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On August 9
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Thinking of buying Hydroderm? Don’t. There are so many complaints against this product that to nominate it as one of the best anti-aging skin care products is out of the question. Facts show that out of 30 users who tried this anti-wrinkle cream product, only 37% of them recommended this. It simply shows that the satisfaction level of most users who tested Hydroderm is way below the norm. If you still think it is the best wrinkle cream product in the world, try it out but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Please Read The Users Comments Below Before Buying This Product

Hydroderm claims to remove wrinkles and other aging signs:

1) By tightening the skin and delivering moisture with a proprietary formula known as “VyoSerum”
2) By delivering a collagen molecule to the cells of the skin. (Utilizing the Collagen Infusion Delivery System, this serum allows wrinkle-fighting collagen to be delivered directly to the skin.)

If you want to know what it’s made of, check the following:
Collagen (Marine), Distilled Water, Igepal Cephene, Methyl Paraben, Ethyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Butyl Paraben, Isobutyl Paraben, Synasol, Serum Protein, Purified Water, Amniotic Fluid, Placental Protein, Calfskin Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Sodium Methylparaben, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Ethoxylated Glycerides, Trisodium EDTA, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid.

– It’s been statistically proven that a large majority of users were not satisfied with the product and declare it ineffective in getting rid of wrinkles.
– Other users did not like the tackiness of the product’s claims.
– This product is expensive.
– It does not do what it claims to do.
– Poor customer service

Testimonials from the users:

“The marketing program is horrible, and if you get stuck with the direct shipment program, it’s a pain and very expensive. I started that way, and I quickly got out of it.” — Lorraine, CA

“Unethical business selling junk” — John, NY

“Leaves your skin sticky and puffy; does absolutely nothing against wrinkles, but makes them worse.” — Maris, FL

– Other users experienced immediate tightening of the eye area.
– There are users who claim that the product made their skin smooth, healthy and look younger.

Guarantee: 30 day free trial.

Conclusion: Hydroderm is too costly for what it can provide. Due to so many complaints, we would not recommend this product. Try to look for the best anti aging wrinkle cream that really works for you by reading more reviews from this site. Make sure to test them against your skin type.


  1. Lucille Thibodeau says:

    Please do not get sucked into the Hydroderm scam. One of the Hydroderm products made me break out and the others did NOT work. Surprise, surprise. They advertise that it may take longer than the 30 days to work just so you keep trying the product long enough so you are stuck with it. I called them 1 day shy of the 30 days. I did NOT get a RMA in time, my credit card was charged anyway and I cannot get a refund. .

    I’ve called them to complain and I was told I would get a partial refund. I didn’t get the refund so I called again. I was told I should have recieved the refund and then all of a sudden she said she had the wrong person and said they only give out credits. Imagine…credits for their product that I DO NOT WANT !! Learn from my mistake. Lucy

  2. I need an RMA #

  3. a ruggiero says:

    I have been trying to contact Hydroderm but when I call the 800-841-8835 number I start explaining my problem to cancel they diconect me. When I try to email “support.hydroderm@alenareceipt.com” I receive this page can not be displayed.

  4. EKC says:

    I ordered some of this product a couple of years back, and it did absolutely NOTHING for me. And I do mean nothing! I had all of my receipts, etc, and informed the company via phone, mail and e-mail of my disatisfaction several times, and NOTHING was ever credited back to me account.

    Aveeno Face Products did much more for my face than that overpriced, useless Hydrocrap product!


  5. EKC says:

    I ordered some of this product a couple of years back, and it did absolutely NOTHING for me. And I do mean nothing! I had all of my receipts, etc, and informed the company via phone, mail and e-mail of my disatisfaction several times, and NOTHING was ever credited back to my account.

    Aveeno Face Products did much more for my face than that overpriced, useless Hydrocrap product!


  6. Pam Gallagher says:

    This is a rip off! I took advantage of the free trial, got no results at all. Got the RMA# to return it… returned it… and got billed for a future shipment. Called Hydroderm.. they claim they never received the returned product. Charged me for more… and never sent it either. DON’T DO IT! The product and the company STINKS!

  7. p a thomas says:

    They not only rip you off with their products, they sell your email address to dozens of spammers. I know because I have my own domain and I assign a different email address to any one I give my email address to. I receive 25 to 30 spam emails a day coming to the email address assigned to Hydroderm. Hydroderm sold out my privacy on top of selling me a useless product, and they make it extremely difficult to stop the shipments.

  8. Penny says:

    same thing happened to me !!! I want wrote a review, bur so not know if it got out there. I am SOOOO sick of rip-offs! Thank you for making me feel like I am not the only one to be “TAKEN IN”

  9. Penny says:

    same thing happened to me !!! I wrote a review, but I do not know if it got out there. I am SOOOO sick of rip-offs! Thank you for making me feel like I am not the only one to be “TAKEN IN” People, please don’t be STUPID like me!!

    This company should be made to refund all us who were “dooped” (my keyboard sticks, sorry, can’t afford a new one, because I have been ripped off too much)

    AVEENO is better !!!!

  10. kevin says:

    its a very sucking product,………………………………… it’s a humble request plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….dont use it!!!

  11. sue says:

    Well, for me have been great, and my friend return the unused portion and had no problem, she cant afford the price.

  12. Regina says:

    I wanted to look this company up because I ordered something from toolup.com and obviously they sold my credit card info to Hydroderm. I started receiving all these hydroderm products and came to find out they were charging my CC. After doing investigation, It was all boiled down to this last purchase I had made. Hydroderm is a scam and dont ever give them your credit card info. If they can buy peoples CC info to sell their products then they can for sure scam people who go straight to their website.

    I also saw in tiny writting that once you order from them, They will keep charging your card until you cancel.
    Plust the reviews on this product. you are basicly buying water for $80.00.
    Just wanted to let everyone know. they bought my credit card off of another company and scammed the heck out of my money.
    Not a good company.

  13. Regina says:

    One last thing, I have gotten an enourmous amount of spam mail. this comany is a fraud and need to be reported.. i called my CC company and got a new card and reported this one stollen. They sell out all your info. Horrible company.

  14. Donna says:

    Hydroderm is worthless and their wording is misleading. I wouldn’t ever use this product again or recomend it to anyone. I saw absolutely NO positive ressults from using it.

  15. Linda says:

    THANK YOU! I am sooooo glad i found this web site!

  16. Lori says:

    Thank you …everyone of you for taking the time to post your comments. I signed online to actually purchase this product…and something told me to read the comments (something I rarely ever do)…you obviously saved me some irritation.
    Thanks again, Lori

  17. My credit card was charged eight times starting in July 2008 by this company. Do not know how they got the number as I never ordered anything from them and have not used the card for some time. Credit card company cancelled the card and will issue a new one.

  18. I am soooo glad I decided to research Hydroderm before I bought it. I was actually almost finished registering for it when something told me to stop. One thing I never read about was the automatic payments they charge your credit charge once you get started. Somebody mentioned in their above email they probably use this marketing tactic because they know they won’t get repeat business on a product that doesn’t work. So, why not squeeze every ounce of money out of the ones that bought it while they still have them. Even if the product worked on some people it is way to expensive and the marketing tactics to gain new customers and keep existing ones is a complete scam. This is not the only website that I have read numerous, I mean numerous, complaints about this product. Buyer Beware!!!

  19. Question: I completed the registration with my name and address but closed the browser after I found out that they would charge your card for the product after the 30 day trial. I DID NOT give my account information. Is there a way they can tap into my account information with the name and address information I provided or will I just be getting spammed like crazy? Should I go cancel my card anyway?

