Elizabeth Arden First Defense Advanced Anti-Oxidant Cream Review

$39 for 1.7 oz

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On October 5
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Elizabeth Arden is a huge company that offers many lines of cosmetic products which includes skin care, fragrance and make ups. They also offer celebrity fragrances such as of Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff and other popular personalities. One of Elizabeth Arden’s products is the First Defense Advanced Anti-Oxidant Cream. This cream is made for the purpose of protecting the skin from environmental damage. This cream has SPF 15 known to be effective in protecting the skin from sun damage. It also has anti oxidants that can help fight free radicals in the skin that can cause premature aging. We have gathered some positive feedbacks about what this product can do. Many users claim that this product makes their skin soft and moisturized.

Quoted from Elizabeth Arden website:

Defend your skin with First Defense Advanced Anti-oxidant Lotion SPF 15. Contains carnosine and wolfberry plant extract, proven anti-oxidants to help build skin’s natural resistance against signs of premature aging. Provides combined power of Vitamins C and E to minimize initial free radical formation. Moisturizes, smooths and protects with SPF 15.

• Provides anti-oxidant protection against free radical environmental damage.
• Provides combined power of Vitamins C and E to minimize initial Extract free radical formation.
• Powerful humectants rebalance hydration levels.
• Provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection.

– A 1.7 oz jar for $40 is quite expensive for some users.
– It does not have enough anti-aging components compared to other skin care products.
– Packaging (read the details on the conclusion)

– Many users claim that this product can make their skin smooth and moisturized.
– It has SPF 15 and antioxidants that can fight environmental damage caused by free radicals.
– The cream is not sticky and has a great texture. Only a small amount is needed for the application.
– No side effects

Guarantee: Depends on the site that sells the product.
Conclusion: You can try this product out. Many users claim that this can make the skin soft and smooth. Aside from leaving the skin moisturized, it does not cause any irritation and side effects. This product contains carnosine and wolfberry plant extract known to be good antioxidants that can fight free radicals and can help prevent premature aging. But this product is expensive knowing that it does not contain enough anti aging components. Aside from the price, we have received feedbacks that one of the disadvantages of this product is the packaging. This product comes in a flat thin jar that most users find it hard to use the last remains of the cream which sticks to the sides and bottom. Many users suggest that this product should be on a tube or pump bottles instead on a thin jar. (But the First Defense lotion comes into a pump tube)

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