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Review of: Bioque Serum XL

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On August 22
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This is another product that claims to be another Botox alternative, but if you examine the ingredients of Bioque, you can bet it can be possible. The most powerful ingredients this product has are Argireline, Biopeptite EL, and Matryxl 3000. It is believed that most anti wrinkle creams in the market today have the same ingredients as with this product. But what makes Bioque Serum XL apart from the others is the 20% concentration of an active ingredient called Argireline (a natural peptide that can help naturally reduce the appearance of wrinkles). It is known that the product needs to contain 10% of this ingredient in order for it to be effective.

Bioque Serum XL – Features and Benefits

• Visible improvement—the highest percentage of Argireline, a 20% concentration with potent ‘signal technology’ delivery, relaxes facial muscles to reduce and prevent appearance of lines and wrinkles
• Long term repair—5% each of two additional peptides with anti-oxidants stimulate production of collagen and elastin, repairing structural damage to deeper layers of the skin
• BOTOX-like benefits—Argireline provides all the muscle-relaxing properties of BOTOX ®, without the high cost, potential harmful side effects, and limited area of application
• Dramatic results—see improvement in skin in just 15 to 30 days

– The only concern about this product is its price. It’s pretty costly. There is even one user who claims that she can buy a lotion that can give her the same effect for half of its price.
– Quotes from actual users:

“Nice and light lotion for around the eyes, but effect is about the same as those lotions bought in the drugstore for 1/2 the price. (although this lotion is much lighter than those)”

“I saw ok results but don’t think I’ll repurchase”

– This product really works in getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles.
– It can leave the skin soft and smooth.
– It can be a good moisturizer.
– Results can be seen after two weeks of use.
– This product is claimed to be popular in Hollywood and used by many celebrities and models.

“I have been using Bioque Serum XL for 2 years, and this product is outstanding. I will swap off and try others you have listed, but I always go back to Bioque. I am 53 and feel 25 because I look 40. I have never had any cosmetic surgery or procedures. Use Bioque and you won’t need anything but a good night’s sleep!”

Guarantee: 60 day money back guarantee.

Conclusion: After reviewing this product, we can say that it can be one Botox alternative. It does have the most active ingredients for it to be effective. We can say that it can be one of the best anti wrinkle creams in the market knowing that this product is used by many Hollywood celebrities. You can try this product out. It’s a bit pricey but many claim that it is really effective.

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