Hydroxatone Wrinkle Cream Review

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On February 11
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Wrinkles start to form when the collagen stores in the skin declines as we age. Hydroxatone wrinkle cream claims to solve this problem by addressing wrinkles at their core to make them disappear in time. It is even recommended as an alternative to Botox, which can be painful and costs a lot more. Other claims of this product includes, 68% reduction of wrinkles in 6 months, diminished age spots, skin becomes more toned and healthier, glowing skin.

The active ingredients of Hydroxatone are Matrixyl 3000, argireline and hyaluronic acid. Matrixyl 300 is a popular ingredient in wrinkle creams that decreases wrinkle depth by stimulating the production of new cells. It also promotes collagen production of the skin thus increasing its elasticity and preventing further wrinkles from appearing. Argireline supplements the effects of Matrixyl 300 as it also reduces the degree of existing wrinkles and prevents development of new ones. Lastly, hyaluronic acid is effective in hydrating the skin, making it smoother, softer and more elastic, thus making it less prone to formation of wrinkles.

– Takes a long time to see results
– May cause irritation if not compatible with your skin
– A bit pricey for a new product, some cheaper products may be more effective
– Some people do not recommend using this at all

– Has ingredients that have been verified to be effective
– Has a money back guarantee
– Had some positive results for patient users
– Nice looking, high quality container

Conclusion: On paper, this product looks good as it contains ingredients that most wrinkle creams would have. Unfortunately, its claims are not as good as the other wrinkle creams. Six months for you to see a 68% reduction in wrinkles might be too long as compared to the 2-3 months it takes for other wrinkle creams to give the same results. But the real test is when you actually use it. According to testimonials of people who have used this cream, it is not very effective as some even developed rashes or irritation after a few weeks of use. Others on the other hand, claim to like it as they have seen results after a month of use. Buying one cream might be a bit pricey but they have buy 2, take 1 offer which can lower the cost should you decide to use it for long.

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