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Review of: Dermapril-SP

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On October 3
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Dermapril-SP is another anti wrinkle cream that claims to be effective in eliminating wrinkles. This product contains Matrixyl 3000, a powerful anti oxidant that is the result of combining two peptides: palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3. It has also green tea and white tea extracts. Although it contains great ingredients, it still cannot be considered as the best anti wrinkle cream in the market. Read this review to know more.

This is what they claim:
• REDUCE the appearance of wrinkles
• VISIBLE results in minutes of use
• NO NEEDLES or painful injections
• REJUVENATE and renew aging skin
• RESTORE skin’s youthful radiance

Ingredients: Purified water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Hydroxlated Lexithin, PEG-100 Stearate, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Camellia oleifera (green tea) Leaf Extract, Camellia Sinensis (White Tea) Leaf Extract, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, Butylene Glycol, Carbomer, Polysorbate 20, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Benzyl Alcohol and Dehydroacetic Acid

– Less information about the product.
– It does not have moisturizing ingredients.
– There is a complaint about “misleading advertising” on the part of the company.

– It contains anti-oxidant component such as Matrixyl 3000, green tea and white tea extracts.

Guarantee: Risk Free 14-day Trial

Conclusion: Although this product contains antioxidant components, there is no actual evidence that this product really works. We have seen a complaint from one costumer about the free trial guarantee given by the company. It says that they subscribe the costumer to a monthly “auto-ship” program without notifying them.

Free trial will allow the consumer to evaluate the effectiveness of a certain product. But in this case, we think that a 14-day trial period is not a realistic timeframe to expect significant wrinkle reduction.


  1. Trial user beware – Dermapril-sp offers the 14 day trial period for “free”. What they do not make clear is that you must cancel the subscription & return the pump (full or empty) with-in 30 days you will be charged the $69.95 for the “free” trial pump. If you do not cancel the subscription – the company will continue to send the product & deduct the $69.95 from your account! My intent was to try the product & see if I wanted to place an order. I find this practice deceptive but blame myself for not reading the small print.

  2. Kelly Patterson says:

    Usually I don’t fall for free-trials because naturally I assume they’re deceptive, but it was not the case with Dermapril. I signed up for the free trial, I used almost the complete bottle, and then I canceled my membership before the free trial ended. You just have to make sure you call and cancel your membership before the free trial expires, so it’s completely up to you. It was great because I got to use the product for free. All I paid was $5.99 for shipping/handling. Aside from that, my skin is tight and fresh. I’ve since signed on with the membership and I’ve been using it for 4 months now. I’m very happy with it. 🙂

  3. janice buttons says:

    User beware….You MUST return the bottle…used or unused..and pay shipping AGAIN to cancel the subscription. You can’t just CANCEL as they say. Product is no better than the Almay I have been using AND made the skin around my nose crack.

  4. Yes user beware. I too should have read the small print. I was under the same impressions as Eve above. Their business practices are deceptive and I called today on day 15 of my trial and I was too late.

  5. Andy T. says:

    I do believe the company is a little shady. I tried to cancel online, but to no avail. I also tried to call the 800 number and have been on hold for the last 25 minutes. A recorded message tells you what number caller you are but no one ever answers. I’ve been caller number one for the last 15 minutes. All I can say is “buyer beware.”

  6. judy laurich says:

    I also thought that I would get a 14 day free trial and then I found out that I would get 69dollars charged to my credit card, I am so pissed that I send it right back.

  7. stephanie says:

    i love the cream!!! i recommend it to everyone. it has taken away my wrinkles and left my skin really smooth. at first i was a little scared to go in to an auto ship program but then i followed all the directions and wasnt billed anything. i started using the cream and after 2 months i saw major results and have been real happy with the cream. its been 7 mths now and still ordering!

  8. Mary Bailey says:

    I ordered the trial size and used it a few times and it felt great and did not hurt my skin. However, since I am under a dermatologists care for another skin problem I realized that I should not add any products to my face until I get them cleared up. I emailed and called and cancelled any future orders of the product and I sent back the trial sized even though I had used it for a few day.

    I had NO PROBLEMS……they cancelled it…….and were very nice. They even sent me an email informing me that the trial size that I had sent back had been received. I will try it again when I get my other skin problems cleared up.
    Good luck to the rest of you.

