recommended for anti-aging products.
– It has a free trial period.
– It has a user-friendly website that provides the information needed about the product.

– Availing of the free-trial period automatically enrolls you in the auto-shipping program every month.
– No clinical studies of the actual product had been done.
– It is not stated whether it is safe for sensitive skin types.
– Free trial lasts for 15 days only.

Conclusion: At $79.87 per bottle, it might be a good product to try to see if it works for your skin. They also offer a 15-day trial period but this may not be enough time for you to see visible results. To know more information about wrinkle creams, read our wrinkle cream reviews to know what product works best for you.

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