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Review of: Hylexin

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On September 10
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They claim that this is not an ordinary eye cream. This is the first formula that is specifically developed to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. According to their study, Hylexin can help strengthen the capillary matrix thus can help protect the orbital eye area for further damage.

This is what they claim:

In a double-blind clinical trial more than 72% of women who had serious dark circles and used Hylexin’s™ key compound saw an obvious, tangible, visible reduction in the color and severity of their dark circles. These results were confirmed with high-speed laboratory photography that clearly showed a significant reduction in the appearance of the blue and red color that makes dark eye circles so noticeable and so unattractive.

– This product is expensive.
– So many users who claim that this product did not work.
– Some users experienced dryness.

– Can help with the puffiness.
– There are other users who claim that this product works well for them.

Guarantee: Depends on the website that sells the product.

Conclusion: This eye cream claims that it is very effective in reducing serious dark circles, but after looking at the opinion of the users, we can say that they have not delivered what they have promised. There are so many users who are very disappointed about this product. And most of them claim that this is only a waste of money. This product is really expensive compared to other eye creams.

But even though there are many claims that this product is not effective, there are still users who have experienced positive results. If you are willing to spend $95 for an eye cream, then you can try this product out. But don’t expect great results.

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