  9. Debbie H. says:

    ordered the trial and got my monthly visa bill with a charge for “the monthly replenishment”… I called and cancelled my credit card and am disputing the charge. The website is definitely shady but I will say this….. I actually think that the stuff works pretty well. I’m annoyed that the company has such shady marketing practices and I can’t bring myself to order it.

  10. Hopeless Fanatic says:

    Heh Debbie,
    I had issues with them too, and tried to dispute the charges but when my cc company called, they were able to show them the terms and conditions on the website. It’s right there on the left hand side before you enter your credit card info. My cc company denied my dispute and told me to call them to try to sort it out.

    I did. AND I decided to stay on. They were running a promotion the day that I called back at a cheaper price and they even allowed me to change my shipping frequency to every 60 days. I was very mad at first, and yes they do have long hold times.

    However I would rather wait 20 minutes than to be charged 80 bucks for something because I couldn’t wait or didn’t read their terms and conditions.

    I know what my problem was when I first called in, I was angry and maybe even a little rude. The second time I called, I had to be nicer because I already tried to go through my credit card company…I found that when I was nicer I was over all treated better and got a better response.

    I don’t think they adhere to the customer is always right philosophy but they definitely will work with you more if you are nicer….

    just a tidbit,

    Hoepless fanatic

  11. Steph says:

    I am a push over for “free trials” and have learned my lesson many times over so before I order ANYTHING I read every single word on the site or at minimum what the return policy is EXACTLY. The whole reason why any company offers rebates or things that you can try “for free” and then mail back is that the statistics show that a high percentage of people just don’t bother returning things or don’t send in for the rebate so they count on that pretty large group of people to make their money. I am (or was) one of those people. I could not list the number of products etc. that I have signed up for “free”. NONE of them actually were free in the end!****ONE GREAT THING ABOUT DERMAPRIL TRIAL IS THAT EVEN THOUGH YOU MUST SEND BACK THE BOTTLE ITSELF-THEY DON’T CARE IF ITS EMPTY-THEY JUST WANT THE ACTUAL PUMP BACK SO EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T WANT TO USE IT ALL RIGHT AWAY OR JUST FORGOT YOU CAN PUMP ALL THE CREAM OUT INTO ANOTHER EMPTY PRODUCT BOTTLE AND SEND THEIRS BACK-in fact you should do this right away when you receive it so you can return the empty bottle right back and not risk any fees**** They will confirm this if you ask them. As long as you do it within the time frame its a great deal! ****ALSO TO ALL THAT DO WANT TO CONTINUE USING IT BUT THINK ITS TOO EXPENSIVE, CALL BACK & TELL THEM THAT & THEY WILL OFFER IT TO YOU AT A MUCH LOWER PRICE AS WELL AS OFFER TO SHIP EVERY OTHER MONTH**** They did this when I called to cancel but I still think its just too much money for me to spend right now-if you follow the bottle instructions (USE AM & PM) you only have technically enough for 2 weeks, but when you call they say that 1 bottle is 1 month’s supply…if you use it once a day-(a clear contradiction). All in all my experience WAS a good one and I DEF LIKE THE PRODUCT so when times are a little better for me I will DEF be ordering it. I LOVED how it made my skin feel, loved that there was no strong perfume in it and I REALLY DO think that it made my skin look a little better. This coming from someone who has worked in the plastic surgery field for the last 13 years so it would be an UNDERSTATEMENT to say that I have seen and tried MANY MANY MANY different skincare products. I have found over the years that no one single brand carries all the products that work the best and you definitely should remember this when a salon or spa or plastic surgeon’s office tries to get you to purchase the whole entire line of products from one manufacturer and say that “they’ll ONLY work if you use ALL of the products from the line” this is a bunch of B.S. and a way for them to make a lot of money off of one gullible consumer-TRUST ME THEY USED TO MAKE ME DO IT!!! (not to mention the mark up for products is usually 100% of what they buy it for….seriously) Sorry for the long post but when I start sharing info sometimes I just can’t stop…I like to help people through my writing if I can so I really hope that this info helps someone!!

