Billy Jealousy’s Wipeout Eye Cream Review


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On June 9
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The Billy Jealousy’s Wipeout Eye Cream is an eye cream specially made for men which claims to minimize the appearance of crow’s feet, as well as reduce puffy eyes, dark circles and discolorations under the eyes. In addition to this, they also have claims of transforming your eyes from bloodhound to bedroom in an instant. It also boasts that is made from mild, all natural ingredients which make it safe even for sensitive skin.

Claims like this may be a cause for concern for some people as it may send a message that the company is not serious with their product. It relies on novel advertising strategies to entice people to buy, which is not really effective for men. Some may also not be sold on the effectiveness of natural products as they prefer ingredients that have been proven to work.

With these concerns aside, the Billy Jealousy’s Wipeout Eye Cream active ingredients are licorice extract which helps reduce dark lines under the eyes, as well as serving as an antioxidant. It has both lactic acid and alpha hydroxy acids which exfoliates the skin, reduces puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. Aloe juice extract is also present which serves as a moisturizer while echinacea extract is an anti-inflammatory which also serves to boost one’s immune system. Lastly, it also contains squalene which helps ensure that the other ingredients are able to penetrate the skin quickly to carry out their effects.

While natural products may seem to be used due to its possible effects, Billy Jealousy’s Wipeout Eye Cream made sure that its ingredients are based on scientific research so you are sure that these are already proven to work. In addition to being a natural eye cream, it does not incorporate any scents into its formulation so those with sensitive skin will still be able to use this cream without any adverse side effects.

– Contains all natural ingredients which make it safe for the skin
– Scientifically proven to work
– Has echinacea extract which helps increase the effects of the other ingredients

– May not live up to expectations of having an instant effect
– A bit expensive compared to other eye creams

Conclusion: Overall, this product may seem effective as it contains scientifically proven ingredients that reduce eye problems such as puffiness and dark lines. But its claim of working instantly may not be evident for everyone so this is one result that might be questionable.

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