  20. I have not been able to contact anyone with this company to cancel?!

    I guess I will have to cacel my cc card in order to stop charges from them.

    I learned a valuble lesson!!

  21. Isabella says:


    You can contact the underneath e-mail address, if you have any issues with Hydroderm. I personally like the products. The key point is not to use alot! You should only use a pea-size amount of the cleanser and also only three drops of the serum (apply on your hand,rub hands together and then apply to entire face and neck)! As for the cream, a dime-size should do it. These products are really concentrated. I have very sensitive skin, however, my skin has reacted very well to the products.

    All the best,



  22. I to was sent this product without ordering it was charged to my card 5.95 then I tried to contact for several days their systems are all ways down I will cancel my card to stop it

  23. Thanks to all of you who took the time to post comments. Now the company claims to have its system down and cannot issue a refund. Time to check into the Bureau of Professional Regulations and try to shut these people down. Anybody contact the Better Business Bureau? These people are nothing but scammers. I am immediately canceling my card. I won’t go through anymore of these stupid charges for stuff that doesnt work.

  24. I called customer service today because I want to return the cellulite cream (it smells nice but I don’t think it really does anything) and they said their server has been down for several days. That’s ridiculous. I don’t care what kind of difficulties you are having, it’s completely possible to have it fixed within a day, 2 at the most. They told me to call back on Thursday. My free trial ends on Sunday. After reading all these reviews I am going to call my credit card company and have them reissue a new card, I don’t need my information falling into the wrong hands.

  25. I am on an automatic ship plan with Hydroderm. For a long time I have been able to log into my account and change the ship date. I cannot get into the web site and my next shipment is on 9/29/08. What should I do? Is there a way that I can block this from being charged to my credit card that is on file with Hydroderm?

  26. Mary Duggan says:

    Hello Hydroderm,
    Please be advised that I, Mary Duggan,is canceling this membership as of 9/28/08.
    Do not ship any products or charge my account.
    Thank You
    Mary Duggan

  27. elizabeth meza says:

    I also have tried to contact hydroderm, was on hold for the longest time to retain a rma#, when i was next the operator said call monday thru fri. HELLO! its friday 10:30am pst. and i need to return this serum that did nothing for me before they try and charge my account. i cant even go online because there is no web page to retain the rma#.

  28. elizabeth meza says:

    for the person who has posted the email address for any questions or concerns for hydroderm, i have posted a comment to them as well and till this day have not received any answers, so that email is a scam as well

  29. Marci says:

    I too am having problems with getting someoene to help me. I want to return the prduct but I have been told 3 different times that they are having problems with thier system and to call back next week. By the time I do that it will be past my trial. There’s no “Problem” they just don’t want to take it back. What they do want is my money. Well I plan to out smart them!!

  30. I want to cancel my account with Hydroderm and return the product wich doesn’t work!!! I’ve been trying to contact them but no answer, phone is always busy and web page is down. How can I cancel if there is no way to contact a company representative!!! Help please!!!!

  31. Carol says:

    We had 2 boxes (addressed to my spouse (male) at OUR address). There was an invoice in the boxes which I got their phone number off. The rep answering (after many attempts calling a busy number) that our credit card had been charged and their records showed we had ordered the lotions (or whatever they were). I asked for the credit card number which they would not give me. I told them that these purchases were not ordered by us and asked how to send them back. She said we weren’t able to send them back, but that they would cancel the order.
    I documented the call but now I am stuck with 2 boxes of lotions!!! after reading these reviews, I wonder how they can stay in business scamming like that!

  32. maureen says:

    hydroderm is definately a rip off! i cancelled my subscription after the free trial and did get a RMA, but its been one month since i returned this product and no refund. the system has been down forever, the third week of september a rep told me it would be back by the end of the week, and of course nothing. all emails i sent are never answered, and yesterday after waiting for almost 30 minutes, the rep told me that the system is still down (go figure!) she told me i could get a call back concerning my refund, but i told her that i filed a report with the better business bureau (i did) and then she said nothing.
    what is the problem with this company? all i want is my money back and no more product- which by the way is not worth the money, other less expensive products work better.
    i shold have checked them out before i ordered this….

  33. I got scammed just like the rest. Couldn’t get ahold of the company, it took 2 weeks. I would hang on the line for 20 min., then they would put me on hold and hang up. I never got a refund, am contesting it on my credit card, and had to cancel it, as they are still sending me emails trying to charge my account. It is the worst scam and still in business. I also filed a complaint w/ the BBB and the State Attorney General’s Office. I would advise everyone else to do the same. They should not be in business!

  34. Stephanie says:

    Well, I finally wised up after being told for 6 weeks the system was down. Yet, they were able to charge my credit card. I happened to google “hydroderm scams” and guess what, bam!!! I IMMEDIATELY CALLED MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND CANCELLED MY CARD SO THEY COULDN’T CHARGE ME ANYMORE. I then reported the scam and my credit card company issued me a credit for the $69. I AM NOW GOING TO CONTACT THE FBI AND REPORT THESE NO-GOOD #%$@&^%!!!!!!

  35. ken bryant says:

    i have ordered your cream over a month ago and have not received a thing yet so is this a scam . ordered on 09/09/08 order id-38276954 – order code-658B88E2-BBCC. so whats goin on why is it takin so long . if it hasnt been sent i would like to get a refund on my creditcard. u say how good the product is and can’t come thru .somethings wrong here.id like a response soon .

  36. I LOVE Hydroderm and so does my mom. When I stop using it after a while it becomes obvious I’ve stopped. You can adjust your auto ship to 3 months or 4 months later if you like online. Super easy I would adjust it as needed. I now get it from HSN (Home Shopping Network) even cheaper. I am a skincare-a-holic and work in a LUXURY department store where I get a BIG discount and I still prefer Hydroderm.

  37. terry beddoes says:

    please cancel my account!!

  38. Linda@10:30 a.m. says:

    I’m with you – this is a big rip off – we’ve all been scammed – called to cancel any future shipments – tried for 5 days before finally reaching a person who identified herself as “Hanna” who told me I would receive e-mail confirmation on the cancellation – benn over a week now – still no contact made. The comments from everyone are pretty disturbing – don’t know what to do about it – something should be done about this rip off company.

  39. To whom it may concern: You ad and your invoice all say that you may cancel your order at any time. I am now single and living on one bedget and simply cnannot afford your product. I can not say that I actually saw dramatic results, but I have been using it for a while now. I am asking that you PLEASE cancel my membership at this time and DO NOT send abny more product.. Thank you R Wright

  40. maureen says:

    i still havent heard anything either, and im going to try to get my cc company to reverse the charge. this is so pathetic, but if you look at some of these comments, they seem to be praising this awful product, and how easy it is to cancel and get refunds. ill bet they are scams, too, to make it look good or better. still waiting on the BBB to get something going.

  41. This company and it’s product are bogus.
    I returned the unused portion of their product three days before trial ended directly to the warehouse as I live only 7 miles away, Five days later they have accessed my account. When I tried to reach the login site, page could never be displayed and phone calls were routinely disconnected when I became the 2ND caller in line. When I finally did get through I was told no RMA was needed,the box should be marked with the order ID. I did this on all sides and even made their warehouse employee sign a statement that they had received it on time.I have had to resort to stopping my debit card,filling out affadavits and waiting for my card to be replaced to stop their access to my account on a continuing basis.

    Don’t be caught in their unethical practices and goopy product.

