Dermajuv Neck and Chest Revival System Review


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On August 22
Last modified:March 20


This relatively new product specially designed for the chest and neck area contains the same effective ingredients in most of Dermajuv’s anti-aging line. The treatment system is composed of two products: the Neck Restoration Cream and the Dynamic Age Defying Serum. They should be used together to bring you the best results. Once you have completed the first cycle of its use, you can use any one of these products on its own to maintain the results and to keep your skin in these areas healthy.

The Dermajuv Neck & Chest system lifts, firms up, moisturizes and enriches the skin on your neck at the same time eliminating the wrinkles, diminish sun spots and heals and renews the skin cells. The products must be used 30 – 45 days for every cycle by following its instructions. The products are safe to use in prolonged periods of time.

The ingredients of the Neck Restoration cream are stem cells, Matrixyl, Hyaluronic Acid and Sesaflash. The Dynamic Age Defying Serum is made of Renovage and Matrixyl.

– Firms and tones the skin on your neck and chest
– Eliminates wrinkles on neck and chest
– Regenerates and heals skin cells

– An expensive treatment
– Not very many testimonials although there are pictures to prove its effectiveness

Conclusion: With any luck, you may just have enough money to buy this very expensive product and give it a real test run. There are very few testimonials to prove that this really works, but in those few testimonials are actual pictures that attest to its stellar results. 30 days may not be enough time to see any significant changes but it may be enough time for you to decide whether to proceed with the expensive treatment or not. Although results may vary for every person, the only consolation you can get from the product is that it contains the vital ingredients that have strong anti-wrinkle properties.

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