DDF Wrinkle Relax Review


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On August 17
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After reviewing this product, we can say that it is not as good as we expected it to be. Although there are other users who can testify to the effectiveness of this product, most of the users are not happy with the results. Another downside of this product is its price. Many users claim that it is too expensive for minimal results.

They claim that DDF Wrinkle Relax:
• is a combination of two proven non-toxic anti-aging peptides (Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 a.ka. Argireline and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 a.k.a. Matrixyl) which help prevent fine lines induced by repeated facial movements. Proponents claim that palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 is at least as effective against wrinkles as retinol but does not cause skin irritation, which is a common side-effect of retinoids.
• increases the collagen and elastin matrix
• helps prevent premature aging with visible results within two weeks
• reduces intensity of muscle contraction
• reduces the appearance of wrinkles
• minimizes and softens lines

But for other users, these claims were not met.

– Many users claim that the product did not work for them.
– There are others who are not contented with the redults.

“I have noticed some minimal difference with a lasting effect of about a day. I won’t buy the product again because it’s too expensive for minimal results.”

– Many claimed that the product cannot get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.
– It is costly for what it can offer.

Quotes from actual users:

“I saw no difference whatsoever in the depth of my fine lines.”

“I used it just like it said to – with NO results!!! Save your money!!!”

“… I won’t buy the product again because it’s too expensive for minimal results.”

“I would not recommend this product for someone who is serious about taking care of their signs of aging!”


There are other users who claim that product works well for them.

“This works well to reduce lines on my forehead. I also use it to minimize the fine lines at the corners of my eyes. It is high priced, but lasts fairly long.”

– Some users experienced tightening of their skin, thus making fine lines less visible.
– It does not aggravate the skin.
– It is odorless and pleasant to use.

Quotes from other users:

“Now my wrinkles are almost completely gone, even when I frown. It is so much safer than injecting a poison like botox into my skin.”

“After using this product on my forehead, for only a couple of days I saw a quite dramatic reduction of deep lines.”

Guarantee: 30 Day money back guarantee (depending on the website that sells this product.)

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