  42. I just spoke with a representative of Hydroderm who knew who I was before identifying myself. His comment was, “You were told there was an error in the system the first time you called”. That’s true but that was in regard to getting an RMA number which was refused because of claimed system problems; it had nothing to do with my call today which was to ask why they charged my account when product was returned 7 days ago. The second time I called i was told that an RMA number was not necessary, only the order ID number. They have an answer for everything and that seems to be “There’s an error in the system”. The biggest error was mine in believing that this was a reputable company with a viable product. Beware!

  43. Hi, I do have an account and (am unable) to get on your sight to see my account I was to have a Bottle of Hydroderm Matrixyl 30ml sent to my address on 10/14/08 as I do like the product verry much please Help…..
    Thank You
    Edward T Vensko
    31 East como Street P.S am I still on the mailing list???
    Uniontown, Pa. 15401

  44. Lisa Mann says:

    I’ll give them 10 days. If that doesn’t work, I’ll contact a lawyer about setting up a website to gather people to form a class action lawsuit against them.

  45. To Lisa Mann:

    I’m ready to join your suit now !
    They promised on Tuesday 14TH to reverse the $90 plus by the end of the week and instead confirmed their claim against my account. Of course the same excuses were offered, System down and system error.Product was hand delivered to their warehouse the 9TH. So ten days days will probabaly not bring you any good news from these people.
    Seems their system has been down since they began their funny business.

  46. Cheryl says:

    To: Lisa Mann

    I too am ready to join a class action lawsuit against these scammers. I have been trying for months to stop shipments. And now there members page has disappeared. Don’t be fooled. Do not order Hydroderm. It is time to put these gangsters out of business.

  47. Janice Wright says:

    Surely you all realize that this site isn’t the Hydroderm site? Their site is up now (http://www.hydroderm.com/) and I was able to get through on the phone using the number found on my statement.

    I undertsand your frustration I let the gentleman who took my call know I was pissed off and that there are many angry consumers who feel wronged. He allowed me to rant and apologized. He said their system has been going in and out and because of that they are moving over to another one.

  48. Carole Westgaard says:

    I am so angry I am ready to storm their HQ!!! I’ve been trying to cancel this ‘free trial’ for six weeks. I was also told to just send the product back with the Order ID and that an RMA was not necessary….but that is the ONLY time I was able to get through to a live person….(Shirley). That was on October 6, 2008. My cc was billed for the $84.95 for this worthless product soon after. I tried reaching them over a four week period and finally got through after holding for over an hour only to be told that their system was ‘down’ for over four weeks. I think this is a lie. I am ready to join a class action lawsuit. I’ve been trying to reach someone to report this mess since the call of October 6. I reach an automated ‘agent’ and am instructed to push 1, 2, or 3 but there are no other options and none for a live person. Because choice 1,2, and 3 were not taking me to anyone, I was told by this automated ‘agent’ to hold on while he transfers the call. My call is then dropped. I’ve been trying to call today for over four hours.
    Please let’s file!!!! This is not a legitimate enterprise!!!

  49. Carole Westgaard says:

    Well, I’ve tried for another hour using other phone numbers – one is on the invoice and another is on their site (800-814-5771). It’s always busy. I called my credit card company and disputed the charge and just noticed Hydrocrap hit my card again yesterday for $90.00. They didn’t even send a product!!!! This company is making illegal transactions. If this dispute doesn’t work with my cc company, I will have to resort to canceling a cc I’ve had for over 20 years. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT. IT’S WATER. IT DID NOTHING FOR ME AND I USED IT RELIGIOUSLY FOR ONE MONTH PRIOR TO RETURNING.

  50. Darlene Krogh says:

    Ditto on all these comments. I will join a class action law suit!!!

  51. maureen says:

    i will definately join the lawsuit! to Janice, why would we thnk this is the site? we all know that the site is set up now so that members cant log in. they obviously knew they were doing something underhanded, so they disabled it. i am tired of waiting on the phone, i have three little kids and that is not an option for me. its so stupid how they keep saying the system is down. if its so “down” why are we getting charged? isnt that down, too? yep, scammers.

    so, whenever a lawsuit gets started, sign me up!

  52. Christine says:

    Please do not get involved with Hydroderm. They charged my card despite me having returned their product and it’s been almost two months that I am fighting with them about it. Their website and system was down for about 6 weeks (how does that happen in this day and age???) and their customer service is just terrible. You can never get through to anyone and they don’t resolve your issue anyway. I usually don’t complain nor believe much when others write reviews like this one but Hydroderm really is terrible. Even if the product worked, this kind of aggravation isn’t worth it.

  53. Barbara says:

    I have just gotten off the phone with Hydroderm because I sent back my 30 day trial and was charged $84.00 anyway.
    It all started when I called to get an RMA# and like so many others I was told the computer was down. This was prior to my 30 day trial period and I was told to call back at the end of the week. I insisted someone give me a RMA# so I would not exceed the 30 day period. I didn’t want them to then say I didn’t call in time. The customer service rep was rude and kept saying the computer was down and couldn’t help me. I insisted on talking to a supervisor and finally she relented. The supervisor told me to use my order # as the RMA. That was almost a month ago and guess what! The computer is still down! I again insisted on being helped and was referred to Jay Jimenez, a “supervisor”. He took my order # but I don’t think anything will result from it. He told me the computers have been down since Sept 15th. I told him I wasn’t ignorant and that if their computers where down since the 15th how could they charge my cc $84.00 on the 29th! I told him that I know companies back up their computers and they should have a record of the transactions. I told him that I will report them to the BBB and any other organization I can find. I also told him I will contact my CC company and an attorney if I have to. Not that any of that affected Mr. Jay.
    PLEASE!!!!!! do not order from this company!!!
    I am supposed to call next Monday and find out if the refund has been issued but I don’t think anything will have been done.


  54. I’m with you! Same story, different customer. Let me know about the class-action suit as well, I’m totally in!

  55. Someone please shut this company down I too am waiting for my refund.When I call Iam told their system is down call back later.Today I called its 9:20 am their office is closed call back at regular hours of 8am to 5pm huh??????

  56. Sally says:

    I have been trying to get through to hyroderm for the last 2 weeks I really liked there skin restoring face wash and I have a credit that I’m sure I will never receive, well after waiting on the phone for hours on in I finally got through and was told that they could not place any orders due to the system being down and that they where unable to look into my credit. Nicole 8041 was incredibly rude to me and I wanted to actually place an order. STUPID ME, so i will cut my loses and PLEASE SHUT THIS COMPANY DOWN so no one else can be scammed like me and many others have been. SAVE YOUR SELF THE AGONY

  57. Sally says:

    I would also like information on this law suit to help put the crooks at HYDRODERM.COM out of business for good.

  58. Constance M. Gilman says:

    SCAM You cannot reach them by phone or online. I canceled and they still charged my credit card. Three weeks later I receive the same products in the mail. I am now in the process of getting my credit card company to dispute the charge. I wish I had never heard of Hydroderm. It does’t work. HYDRODERM is an absolute waste of money and my valuable time. If you need my help in stopping this scam let me know!!!

  59. Patty says:

    I have not been able to get into my account for weeks now, when I called they said the server was down …… thought that was weird as it had been down for weeks and with all the modern technology today…….lol So today I rec’d a shipment. Unauthorized! And will be contacting my credit card company to deny the charges.

    Isabella on September 15th gave a e-mail address:support.hydroderm@alenareceipts.com

    Not sure if that will help……I did send a e-mail and told them also to get things in order for the law suit coming!

  60. I finally received reversed funds because my bank was convinced by all your comments which I printed and sent to them.
    That happened yesterday after trying to get Hydroderm to cooperate since October 9TH, to no avail.
    I suggest you all cancel your current debit or credit card used by Hydroderm and ask your bank to reverse charges and issue you a new card.You need to do this fast!