  12. Donna says:

    DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ORDER A FREE TRIAL OF DERMAPRIL-SP UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE CHARGED $80.00. I paid $5.00 for what I thought was a free trial then got the added $80.00 ( sells it for less). I broke out in a rash immediately and threw away what I THOUGHT was the trial sample. I can honestly say, I will never do business with them again – I don’t like their misleading advertising technique.

  13. Paula says:

    Dermapril SP does not work! Not only does it not do what it’s suppose to do but the company gets you in the back-end once you cancel your order. Other companies allow you to return the product and get a refund. DERMAPRIL WILL NOT! If you return your order and cancel. DERMAPRIL WILL NOT REFUND! They will tell you to keep the order and thank you for the $69.95 + $5.00 shipping even though we don’t honor our product. It’s yours and we won’t give you any money back! Take note before you order.

  14. Chris says:

    I did my research on the marketing scam mentioned above, and it’s definitely designed to rope people in. It seems that many of the anti-aging product companies are doing the “auto-ship” thing, and are ticking off people with their deceptive “free” offers. Just a suggestion, but whenever I want to try something out, and make sure I’m not stuck with a commitment or hidden charges, I just buy it on ebay. You know what you’re paying up front, the product is new and unopened, there are no reoccurring charges, and you can often get these products cheaper. Dermapril is selling for about $50-$60 right now with no shipping charges. Some vendors make a point to say that the auction is for one bottle only. The only left to worry about is trying the product to see if it works for you.

  15. Chris says:

    I did my research on the marketing scam mentioned above, and it’s definitely designed to rope people in. It seems that many of the anti-aging product companies are doing the “auto-ship” thing, and are ticking off people with their deceptive “free” offers. Just a suggestion, but whenever I want to try something out, and make sure I’m not stuck with a commitment or hidden charges, I just buy it on ebay. You know what you’re paying up front, the product is new and unopened, there are no reoccurring charges, and you can often get these products cheaper. Dermapril is selling for about $50-$60 right now with no shipping charges. Some vendors make a point to say that the auction is for one bottle only. The only thing left to worry about is trying the product to see if it works for you.

  16. Carol says:

    I was ripped off by Dermapril-SP It was noly suppose to cost postage and they billed my debit card $90 the day they shipped my Free Trial and they set me up on a auto ship program. I had it canceled but they won’t refund my money and won’t let me ship it back for credit!


  17. Suzy L. says:

    Dermapril is GREAT! It actually works! I never believed in creams before until now. I always thought surgery was the only way to see actual results, but after using this stuff for 3 months I am hooked. I recommend it to EVERYONE!

  18. Charlestongirl says:

    This is a dishonest company. That “free trial” will cost you a lot of money. It’s not clear from their Web site that they will bill you for the “free trial” product after 14 days. Then bill you again when they send more in 30 days.

    I liked the product, but canceled anyhow. I don’t like their business practices, their site is almost impossible to really use, and their customer service rep was rude and insulting.

    My advice? Just don’t do it. There are other products out there that work, and you won’t have a fight on your hands if you stay away from Dermapril.

  19. Carolina Girl says:

    Do not go for the free-trial come-on sales. I thought I was getting a “14 day sample” for just shipping costs. I was charged $79.95 for that small amount of product. When used as directed (3 pumps on face & 2 pumps on neck) the product lasted a few days over the 14-days. Customer service was not helpful and said “2 of their cs reps had used it two months ago to test the amount and it was a full month supply. THIS IS NOT ENOUGH FOR A MONTH AND MUCH LESS FOR $5.95 SH & $79.95. Their terms and conditions need to be more transparent. A reputable company doesn’t want to hide what you get and the conditions. I have nice skin with some wrinkles. THIS PRODUCT DID NOTHING TO IMPROVE THE WRINKLES.

  20. kendark58 says:

    I agree with a cross-section of both the good and bad responses posted here. The “free trial” is a marketing ploy just shy of a scam. It’s too bad the company has restored to this tactic as it undermines the credibility of what is otherwise a fine product.

    My experience with the trial, however, was different than others. Fortunately, I used my PayPal account and generated a single-use credit card to obtain the trial. When I realized the catch once I rec’d the product I messaged to cx my auto-ship and informed them that the credit card # given was for a once time use only and they would not be able to reuse it for the auto-ship. They e-mailed me back and confirmed receipt of my cancellation — issuing me an authorazation #, which is needed for the return to be valid — and extended my trial for 30 days. And not 30 days from the initial order date, but that of the dater of cancellation.

