Bliss Wrinkle Twinkle Review


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On May 21
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The eye area is one of the most susceptible facial parts during aging because it lacks oil glands that supply needed moisture so that the skin will be more elastic and softer. This is the reason why most wrinkles and fine lines appear in the eye area first before other parts of the face. To deter the appearance of signs of skin aging, a number of eye cream are currently available in the market today.

Bliss Wrinkle Twinkle is an eye cream that claim to reduce the signs of skin aging particularly around the eye area. The product vows to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to lighten dark circles and also provide more than enough moisture around the eyes. It contains ingredients known to prevent wrinkles, minimize its appearance and keep the skin hydrated.


  • haloxyl™
  • GABA
  • GranTox™
  • extended surface hydrators


  • Users claim that results cannot be readily experienced
  • Too pricey compared to other similar products and considering the amount of product in the tube


  • The texture is light and readily absorbed by the skin and can be used under make-up
  • Users claim that it lightens dark circles and reduce fine lines
  • It is fragrance-free, hence, reducing possibility of skin irritation and allergy.
  • Gentle on the skin.

Conclusion: There are quite a number of users who claim that the product is effective in reducing fine lines and darkening around the eye area, however, majority of those who tried the product believe that it is not worth the price especially since its built-in applicator actually constricts the person to maximize the content of the product. Nevertheless, in general this is a good eye cream but if your budget is limited you may want to try other similar products that also claim the same results.

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