  61. I’m having the exact same problems as all of you. I have spoke with 3 different people between the dates of 10/2/08-10/18/08. Each saying I would receive a confirmation number reversing my charges. Have I received one, no!
    The person I spoke with “Jay” who is supposedly a supervisor told me their system was down. I explained to him that a national business would not have their system down for 2 months. He guaranteed I would have my money back by the end of October but still have not received it. I found another charge on my card.
    They are a scam and I plan on complaining to the Better Business Bureau.
    I have 3 different phone numbers and all give a busy signal.
    If people are getting together for a lawsuit I would like to join.


  62. Linda Bliss says:

    Hydroderm is a scam. I have been trying to get on the members site & keep getting cannot connect. When I call I also get a busy signal. I will have to call the Better Business Bureau also. Robbers is what they are.

  63. Marie Adams says:

    The same thing is happening to me. Cannot get through to these people. The shipment never arrived. Luckily the credit card was not charged. I have waited and get to caller one only to end up being disconnected before any representative comes on the line. Are they out of business already? Seems funny that they could be so good for the past almost three years and now??? If anyone comes up with an answer, please e-mail.

  64. maureen says:

    well, i did file a complaint with the BBB, but they closed it due to not being able to contact hydroderm! so then what? whoever can get a lawsuit going we all need to do just that. i guess dealing with the BBB is not enough.

    so now what? these people need to be brought down!

  65. maureen says:

    oh and dont even bother using the email address, they wont answer.

  66. karenkay sharp says:

    to say i’m pissed off is an understatement.
    i had been customer for 4 yrs but there is really somehhing wrong when there is NO WEB SITE OR THE WEB SITE W NO MEMBER LOGIN. give up trying to call their number.
    i am cancelling my accnt immed. and the better business bureau is going to hear about it. so contact the fbi for fraud.

  67. Delores Thomas says:

    I have been through it all but I never received a trial of the product. My account was charged $84.00.

    Pissed OFF!

  68. maureen says:

    this is what the BBB sent to me this am. i am posting it so that others will file a complaint to receive their money back. so far i have gotten no refund,. but ill give it a few days. there is another number included, maybe this one goes directly to someone?

    i still dont undestand how they were able to keep charging people if their system is down. sounds suspicious, still….

    Company’s Response
    Company’s Initial Response – Posted 11/07/2008
    Our apologies to both the Better Business Bureau as well as to our valued customer: Maureen Hirt. For the past month our company has undertaken a massive database conversion and upgrade of our internal electronic systems. While the original timeframe was to only take a week’s time, due to setbacks, our system down-time has extended into over a month. As a result our online services ( website, incoming/outgoing email ) have been intermittent throughout the last 4 weeks as well as our internal database structure causing us to simply be unable to assist our valued customers in a timely fashion. We want to take this time to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and your family. As a result we have issued a refund and the account is cancelled. We do want to thank you and your family for your patience in allowing us to respond to this important matter. If you or your family has further questions please feel free to contact: Gary Yeagley, CS Support Manager (310) 840-5001 9am to 5pm PST. Mon thru Fri. Again we want to thank you for allowing us to respond to this important matter.
    Initial Response Summary
    Throughout the duration of the last month our company has undertaken a massive database conversion, we have issued a refund back to this customer.

  69. maureen says:

    310) 840-5001 9am to 5pm PST….

    this is really the CS support manager! although the offices are closed, it did go to his voice mail.
    so i would urge others to call him, too……

  70. Like the Maureen above, I have tried and tried to communicate with your company and have waited on the phone for over an hour while someone counted down from me being caller #23 down to #2 then I was disconnected. You don’t want to talk to anyone I know, that you think might be trying to discontinue their order. However I tried the product for over the 30 day trial period and it kept breaking my face out with big bumps under the skin. You did charge my Credit Card with the $82. because I didn’t return it before the 30 days. I kept thinking that my skin would clear up if I kept using it. I DO NOT WANT ANY MORE OF THE PRODUCT AND DO NOT WANT TO BE CHARGED FOR ANY MORE OF IT. I am not sure if it will do me any good but I am calling the credit card today and telling them to keep the billing off my card that I am not authorizing them to make the charges. I would like a response to my request and I will be glad to return what is left of the product. I just need to talk to someone who can help. Maurine Biggs

  71. maureen says:

    to maurine,
    try calling the cs support manager, listed above,or file a complaint with the BBB as i did.
    i still think they are liars, their business practices considering!

  72. I have tried calling every number that is listed on the invoice and on-line and honestly, I am tired of trying. Who has hours to sit and listen to MUSAC and still never get to speak to anyone? In reading these complaints, a class action suit may be the only answer to get this stopped. Free sample: what a joke.

  73. maureen says:

    well i agree with you! im wondering how long it will take before i see my refund. im only giving it a few days then im calling this gary yeagley, the cs manager.
    from now on i will never buy anything unless i check the BBB, the reports for this company are very bad.
    im shocked they are still in business.

    did you try (310) 840-5001

  74. Lauren T says:

    Like everyone else, I’ve been scammed and didn’t even order anything! I’ve had 3 charges totaling $110 on my DEBIT card the last 3 months and then suddenly received some product last week. I have no idea how they acquired my debit card number, name or address. It’s amazing how many people have had to cancel their credit cards. I just did the same to close my debit card. Called twice and gave up when the recording said there were 30 calls ahead of me. I decided to wait them out today and after 20 minutes I was disconnected when I was the next call. Called again and finally got a person after another 20 minutes. He wanted me to pay shipping to return the product! Ha! Told him I’d leave it on my porch like I received it and they could send UPS to come pick it up. He said since I wouldn’t mail it back he couldn’t give me a refund. I asked for a supervisor and was disconnected. I too, will file a claim with BBB. I’ll join a lawsuit too!!

  75. Lauren T says:

    If you’re serious about a lawsuit, how do we all join?

  76. Maureen, I havent tried that # however I will give it a shot. I can’t believe how many complaints they have and that we can’t get the credit cards to quit honoring their invoice for payment. My credit card company called me when they took out the first $84. to make sure it was a legit charge. I told them that I had made that charge, however I was not authorizing any addition charges. That didn’t work even after I thought I made myself clear. Something’s gotta give because its plain to see that we’re not making too much of an impact this way.

  77. maureen says:

    look at the BBB and see how bad this company is. i wish i had checked when i first ordered the trial. all the complaints and they are still operating. its funny the response they gave to the BBB complaint, makes it look like this is only a temp. occurence, but its been happening for a lot longer. i still havent gotten my refund, so im gonna call this man tomorrow. my card would not stop charging me, but lucky for me it was only once for 56.80. i stopped my direct deposit and plan on cancelling this card so i wont have to worry about them doing it again. look at all the complaints of the people that were charged numerous times and quite a lot of money. this is stealing.
    well good luck and let us all know if you find anything out.

    who knows how to get the lawsuit going?


  79. This company is the worst. Wish I would have read this before I ordered their very misleading “free” trial offer. I returned the product well in advance of 30 days – that was the beginning of October when the charge was “pending”. They charged me 2 weeks after they received the product. I have been calling, waiting while listening to that awful music, and talked to numerous representatives. Now I’ve been told my credit will be posted within 3 business days after I was told they are processing September returns. This is a very questionable business – shady to say the least. I reported them to the Federal Trade Commission once and I think I may well do it again. They should be put out of business. When the number of returns being processed are so volumnous due to their poor explanation of what you are signing up for, there is a severe problem. I think everyone who has problems should go to https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ and report them. The more complaints they get, the better change something will be done with them.