    Whether they did this becasue they’d rec’d so many complaints or because they realized that they wouldn’t be able to charge me for their free trial I’m not sure. But they did do the right thing — albeit once they were backed in a corner — and by doing so they may end up with a continuing customer.

    Note: if you do use your PayPal account for the free trial be sure to go into your account to cancel the transaction record once the order has gone through. Otherwise, the single-use card remains viable and accessible to a vendor for up to 60 days.

  21. Patti Schroeder says:


  22. I never received the first shipment. Called and they sent a second shipment. It doesn’t work. Called to cancel. They say they already cancelled my auto order and only shipped to make up for the first one not getting to me (they said it came back). So I didn’t need to send it back. They charge my account again. I call and they say I never sent the bottle back. I said they said I could keep it. Well, NOW we’re saying you have to send it back or no credit. Liars! Disputing the charge and sending it back for good measure. A BIG FAT WASTE of TIME and MONEY. Don’t do it!!

  23. Wendy says:

    I ordered the cream 30 minutes ago and then reviewed all the reviews. I called right away and cancelled. It only took 2 minutes and I obtained a cancellation #. Thanks to all of your warnings I did not have to go through all the hassle!

  24. Pippko Lin says:

    Unfortunately, I just placed an order on for a free trial about 5 minutes ago before I read the above warnings. I won’t never and ever place order with them if I read the above warnings earlier. After I read the above warnings, I have tried to contact with the company by phone to try to cancel my order immediately because it was just placed about few minutes ago. Ridiculously, they told me that the order was shipped out and I couldn’t cancel it. They told me that I only can wait for the order to come to me and then return the package back to them with the return authorization code that they provided me by paying the returning shipping fee from my own pocket. Otherwise, they are going to continue charge from my credit card monthly. I told them that I didn’t believe the order was shipped out already and I have asked them to provide me the tracking#. They said they have no tracking# to provide to me. They are actually big swindlers. I have recognized that I will have lots of trouble after the order was placed. I won’t so stupid to follow their instruction to wait for the free trial order to come to me and ship them back again to cancel the future automatically charges. What I have done is to call my credit card company to cancel the authorization charge of the free trial order that was just processed few minutes ago. Then I also asked my credit card company to stop my credit card and reissue me a new credit card number to avoid future charges by this awful company. By doing this way, I won’t be charged any penny by this company from the beginning to the future becuase the authorization of the trasaction was canceled and the credit card# is canceled. I will just keep the free trial order without doing any returning because that company just don’t want to stop the order for me. They won’t be able to get any benefits from me.

  25. Pippko Lin says:

    Becareful that even they provide you the cancelation# immediately, they still require you to send back the free trial package to them to avoid the one time $79.95 charge beause they won’t cancel the order for you when you called them. They just keep shipping out the package to you and force you to pay the shipping fee again for returning before the order is completely cancelled. As soon as you requested the cancellation on the phone, they should sent you an e-mail regarding the cancellation confirmation. That e-mail contains the infomation that I just stated to you above. Becareful about it.
    I have the same experience about it. I have also put my experience on this website. You can take a look on how I solved my promblem.

  26. Heather says:

    I thought the 14-day trial meant that the product (Dermapril) would only last about 14-days and that the trial was free. NOT!!!!!! Now I can’t get through to the crooks that billed my credit card account. I now know that if a credit number is asked for when applying for a product, they will do an auto bill each month until u cancel (which I’m not able to do since I can’t get to the crooks by phone). Don’t be a victum like me!!

  27. Kris says:

    I also got roped into trying this so called “free-trial” These people are deceptive in their advertising and then refuse to accept the product back after the 14-day trial day period. Scam Artists!

