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On January 11
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Here is the revolutionary product that every woman had been wishing when it comes to aging. Demitage promises to solve the problems that women have. This claims to be the only anti-aging product that targets the root cause of the formation of wrinkles on the skin. It contains two potent ingredients that combat the formation of wrinkles- mircrocollagen and rejuvaline. Each of them has their own purpose but let’s go to the details later. Basically, these restore collagen in your skin making it more firm and elastic. This product is known as the “powerful moisturizing renewal complex”.

Dermitage is a two-part system that provides the skin with the nutrients that it needs. They claim that this product works faster and better than any other product in the market. It is made of a lifting cream and a skin renewal cream which is applied after the first had been used. Just as with any other product, this needs to be applied frequently to see the results. The results that you see depend on how you use Dermitage.

Microcollagen used in the product is actually a synthetic collagen. Once this is applied on the skin, it supplies the skin with the right amount of collagen on the skin. Particularly for the part where collagen is deficient, this product claims to safely replenish those areas. Microcollagen is specifically made to battle against the wrinkles on the skin which makes it a great product for anti-aging.

Rejuvaline is the other product that is used in Dermitage. This chemical is so far the best treatment that is used for fine lines, dark spots and even age spots on the skin. It works to slow down the aging process, making your look younger.

Other ingredients that make this product effective is the use of glucosamine complex, aloe vera comples and loads of antioxidants.

– The price may be a little pricey for most women at $109.95.
– Synthetic chemicals used may cause allergic reactions.
– Seems very promising but we all want to see more results and data that prove its effectiveness.

– There is a free 30 day trial offered in their website.
– Scientifically tested so you can guarantee that the ingredients are safe.
– Simple system to use composed of only two parts.
– Targets the formation of collagen which is very important when dealing with anti-aging.

Guarantee: 30 day trial.

Conclusion: For $109.95, this product has to do a lot better. The price is quite high so Dermitage must prove its worth. It seems as if this product is all about making claims that every other product has been claiming in the past years. It potentially removes wrinkles and fine lines but not as quickly as you think it can.

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