First Things First

First, I think I need to talk a little about how I’ll find my information.

It’s not possible for me to buy and test every product out there. I’ll try my best, but it’s just not going to be possible.

I will try to get as many as I can. For the ones I buy, I’ll find willing subjects (old people) who are willing to be guinea pigs for that product for free. I’ll follow the directions for that particular anti aging product, and use it on them.

I’ll observe the results and post them here.

For products that I don’t buy, I’ll read everything I can about them online and offline. There are obviously ton’s of wrinkle cream products and tons of information about them. I’ll compile the information about them that I need and present it in a nice, clean manner for you so you don’t have to spend the hours researching creams/sprays/pills. Assimilating all the information about anti wrinkle cream products can definitely be difficult.

I’ll try to get the prices of wrinkle products and their effectiveness and post them here.

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