  28. All products must have a 30 day refund period.

  29. Marie King Caumartin says:

    This is a big scam. You get a small amount of product and if you do not send the product back within 30 days, they charge your credit card. $79.95 for nothing. Beware,beware,beware. I did cancel the product within the time stated I go to a skin specialist and this is not what they are advertising.No change in skin. I would consider it false advertising and a way to get your money and you get nothing in return. I will never go for a scam on the internet again. This has caused me a valuable lesson

  30. Lezlie Edmondson says:

    I tried the free trial Dermapril SP product, unknowing that I would start receiving a bottle every two weeks. When I called to ask what was going on, they told me I had to cancel my account, which I didn’t know I had an account, and they would also not return my money for the three bottles of product which I did not want. Needless to say, if your product is good, you don’t have to do business in such an underhanded way. Please post this comment, so others are not duped as I have been. Oh yeah, the product is close to worthless.

  31. offers a 14-day free trial to give prospective customers a chance to evaluate the product and decide if it’s the right anti-aging product for them. Most customers like our product and are happy to continue receiving Dermapril-SP on a monthly basis. If you do not like the product, your trial period provides a 14-day window for you to contact Dermapril Customer Care and cancel. As long as you cancel within the trial period and return your trial pump of Dermapril-SP you will not be billed for the product.

    Please note, we must receive your trial pump in our warehouse within 30 days of your cancellation to ensure you are not billed, or that you are issue a credit if billing has occurred. To make the process easier, we now provide UPS shipping labels to customers who intend to return their trial orders. You must call Customer Care or cancel online in order to receive your label. We cannot issue credits on packages marked “Refused” or “Return to Sender.”

    In cases where a credit upon receipt is promised, it may take 6-10 days from when we receive the product for that credit to post to your bank account. In circumstances where an immediate credit is issued the amount will post to your account within 2-3 business days (excluding weekends).

    Should you have any questions about the Risk-Free trial offer or Dermapril-SP’s Terms and Conditions, please visit our website at our call our Customer Care team at 888-727-4445.

    Thank you-

  32. This company is a RIP-OFF! They advertise a free sample and then charge your credit card for the full price, claiming that the “free sample” offer is really only a trial sample that you have to cancel witin 14 days or be charged. None of this is made clear on their website. You only find out after the fact. Then they set you up on an automatic shipping plan and automatically start shipping the product every 2 weeks, charging your account. When you call to complain, they talk to you as if you are stupid. The merits of the product itself are completely eclipsed by the hard sell and poor customer service. Avoid this product and this company at all costs!

  33. Rachel38 says:

    The Dermapril ‘free’ trial is going to cost you nearly $13, at best. I wish I had read the reviews before getting involved with this.
    This company is running a scam! Beware!

  34. Katja says:

    Well, I just ordered it cause everything I researched says it works. HOWEVER, no
    I would NOT pay $70 or even $90 for it from some company when I can get it on Ebay for as little as $45 (30ml) with free shipping….



  36. After many hours I have spent doing research on free trial promotions – all are handled and controlled by one company- all have the same hidden clause – Very fraudulent sale – Sheer Cover is one of the main product they push – when you order the sample kit just paying for shipping you end up receiving ( claimed by company it is three month of product were shipped and that is why they they have billed you for three month ) even though you one wanted a sample kit- shipping made without your request and approval – BE AWARE OF THIS MARKETING COMPANY- THEY REPRESENT ALL SKIN AND MAKEUP PRODUCTS THAT YOU WILL FIND PROMOTED ON THE INTERNET ) COMPANY HAS HIGH NEGATIVE RATING WITH BBB AND FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSIONER – WATCH OUT FOR GUTHY-RENKER ( COMPANY VERY FRAUDULANT )

  37. I just got charged the 69.95 and I did not intend on ordering more after the 14 day trial!! Now I can’t find a number to call to cancel!

  38. donna says:

    Thanks so much to the people who took the time to write about the unethical practices of the dermapril company. Unfortunately I had already placed my “free trial” order before reading the posts above. Within 15 minutes of placing my order I heeded the warnings about this company and called the toll free number to cancel my order. I only had to wait about 3 minutes before speaking to the cust. service rep. (the reps are based in the Phillipines). She was nice enough but told me that my order had already been placed and that it was too late to cancel it. When she asked me why I no longer wanted the product, I told her about all the dissatisfied customers who had had trouble with their orders. She assured me that I wouldn’t be charged $79.95 until after the 14 day trial. Not completely trusting that information, I told her that I wanted to cancel any further shipments immediately, she said she could do that and gave me a cancellation number. When I inquired what amount WOULD be charged to my credit card she told me $10.94–my original total was supposed to be $3.95 for S&H to get the product, so I was surprised to hear that the total was over ten dollars. Apparently they charge for the return label once the product is canceled. I asked to speak to a supervisor just to make sure that my order had been canceled and that the $10.94 is ALL that I would be charged. Supervisors are not available to speak with right away, I have to wait and one will call me back within 24 hours (??? what’s up with that???). I’ll post back if I do or don’t get a call back. What a BIG pain-in-the-ass this has been, but thanks to you other post-ers I was saved some of the crap you all have had to deal with.

