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On September 6
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Estée Lauder Spotlight is a creamy lotion that contains micro-prisms that give the product its color. It also contains antioxidants and botanical ingredients which help nourish and improve the skin’s condition. Estée Lauder Spotlight Skin Tone Perfector claims that it can fade the appearance of skin discoloration and can help even out the skin tone. But according to the opinion of actual users, the product does not deliver what it claims to. And some of the users claim that the product is too expensive for what it can actually do. This is the reason why we did not include it on the top of our list.

Product Details:

“We call it visual skincare. You’ll call it amazing.”

“This silky, sheer lotion gives skin a healthy-looking, even-toned glow you can see as soon as you put it on. ”

“Improves every skin it touches–wear alone or under makeup for an amazing new radiance and skin that looks even, flawless. ”

“Over time, a blend of protective anti-oxidants (including Vitamins C, E and natural botanicals) fights off free radicals to help fade the look of discolorations and prevent new ones. ”

“Apply over your moisturizer. Follow with makeup, if desired. For optimal long-term skin-evening results, use twice a day, AM and PM.”

– Some users claim that it costs more than what it can provide.
– Cannot be used without foundation.
– There is no noticeable change in skin tone after months of use.
– There are some users who claim that the product cannot help in fading pigment spots.
– It can make the skin oily and look shiny.
– Can appear too pink.

– It has a shimmering effect on the skin.
– The lotion is not sticky and absorbs well.
– The product can somehow add brightness to the skin.
– There are some users who claim that it can slightly improve the appearance of spots.
– It is nice for highlights.
– This product does not irritate the skin.

Guarantee: Depends on the website that sells the product.

Conclusion: According to the information that we have gathered, Estée Lauder Spotlight cannot be considered as one of the best anti aging cream. The product cannot really deliver what it claims. Many users alleged that there has been no dramatic change in their skin’s quality. The product can somehow add brightness to the skin, but it should be used together with a makeup foundation. It can sometimes make the skin feel oily and look shiny. And another downside of this product is the cost. Many users claim that this product is too costly for what it can provide.

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