  80. I have used Hydroderm products for over 4 years and am extremely satisfied with those I use. Up until their systems problem, I never had any trouble changing my ship date, returning something I wasn’t ready for or being graciously helped by customer service. Since their internal problems surfaced, I have run out of two products I use and have seen a regression in my skin. I, too, have been frustrated, and placed calls — some of which went through and others that did not. I did notice a recent charge on my credit card, but received the product in question about a week later. (During one of my calls, I was told they had begun shipping, but, understandly, had a back log.)

    When I found this site yesterday and saw Gary Yeagley’s name and number, I decided to leave a message. He called me back last night and was extremely helpful and sincere in his apologies for the company’s present situation. Personally, I was quite impressed with the quick response to my call — it’s rare that I get return calls that quick on my job!

    For those of you who like the products and would like to continue to use them, I would suggest you call Gary and leave a message. He returns calls in the order they come in. The call will show up on your caller ID as “California” and a phone number. I truly believe the company really is doing everything it can to correct this problem and rectify customer relations.

    And to anyone who believes I am not an actual customer, but maybe rather a “plant” on this site, you are wrong. I simply wanted to share my experience and show another side of the coin.

  81. maureen says:

    ok cathy, yep while reading this i thought you were a “plant”. i did not call this gary back, but i am still waiting on my refund which was supposedly processed on the 7th of november. nothing yet. you say you had no problems with cs and returning items, but if you google hydroderm and read some reviews from up to two yrs ago, they were doing the same to others.they are rated very very poorly by the BBB, and its all pretty much the same as what the complaints are here.
    and i also agree that the product isnt that great, esp. for the price. olay, dove and aveeno are much cheaper and work a heck of a lot better.

  82. bernadette turner says:

    i too have had a horrible experience with hydroderm. they charge you for products worthless and you never even receive some products. i have tried calling their cs number which dosent even exist. you start off being number 22 and 40 minutes later you are finally number 1 only to reach dead silence. noone ever answers.i even thought maybe it was a problem with the phone so i called 3 more times only to have the same thing happen. i even called 411 for the hydroderm number in culver city ca and there is no such listing. i am all for a lawsuit. its a scam. i just called gary yeagley and will be in total awe if he solves this problem. if anyone with the hydroderm company reads this please cancel my shipments and credit my card!

    let it be known that on november 13,2008 i bernadette turner am canceling my orders of hydroderm body shaper and request a refund to my credit card.do not charge anything else to my card!


  83. maureen says:

    did you speak with gary? i didnt call only b/c he sent a response to the bbb saying i would be getting a refund. nothing yet and that was the end of last week.
    i included the answer from them after i complained to the bbb and filed a report. did anyone else do this and get the same answer?

    has anyone gotten their refunds yet?

  84. huge scam. cancle your debit card – ask basnk to fill out a regulation E form. It’s the only way to stop them from taking your money.

  85. huge scam. cancel your debit card – ask bank to fill out a regulation E form. It’s the only way to stop them from taking your money.

  86. Sherrie Wagner says:

    I too have been trying to reach their so called customer service with all the phone numbers on the statement and then the call is dropped, who has time to sit around waiting, so you try the web site, what a joke!! Their email address does not work either. I did find a number on my cc statement different from the others 800-840-5576 I will try that number and the number of that Gary Yeagley. I have been using the products for at least 6 months,saw some change, but not enough to be paying over $50.00. Would hate to have cancel my current cc to get out of this mess, because that is a hassle also. This company or whoever they are need to be shut down, I’m with the rest of you about reporting them to BBB and any other reporting agency about fraud and misleading the pubic.

  87. Elizabeth Barnett says:


  88. Nina Donigan says:

    WOW – I wish I had found this site a long time ago. I actually liked Hydroderm and believed it was effective and then the scam activities began. Time after time I was charged for products not received, then they would send WAY too much moisturizer, (it must be cheaper to manufacture), and not send the Hydroderm I had ordered. Of course they charged me for the moisturizer, and sometimes for the Hydroderm I had not received. I was on an automatic mail program that went awry and when I tried to straighten things out the “system was down”, and then the ‘member’ site went away. The company still owes me money. And, guess what – over the past 3 months I have found that Olay’s Regenerest is just as effective. However, if there ever is a class action, I would be happy to take part. (Also, notice how the online price has increased.)

  89. Well, here it is 5 working days after I last posted and still no credit on my account. The last representative told me I’d get the refund in 3 business days. I just called and left a message for Gary. I’m wondering if any of us will ever get our refunds. I’m hoping the Federal Trade Commission takes some action toward shutting them down. They need to go out of business.

  90. I want to join the class action suit as well. This company has CAUSED wrinkles, not removed them! This Gary Guy should be afraid, EVERYONE is calling him. I’m still waiting on my 69.00 return check, but after reading all these reviews, I see I/m never going to get it….

  91. maureen says:

    i keep checking back here and i see that no one has gotten a refund yet. neither have i, and im ready to report this again to the bbb. this gary lied in his response to the BBB, i was supposed to have something by the 7th. nothing. im mad as hell. i had to change my direct deposit to another acct so they cant take any more from me.
    any one know how to start that lawsuit?

  92. my account has bill debited again, I am also the 20th or 25th caller, web page is always down. NO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS SO CALLED COMPANY!!!!!!!!!! the cream isn’t any better than any of the others on the market!

    robbie 11-20-08 11:11

  93. What in the hell do we need to do to get our money back from these dishonest assholes. Your are stealing money and getting away with it. I am calling the news, BBB, and any government agency that will listen to me. Sorry! I don’t have free money to give to you people. You took my money from my CC and you didn’t even senD a notification that you had done the deed and if you were going to send a product if any. You still put people on hold for 20mins. and when they answer you hang up the damn phone saying your transferring me. YOU ASS!

  94. I too have been very pleased with the product and miss it terriby and also see a difference in my skin tightness. I have not gotten any erroneous charges on my credit card bill and I’m on an every six weeks schedule. I’m with Cathy, for those who like the product, I hope they get back into business. But for those who are having trouble, I feel your pain with other companies I have dealt with.

  95. maureen says:

    well judy i guess you are lucky.. there are so much fewer of you than us, its a wonder they can stay in business with all the complaints. are you a real customer? this cathy never responded again so im guessing she was out to make hydroderm look good.
    even after gary responded to the bbb, almost a month ago, and said i would be refunded, i have yet to get that money back. such liars!

    and hydroderm has been doing this for much longer, im finding years and yrs of complaints. so how are there satisfied customers in there, too?

  96. This is a huge scam.. I finally got thru today to cancel my subscription but do not feel 100% garanteed that this will happen due to all the complaints I have read. It better thou because I will get lawyers involved!!!!!

  97. jlipwrs says:

    Ditto to all of the above.
    Don’t get sucked in. Product and company are a lie!!!

  98. jlipwrs says:

    Please include me in your effort to help put this company out of business.
    Signing petition or whatnot.
    They recently scammed me for 2 billing cycles, never received additional lousy product, had to cancel my debit card.
    Live and learn.

  99. jlipwrs says:

    also, rereading more complaints: I was also told “system was down” when i called to get RMA to return trial sample. That’s their “hook”.
    next thing ya know you’re billed for full price product when ya didn’t even want the stinkin’ trial bottle. Not to mention they billed me again and never sent more of the sticky , tacky, leftover “I dunno what”.
    Be aware. Be very aware!!!

