DECLEOR Vitalite Nourishing Firming Cream Review

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On April 22
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The DECLEOR Vitalite Nourishing Firming Cream uses all natural ingredients such as essential oils and plant extracts to nourish the deeper layers of the skin. It also encourages rebuilding of the fibers of the skin, which is responsible for giving support and providing firmness and elasticity. With the increased firmness and elasticity, it should result in fewer wrinkles and fine lines, while looking and feeling younger as well. Aside from this, it also helps in protecting and softening the skin with its anti- free radical effects.

DECLEOR Vitalite Nourishing Firming Cream has more than a dozen ingredients which contribute to its nourishing and strengthening effects. Its main ingredients are coconut (13.5%), shea butter (4%) and polysaccharides and glycoproteins of soy (2%). Coconut, specifically its oil, moisturizes the skin and acts as an anti-oxidant which removes damaging free radicals that are responsible for making the skin look older. Shea butter is an organic moisturizer that also has anti-aging properties. In addition, it contains Vitamins A and E, which are effective anti-oxidants, as well as fatty acids which gives suppleness to the skin. Lastly, it has protective effects from the damaging rays from the sun. Polysaccharides and glycoproteins on the other hand, are the materials needed to rebuild the underlying supports of the skin. Other ingredients such as avocado oil, stearic acid, glycerin, sunflower seed oil, wheat germ oil, etc all have effects similar to its main ingredients.

– Has all natural ingredients thus no harmful side effects
– Slightly cheaper than other wrinkle creams
– Creamy texture but without the oily feeling on the skin

– Contains too much ingredients – not all may contribute to anti-aging effects at very little amounts
– Only a few testimonials from users
– Does not set a time frame as how long before effects could be seen

Conclusion: Being an all natural cream has its advantages. It is sure to be safe on the skin and will not cause any adverse effects when compared to wrinkle creams with artificial chemicals. On the other hand, natural ingredients may not work as well when compared to other artificial ingredients. Using the DECLEOR Vitalite Nourishing Firming Cream may be a better alternative to other wrinkle creams as it is sure to have no bad side effects. But the results will entirely depend on your skin type. If it is not compatible with your skin, no anti-wrinkle affects may be seen and you should try looking for other alternatives instead.

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