  39. Tracy Lawrence says:

    BEWARE OF THIS SO CALLED RISK FREE TRIAL!!! I have had nothing but problems with this shady company. I called to cancel my membership within the 14 day trial period after they charged my bank account a day earlier than the date stated on the invoice. They said the debit to my account a day early was their mistake and it would be corrected that day. That was 9 days ago and they just charged my account again for $79.99. This company is a joke, unreliable, and dishonest. Don’t fall for this “RISK FREE TRIAL” unless you plan on paying $80.00 for it. Also, they have debited my account an additional $6.99 for the return UPS label to send the bottle back and on top of it all the cream has broken my face out terribly!!!

  40. lynda says:

    I too, just ordered the free trial and unfortunately did my research after the fact. I immediately called my bank and explained the situation and they were very helpful. The bank rep told me that after the free trial shipping charge was posted, she would not authorize any future charges from this company to my account. I’ll still send the pump back to comply, but this might take care of the problem.

  41. Lynn Puccini says:

    I think this free trail offer is a scam. It’s not sold in Stores because no one would buy such a small size of anti- wrinkle lotion for $79.95. It is a sample size at best. This product doesn’t begin to campare to Chanel, Obagi or even Oil of Olay skin care products. It does not leave a nice finish. It is not for people with allergies or sensitive skin. I found it to be irritating.

    Once sampling this product I can’t imagine why anyone would actually purchase it.

  42. Jillian Core says:

    We get ripped off in the UK too. As a journalist and mature 48-year-old woman of the world I thought it wouldn’t happen to me. In the UK, beauty counters often give you a sample to try before you buy and, often because of their goodwill and because the product is reasonable, you do.
    This seemed nothing more than another “free sample”. Two £74.75 unauthorised transiactions on my debit card later from “Global Wellbeing” I finally made the connection between this and the free Dermapril I ordered.
    Well, you complain and stop your debit card … to no avail. I’m unlikely to get my money back, but will continue trying.
    Meanwhile – a gypsy curse on them and all involved in this scam.

  43. Well…just like everyone else that has commented on this website, its product and business practices, I was stooped also. However, I fought back! I received the product and the letter that indicated that I was now enrolled into this program, I was MAD as HELL. I went back to the website to look for the terms and conditions and still did not find them. Until I looked in the very bottom of the website and in teeny tiny print, there they were, and they differ from everything else. I called immediately to cancel this enrollment, that I did not want without first trying the product. What they did not realize and was great for me, is that I used a prepaid credit card to order this product. I told them, that I would be keeping their product, as their ads stated I could, I paid the shipping and handling for the free trial. I simply emptied my credit card, purchased a new one and reloaded my money. They cannot charge my account. I would strongly suggest that those of you who are subjec to try free trials online, use a prepaid credit card…in case the company is as decective as this one was. I would have been willing to purchase the product outright, once I tried it, if only they had been on the up and up! I propose, if you can’t beat them…join them!!

  44. Carol Guilbault says:

    DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT ORDER THIS JUNK….ITS A SCAM! The good reviews on here are also a scam…they have been planted. When you order they charge your card 3x and mail you the junk cream that you have 5 days to use and then you must send back..if this is not back in their hands 10 days from the day you order they will charge you. Also the label they have you use does not work fast with the postal service so even if you get back in the mail ontime the package doesnt get to them in time so they charge you anyway. They also send you pills that you never ordered and charge you that…they dont respond to emails or phone calls.
    I have reported them to the BBB and look forward to shutting them down!
    My credit card company has a file of complaints against them…buyer dont bother go to the store to buy your cream. Bellevue WA

  45. Carol Guilbault says:


  46. I ordered the trial, and got shipped the second bottle, I did not see any difference at all and I canceled the membership, contacted customer service and asked them how to returned the product in its original package and get a refund, they gave me a # that have to be written on the shipment, did that, nothing, not a dim.. I kept sending them e-mails for 3 month with every written note including them receiving my shipment (certified mail) , they finally said the don’t issue refund!! so they kept the product and the money..
    I am beyond upset for all that hassle, and for a company that is so deceitful with a bad customer service to match.. I hope their karma catch up to them.