  100. good stuff… thankks

  101. tina baldwin says:

    Does anyone have any new information?
    Today is November 30, 2008. Can not reach the company at all by e-mail or phone. Same thing as described above happens. I would like to join the lawsuit.

  102. Call the Better Business Bureau and file the complaint. Eventually this company will be put out of business and sue. I have been trying to call A TV news station to see if they can do a report on these crooks. I refuse to let me have my money for no reason, they are in for a fight!!!!!

  103. Please judy! Your are full of shit! How is it that your receiving your product if the damn system is down? If they are not receiving orders or unable to access records,how in the hell can you be getting something if the computers are unable (like they said process anything. I hope they get jail time for this bull!

  104. maureen says:

    filing a report with the bbb didnt help me. they responded to the bbb by saying that i would get a refund… nothing yet. all these others that are happy, etc, getting their product, etc, are liars for them.
    i was supposed to get a refund sometime after nov 7th. NOTHING!!!!

  105. brenda says:

    Try 800-840-4043. I just have problems with it not working. Wrinkles are worse and skin is dry. Have you tried Bellaplex?

  106. Nicole Wooldridge says:

    The same thing happened to me I spent hours on hold from the 25th caller down to the 1st or 2nd and then I would get disconnected. I tried this route a few times and always the same thing, I never spoke to a person! I tried several of the e-mail addresses people had on here regarding cancellation and they were sent back undeliverable mail. I finally had a block put on my bank card and the first time they tried to get around it they used a different payment company, like express something, so their name wouldn’t show up. That time the block held up and the bank caught it. But the second time they tried to put it through in international currency so the amount would be different from the blocked amount and this time they did manage to get around the block! I have had to cancel my bank card and get a reissue and file a claim against them to get my money back! These guys are amazing! I’m astounded that there isn’t a lawsuit pending against them for fraud! I’m also surprised that when you type in the name on the internet this is one of the only complaint sites that come up! Its crazy that these people are still in buisness!

  107. Wow… this is a site I wished I saw before I tried this product 🙁 I actually liked this stuff, was a bit pissed off at them for shipping something like 3wks after the first “free trial” set and told them to hold off (when they actually had a site/CS to delay shipment) and then had a 6wk set up with them and then the S#%T hit the fan or something! All of a sudden the web site doesn’t work, I read about them on a website, I don’t get my regular shipment, THEN I get that awful pain in my stomach when after 8 weeks (I just thought they went out of business) they billed my card week and a half ago. So I waited for the stuff to arrive, and sure enough nothing comes. So I was reading the blogs and I don’t agree, how is it that their site is down but their charging system works… take the cash and NO PRODUCT!! So I call this number that appeared with my debit card online statement and it wasn’t even Hydroderm anymore! I was just a CS agency there to reassure me that they’d refund my money.. so I’m not sure if this helps but I called (888) 255-1137. We’ll see if this works out or not…

  108. barbara says:

    I reported them to the BBB also….they apologized for any inconvenience and said they would send a refund…that was also on 11/7/08….still have not received the refund…I tried contacting the CS manager, Gary Yeardley…he called me back once, said he would check with the Accounting Department and email me with the into…still waiting….I have tried to contact him several times and he has never returned my call…..I am thinking about contacting the Attorney General’s Office also, maybe that will help somehow….

  109. I would recommend closing your account and having the bank block this company from billing you as they are notorious for not cancelling and continuing to bill – I worked for them and they are to say the least “shady.” I am surprised they have not been shut down by the FTC. They don’t treat their employees any better than their customers. #1 goal is to capture your credit card and bill you for as long as they can and then take forever to refund. Also if you return a product back get a tracking number from the post office otherwise your package will probably be “lost” somewhere along the way.

  110. Sparrow says:

    Hi. Well, I’ve tried Hydroderm, and it worked for me. I’m 41, I have very good skin, and am trying to fend off fine lines. It is not only less expensive then many of the anti wrinkle creams on your buy here link, it has hylouronic acid, and anybody who know anything know hylouronic acid works, and has done so for about 100 years. I’m also a fan of frownies.

    In any event, I have not had any work done on my face yet, and using hydroderm has made me feel like I may be able to put off getting any work done for a few years.
    It erased the marionette lines around my mouth.

    What works on one person’s skin does not work on all, but it worked for me.

    I tried calling because nothing came in the auto shipment program that I signed up for. Could it be that a website that bashes hydroderm could be partly to blame?
    Or the customer comment above that she wants to sue?

    Well I tried calling today to order more, and I can tell you there number is disconnected.

    All I have to say is this….If you have to bash a product and slander a company to sell something on this site are you doing people a service or disservice?

    I can tell yo right now it was a disservice to me? I’m just a consumer who prefers a fair market verses slandering a company. It is so tackey. And for all of you complaining about auto-ship, have you ever heard of calling cusotmer service and cancelling the service? Or disputing the auto-service with the credit card company?
    Grow up people learn how to conduct your financial affairs…

    By the way I am in no way affialiated with Hydroderm in any way. Just a fan of the product I hope I can get.

  111. So what was the problem with company when you talked to Gary Yeagley’s? Like you I have used the product for years and have loved it!! But is hasn’t come in my mail in its usual schedule and their site is down and now their phones are out!!

    I use to get it from GNC but they don’t have it. I heard that HSN.com sell but they don’t.
    Have you found a great alternative serum until their problem settled? Do you have Gary Yeagley’s number?

    Hopefuly I get to hear from you

  112. Betty Bennett says:

    I did use this product for about 2 yrs. I have been happy but now my shipment hasn’t arrived. Hydroderm charged me, as usual, but no product.
    I do have to say…being without the lotion for now about 1 1/2 weeks I can see my wrinkles coming back. I personally liked the product. I have told friends but it broke out their face.

    I have called the 2 800 #’s I have and they are not working. I tried to go on line to track the product but it wont provide me with a login.

    I am thinking the company must be out of business. If any one is aware of what is going on with this company can you please let us know. Tks Betty

  113. Nora Fabery says:

    I’m trying to contact them for months to cancel my suscripton, because you got no more the option to do it electronically but there’s no way. I tried like four different phone numbers but all of them are not on service any more. Last week they charged my bank account and I never receive the product. I want to cancel the account and not have any more draft from my bank. If there’s a lawsuit against Hydroderm Co, sign me up.

  114. maureen says:

    ok sparrow,

    so you like the product and think the company has shut down due to bashing? that is bull!! why havent all these people including myself gotten their refunds yet? do good companies generally screw over their customers? and people did cancel, but it did no good. items were returned for refunds and that did no good. they are liars and should be shut down. if you want some hydroderm so bad ill sell you the crap i have here at home!

    they have been bad for a long time!

  115. As I stated in my message of November 12, I spoke with Gary Yeagley and, because of all the problems and the length of time I had been a customer, he said he was going to send me a bottle of the hydroderm matrixyl and the body shape lotion (both of which was overdue in arriving) free of charge. Within a week I received the hyrdroderm & 2 lotions, at no charge.

    In my conversation with Gary, he alluded to problems with a third-party that seemingly handled their shipping and maybe billing. From that conversation, I gathered that the third-party would not turn over accounts, etc., and legal action was in progress.

    I have just tried to contact Gary again, but, while I get his voice mail, it is full. All other numbers for customer service, etc., are not in service. So, I have no idea what is going on. But, the website is still active, even though you can’t order.

    I’ll just wait to see what happens. But, in the meantime, I will be looking for something to replace it.

  116. barbara says:

    I have called Gary Yeagley several times…he has never returned my calls and I still have not received my refund…..something should be done with company…..they do not practice good business with most of their customers….I would love to know if anyone has ever received their refund that was due to them….

