Jan Marini Age Intervention Eye Cream Review


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On February 21
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This anti aging eye cream is based on a new, patented Peptide/Retinol combination. This product is designed to provide smoothness, hormonal balance for a visibly younger looking eyelid skin. It has effective formulation that can help deliver great results.

Product Details
Age Intervention Eye Cream is a spectacularly effective formula that delivers amazing results. For ultra smooth, contoured-looking eyelid skin that appears flawlessly ageless, Age Intervention Eye Cream is a must-have formula.

Based on a new, patented Peptide/Retinol combination, Age Intervention Eye Cream includes a number of supporting additives that synergistically provide remarkable benefits.

Directions For Use:
Apply once or twice daily to eye area.

– There are some users who have developed skin allergy.
– Some users who experienced severe reactions such as swelling and skin redness.
– There are some users who claim that they have not seen results after months of use.
– Quotes from actual users:
“I have been using this cream for 6 months and have not seen any results.” – Denise
“Been using for 4 wks. Have not seen any results.” – Vicki
“I was surprised when I had such a severe reaction” – Stephanie

– This product has great list of ingredients. It has peptide and retinol that are known to be effective in anti aging treatment.
– Very good texture and non greasy.
– This product can moisturize the skin.
– There are some users who claim that this product really works for them.
– Quote from actual users:
“Great ingredient list-saw a differnce first time and now about 2 mmonths later a huge reduction in eye wrinkles-almost gone” – nyc1
“Really works and tear-free.” – connie
“My eyes are left soft, bright and smooth. I penetrates well and doesn’t feel oily just hydrated.” – Angie

Guarantee: It depends on the website that sells this product.

Conclusion: This anti wrinkle eye cream may or may not work for you. There are some users who claim that this product is effective but there are also some users who testify that this product can cause severe skin reactions. If you are trying to find the best anti wrinkle cream, try to read more of our anti aging eye cream reviews to have some product comparison.

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