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Review of: Caracol cream

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On September 24
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This is another anti aging cream that claims to help remove wrinkles, eye puffiness, crow’s feet, fine lines and other signs of aging. The 7 key ingredients of this anti aging cream are Allantoin, Collagen, Natural Elastins, Glycolic Acid, Anti-Biotic Peptides, Vitamins (A,C and E) and also A Natural Solar Filtrate. But if you visit their website, there is no actual research presented about their product.

This is what they claim: (Quoted from their website)

– Manually transform your sagging and drooping face into a smooth and toned image of you.
– Tighten your jaw line with almost laser precision…your unique facial contours and planes will gradually reappear, as if you were years younger
– Give your face the crucial substance, structure and support it needs to maintain its youthful appearance
– Turn on the rapid production of cushiony collagen and elastin fibers so your skin looks robust, thickened, and smooth as silk. Wrinkles virtually vanish from sight and what’s more…even future wrinkles don’t stand a chance!
– Say good riddance to your puffy under eye bags and dark circles as excess fluids and toxins are gently removed from your tissues
– Delight in your reflection when you look in the mirror and see your complexion has found a clear, healthy radiance
– Revive your bold and dazzling eyes so you look fully alert and sparkling with energy. Crow’s feet? What crow’s feet?
– Banish the mere thought of ever having a needle or scalpel anywhere near your face!

– No clinical data that can back up what they claim on their website.
– Poor customer service.
– They charge you before the 14-day trial period end up.
– They use fake information to mislead the customers.

– They presented a good line of ingredients on their website.
– Live chat is present on their website.


Guarantee: 14-day trial. 60-day money back guarantee.

Conclusion: This anti aging cream claims to be awarded with a Gold Award 2007 by American Anti-Aging Association ( According to our research, this is a fake website. Check out this useful source They just mimic the REAL American Aging Association ( Another common complaint from the users is that they do not abide by the Terms and Conditions they come up with. They charge your credit card even before the 14-day trial was up. They also have a very poor customer service. You can search the Internet about this product and discover other complaints about them.

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