EVELINE Hydra Expert Day & Night Cream for Women Age 35+ Review

Review of: EVELINE Hydra

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On November 17
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The EVELINE Hydra Expert Day & Night Cream is made from a lipid complex, hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl. These ingredients work together in making your skin firmer and more resistant to forming wrinkles. The lipid complex, namely Kombuchka, provides the skin with the fats and moisture that it needs to remain soft and supple. Hyaluronic acid works the same way as it helps your cells retain moisture which is important in having a smooth and younger looking skin. Matrixyl on the other hand, works by increasing the collagen production of the body so that the skin becomes more elastic, consequently making it more resistant to forming permanent folds such as wrinkles.

With constant use of this cream, you should expect to always have moisturized skin which is a good way to keep your skin looking healthy and prevent it from getting damaged too easily. Aside from this, your skin will become firmer and more elastic, thus preventing wrinkles from forming. Added vitamins will only help your cells repair any damages faster and ensures that your skin remains healthy. Lastly, it also has some sun protective effects so that the aging process is considerably slowed down even with constant exposure under the sun.

– Contains ingredients that are proven when it comes to their anti-aging effects
– Very cheap way to prevent wrinkles from forming
– Has good moisturizing effects

– Does not have user testimonials to support its effectiveness
– Ingredients are mainly used for eliminating wrinkles instead of preventing them

Conclusion: The good thing about this product is its price. It only costs $12.99 for you to be able to prevent wrinkles from forming. But one downside to this cream is that it has no testimonials to back it up if it is indeed effective at preventing wrinkles. This is because its ingredients are usually used in eliminating wrinkles rather than preventing them from forming.

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