  47. I wish I had read all these comments before I ordered my so called free trial.. they won’t issue a refund even after they told me how to ship it back with a an approved return #..
    What information do I need to file with my state attorney please?

  48. I cancelled, got a cancellation number and 10 days later another shipment arrived (I am being charged $85.90-not the $70 I am reading on here)! I rewrapped the unopened box and sent it back with the cancellation number on a note inside the rewrapped unopened box. No credit on my account now 6 weeks later! I called and they told me that they didn’t receive the product, and did I have a return receipt from the post office? I said, no. They said, we didn’t get it so the best they would do was a $30 credit. I said, NO! I got a supervisor and was told that they “don’t give refunds on product that someone had and then sent back when the “someone” could have done something to the product” I said, this is what you think of your customers? They asked how I would feel if I got an opened product. I said the box I sent back was unopened. They had no way of knowing that. DUH?? Anyways..I get a product back that doesn’t work for me and a $30 credit on my account. I do not recommend the product or the business practices!

  49. What a shady scam….free trial that cost me 69.95 plus the shiping for the anti wrinkle cream that i dont even like it. 79.95 plus shiping for CLEANSE AND DETOX PILLS. I feel like stupid soo much money spend. All they say it’s free Trial , why don’t YOU INFORM BUYERS ABOUT ACTUAL COST AND PRICES. NEVER AGAIN. SCAM.BEWEARE. YOU DONT GET YOUR MONEY BACK. I HATE THIS PRACTICE. WHAT A SCAM

  50. Lorraine Douglas says:

    Firstly, thank you so much for leaving all of these comments. Had it not been for reading them, i would have ordered the free sample today and no doubt been scammed like many more of us trusting girls. So sorry to hear that so many have been treated so badly and conned out of hard earned cash.

  51. jcraves says:

    What a scam. I was charged for a wrinkle cream that does not work. I wish I would have read these reviews before I tried Dermapril They will NOT refund any of your money and you cannot send the product back. BEWARE of dermapril, do NOT take the rist free trial. It does not work and they will take all of your money and the customer service representatives are not helpful and are very rude!!!!!

  52. Shaunda Elaine Lindsay says:

    please explain about the 30 days that you spoke of

  53. martha says:

    Thank you for using Dermapril-SP!

    We have received your cancellation and you will no longer receive shipments from us. There is no reason to return your product or take any further action; your cancellation is now complete.

    Please enjoy your remaining supply of Dermapril-SP and we hope to one day earn your business again.

    Dermapril-SP Customer Service

  54. diane turner says:

    I have also been ripped off with this product and they have today taken £75.98 and 98p from my credit card! As a technophobic can someone please tell me how to get in touch with this company to cancel this agreement as soon as possible as I am having difficulty finding any imformation from the site. I will be very grateful for any help as I am now in a real panic!

  55. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone have the physical or web address for this company? I have tried to discontinue shipment of Dermapril and can’t get a response from anyone. Is there a telephone number for customer service?! Thanks.

  56. Sandra says:

    PHONE NUMBER FOR THEM; 888-727-4445

    I have also been scammed by this rip off company.

  57. This company is a totaL SCAM. I have returned the product as they instructed for a refund and its been almost three months and they still have not returned my money.

    Since then I have filed a claim with the Attorney General for the state of Ohio, its pretty easy, about this scam company. File your complaint with your state and shut this scammer down before more people lose their hard earned money.


  58. Debbie says:

    I have been trying to cancel my order for a month, but their customer service number reports that they are having technical difficulties and that they would have somebody call back in 48 hours. I haven’t received a call AND I cannot send them an email… all the emails get returned. So… I have no way of cancelling my orders short of closing my bank account and opening a new one. I am at a loss here.

  59. Cheryl says:

    I tried this product for 8 months and it doesn’t work.

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