  117. Lauren says:

    SAME PROBLEM! i have spoken with Better Buisness Burea, my bank and attorney general… i’m trying to find the number so i can call yet again… I’ve told them if i don’t get my money by Jan. 1… i’m pressing more charges. They atleast cancelled my account but still no refund. I filed for fraud against them… DO NOT DO!!!!!


  119. Bonnie says:

    I have been using this product (lotion)for a couple of years-I cancelled once without any problems and then after using all my product I started the auto shipments again without any problems until now. My cc was charged on Dec 2 and I still have not received my product. Today I was trying to get in touch w/them and saw this review. Now I am concerned that it may be some sort of scam. I may have to cancel my cc if I cannot get some kind of satisfaction.

  120. Bonnie says:

    I just called the 888-255-1137 and complained about not receiving product. I was informed that hydroderm is no longer in business and that my account was credited yesterday.

  121. Thank you, Cathy! I used BodyShape and really liked the texture, fragrance and result. Ordered again last month, but never received shipment even though my checking account was debited on December 2.

    As you suggested, I called Gary Yeagley and left a very detailed voice message and contact information. Hope to hear from him soon. I also notified my financial institution in case they attempt to debit my account again.

    I appreciate you passing on Gary Yeagley’s name. I hope he will resolve this very unacceptable situation.

    Best Wishes!

  122. maureen says:

    bonnie, what is this other 888# you listed above? i was supposed to get my refund over a month ago, in early november. this was after gary responded to my bbb report. still nothing.

    i think these people are just stealing from all of us> and maybe were forced out of business after they ralized they were in too deep and couldnt repay.

  123. maureen says:

    oops!! i meant *realized*

  124. Gary Yeagley says:

    What is expressed below DOES NOT in any possible manner, shape, or form, represent, indicate or even attempt to be a statement on the behalf of the Alena Internet Corporation ( Hydroderm L.L.C. and/or affiliates) nor are the below statements meant to be a reflection of any kind upon the Corporation, its board, its officers, or its methods and practices of doing business in general.

    At this time, I am simply choosing to exercise my first amendment rights, before they cease to exist. (WAKE UP PEOPLE !)

    The proceeding is simply a short collection of my own personal opinions, thoughts, and point of view in regards to the topics discussed in this continuing blog of which my name and person has been mentioned on more than one occasion.

    Due to the growing number of issues that were simply beyond my control, effective as of December 10th 2008, I am no longer an employee of Hydroderm. Please understand that I was just a “worker bee” for Hydroderm, and in light of the given circumstances, I did everything I could (within my given power of “manager”) to professionally service all the customers I came in contact with, as efficiently and effectively as possible. Please keep in mind that I did this with the faith that the items and requests that I forwarded on through to the proper channels, were indeed actually being executed upon by the “powers that be.”

    Now, I was not the only “manager” in the customer service department for Hydroderm, but because I made a sincere effort to aid/help customers with their needs, customers know my name—there is a direct correlation with the fact that only MY name is mentioned in such blogs as this one, again I was not the only “manager” in the customer service department, but because I was consistently striving for an overall higher level of service for our customers, I established and maintained a one-on-one relationship with each customer I spoke with, treating them the only way I know how…as a human being and not as a number. As a result, my good name is the only one remembered or mentioned, just in time to be run through the mud. To those customers, all I can say is: NEVER SHOOT THE MESSENGER!

    I realize that in human nature, it is easy for one to point the finger and blame the first person they see or talk too, especially when one does not know the bigger picture, but folks, the person to blame here, is most definitely not me.

    Consumers need to understand, ( especially those whom have never worked for a major corporation ) that individuals handling the customer service for these large companies are traditionally underpaid and overworked. The boards, owners etc of corporations all consistently fail to realize that the customer service department is the true lifeblood of any retail/sales driven company—and when something goes wrong—Customer Service is the “first line of defense,”—We have to clean up the mess even though we had absolutely nothing to do with causing said mess in the first place. Seemingly the CS departments are consistantly the last on the food chain within these corporations to be given any updates what-so-ever…, such internal chaos will only lead to an eminent disaster. However, most of the time, all of this can be avoided if the proper structure and emphasis were to be established at the very beginning.

    It is my sincere wish that everyone is in good spirits after the holiday and the New Year TREATS US ALL BETTER ! ! !


    Gary Yeagley

  125. Maggie Wilson says:

    I just received my credit card statement & have been charged for a shipment I did not receive. The 800 number on my last order received is no longer in service as is the 800 number listed on their website. Guess I’ll probably be stuck paying for the amount on this months statement & will have to cancel my credit card to keep them from billing me again for merchandise not received.

  126. That’s all good Gary! But if you are really sincere give us those assholes balls(names, phone number, address, etc.,,) so we can chop them off. Understand it was your job, but bro if you around shit you usually get on your clothes.!!! Now the reason you are no longer working for those assholes because they are out of business and someone else has taken over and people who order the product and lost money from 2007 to October 2008 are out of luck getting their money back until we get names to sue!!

  127. maureen says:

    ok gary, yes you are the only name mentioned here. give us the other names so we can mention them, too. but YOU were the one that responded to the BBB report i filed and said i would get my moeny back, but i DIDN’T.

    so what happened to hydroderm. we all have a right to know. and in your opinion, will any of us get our refunds that are due back to us? or the others that liked the product get that?

  128. Angel says:

    It’s Jan 2009 and I’ve been using Hydroderm for several years; I like the original wrinkle reducer. I usually buy 6 bottles at a time for discounted price and am not on autoship. I’ve been trying to reach Customer Service for a couple of weeks to order more, but every # I have for them (which are many, including numbers on invoices, on website & on brochure)says “# is out of service.” I was wondering if you know how to get in contact with them by phone? Please advise if you can. I live in Los Angeles, not far from Culver City which is I think where product is shipped from. Any ideas? Thanks.

  129. Pat Q says:

    I like Hydroderm face products. I have tried a lot of other brands and I break out or swell up. The Hydroderm eye cream goes right into the skin with out being heavy. I had no problem ordering. I am buying my Hydroderm from Amazon or http://www.hydrodermathome.com. If you like the product try the websites. Make shure you make a one time payment order. I am a real person who has been using Hydroderm for 3yrs.

  130. Melisa says:

    For those of you who can’t find any Hydroderm, I found some on the website Nutra Market for 50% off – I ordered 6 bottles.

  131. Melisa says:

    I love Hydroderm. I’ve been using it for about 5 years now and love it. I’m constantly told I look much younger than I am & even got carded for cigarettets the other day!!! I can definitely tell a difference in my skin/face, so I’m sold. As long as their selling it, I’m using it.

    Houston, Texas

  132. I loved the product. It worked for me. I’ve just learned that the company is in bankruptcy and no longer in business.

  133. Are you sure of that Susan? I received a package a few days ago that says on the outside. WAIT! Hydroderm is BACK and Better than Ever!

    “If you previously cancelled your membership,please DO NOT OPEN this package,DO NOT call your credit card issuer,instead call us for immediate service.”

    (877)312-3648 “Due to a vendor processing error,we have been advised that some customers may have received this package in error”.

    We apologize for any inconvenience,THE NEW HYDRODERM Customer Care Team.

    I called that number several times and after each attempt to speak to a customer service person I was disconnected. Like others have done already the only solution is to cancel your credit card. To those that did that I hope they stopped sending you their products.

  134. Michele says:

    I love Hydroderm and have been using it for 5+ years. I get carded when buying alcohol most of the time (and I’ll be 40 this month) because it makes my skin look beautiful and young. I haven’t been using the product for about 6 weeks now, due to the shipments ceasing, and can tell a huge difference in my skin for the worse.

  135. Barbara Underwood says:

    I am willing to join a class action suit as well. They have been billing my credit card f $96 and sending no product. I have been trying for two months to contact them and either get a busy signal, a message that the line is busy and I need to call later or not connected at all. This is absolutely a scam and I think we all need to write the Los Angels Department of Consumer Affairs about their illegal practices.

  136. Avoid this company at all costs. I have been trying to get it cancelled for months and I just received another charge on my credit card. I’m going to have to cancel my credit card unfortunately. This company is either scamming, or at the very least extremely poorly managed. There’s no problem getting an account started, but getting one stopped seems to be an impossible task.

    I ordered the product several months ago on the free trial. I let one charge go through and received my first month’s product. (After the trial) I decided at that time to cancel. I went to the website where I had a login ID and password to log in, but they had removed the option to log in. (This is where I was told I could cancel when I first signed up) I then emailed several times with no response, and called several times a day for two weeks getting only busy signals. My last call after the two weeks, I FINALLY got through, or at least it appeared I did. I got the normal hold music and waited 20 minutes before I was abruptly disconnected. When I called back it was busy again. I sent them one last email demanding my account be cancelled.

    By this time, it was almost time for the next charge to occur, so I watched my credit card statements carefully for some time and no charges occured. I assumed that even though they didn’t get back to me, that they actually cancelled my account. Well, months later, I suddenly get an email that Hydroderm is back and that I would start receiving the product again. I called the number in the email and actually got through to talk to someone. The lady told me that Alena something or other, had gone bankrupt and sold the Hydroderm rights to this new company. That’s fine and dandy, I asked her to cancel it and she said she’d have to get a supervisor to call me back, which never happened. My card was just charged and I’m filing a dispute with my credit card company. I’m going to call Hydroderm tomorrow as well, possibly the bbb depending on the outcome of the call….

    Do not do business with this company…


  137. Just like the others have commented that this is a waste of money and time.
    Don’t throw your money away on this!!!

  138. terrybeddoes says:

    please cancel my account with hydroderm –don’t like and can’t afford it! any further shipments will not be paid as of feb.25 09
    my credit card company has been asked to red flag this account refusing payment.

  139. ashley says:

    I LOVE Hydroderm. I have been using it for the past two years and I don’t know what I would do without it. I have smoked and drank heavily since I was 16 (I’m not exactly proud of it, but it’s true). When/ if I decide not to use this product for over a month I get wrinkles around my lips, my forehead, my eyes, and my face sags. I’m not kidding there is a VERY noticeable difference- I would seriously not eat in order to buy this if necessary.

    I have 21 year old friends who look older than I do. Everyone I meet thinks I’m 21 or younger. I have literally had to pull out my ID to prove that I’m actually 27. Now I don’t know how well it would work on deep wrinkles or older women, but for girls in their late twenties it is ridiculously great.

    Don’t do the free trial, they will charge you $140 within the first month. I liked it and wanted to continue but they charged me for both the “free trial” bottle and another one within the first month. It makes absolutely no sense! I had to pay $60 in overdraft fines. Shop the web- I only pay $50 a bottle for it now.

    Anyway it’s not just the wrinkles it helps it gives you like a facelift. It made my cheekbones come out again. I take it forgranted until I’m broke and have to go without it for awhile (like just happened) and now I really appreciate this stuff. If they discontinued it I would have to buy up a lifetime supply

  140. ashley says:

    Oh my God if they are going out of business?! I need to buy 20 bottles STAT. I will have a heart attack if I can’t have this stuff I am freaking out

  141. Paula says:

    …What a shame! The company was sold to new owners in the past year, and I can tell you for a fact that the new, NASTY, and OBNOXTIOUS employees are running it into the ground! I too, was billed for non-shipped items, and when I called to ask where my shipment was, they were indignant that I had the nerve to ask, and treated me like a dog…(I don’t treat my own dog like a “DOG”), and told me that when they pulled up my “screen” on their computer, it was “full of notes” about me! I called the better business bureau in their area in california, and they said they had over 600 complaints, similar to mine, about Hydroderm. The product is also very unlike what I used to get from the original company. I’m convinced that they are now a scam, and will be non-existant very soon. Hooray!!

  142. I got this product a year ago.Start to use it and I broke out with a few pimples. Stop for a while and tryed it again. Still not working. I tryed the eye serum and I did see a tightening effect. But I still do not recommend this product.

  143. mizmagz says:

    hey i really liked this product used it 4 years ago couldnt find it til now and no ..no credit cards but it does work as we age our eyes give us away ..lol but now instant face lift the eyes look good and when i go out i love this!would recommend to all my other sisters out there not feeling it !

  144. Jen says:

    For everyone out there complaining about Hydroderm, never order direct from their site, order from dealers, such as http://www.netnutri.com, or other dealers. I would never order direct from any company that gives free sample, everyone of them are non-sense. Hydroxatone, hydroderm, and every company that do free sample are lame…no such thing in life is free people. Buy from 3rd party (dealers) are best. And before buying read company policy about returns.

    This stuff really works, I used it for 2yrs, and so did all the people I recommend, my sister had deep wrinkle laugh lines, now near 70% gone after 2yrs.

    Their claim on 7-14days wrinkle gone is truely rediculous, the real noticeable difference actually begin in 4months of morning & night applying.

    Downfall to this hydroderm or online serum is “becareful”. After 2yrs of using this product, though my face is nicely firm, and wrinkle gone, my skin has discoloration…So I stop using this product, I thought at first it was sun damage, but realize it wasn’t i stop going to beaches for years. So the sun wasnt the reason, it was Hydroderm, it discolorate your skin in the long run…

  145. Kelly says:

    so a few yrs back i got sucked in2 thinkin i would get a free laptop if i did online survey & nxt thing u knw ive had a bunch of nonsense purchases…hydroderm is one of them. yes i absolutely agree that how they go on billing u is horrible until u can finally get a hold of customer service & cancel.

    BUT on the up side 4 me…earlier i mentioned gettin hydroderm yrs ago (approx 5yrs). well it wasnt until a few days ago i came across the products hidden way back on a shelf in my bathroom. so i thought…what the heck. may i just say that i was in disbelief when i noticed immediate results! btw..im speaking of the hydroderm anti wrinkle serum.

    thru the yrs ive formed these god awful wrinkles on my forehead mostly due frm squinting a lot. my mom called them the #11..just recently she called it #111. good ol’ mom! good thing i have a great sense of humour…cause i laughed as i slapped her arm yelling “mom! funny but so wrong!” anyhow, this hydroderm product that everyone seems 2 hate seems 2 work wonders 4 me…& im talkin overnight! even my boyfriend (who likes 2 put his thumb on my forehead & rub in a circular motion as if he thinks by doin this it helps downplay my #111) well, just last night he noticed the difference & kept buggin me 2 find out what i did…hahaha. he assumes botox..lol. he still doesnt knw.

    i also have the hyroderm cellulite cream which i tried as well & i give it 2 thumbs down..not 2 mention it smells awful!

    but back 2 the hydroderm anti wrinkle serum..i love it! its non greasy & i knw when i look in the mirror i definitly see a healthy glow & more youthful appearance. tightening of skin as if i had gotten a mini facelift. and my #111 is now a faint #1 and thats ONLY when i squint.

    well, i wished it worked 4 evryone the way its worked 4 me!! keep in mind its only been 4 days since i started so im wondering (frm readind all the bad reviews) if some bad reaction is gonna creep up on me?! knock on wood!

    good luck evryone!

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