Jergens All-Purpose Face Cream Review


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On January 23
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The first thing that you will notice with the Jergens All-Purpose Face Cream is its price. Compared to other anti wrinkle creams which cost $20-$30, with others even going up as high as $100, this cream only costs a mere $5.99. Others would quickly buy this cream at once due to its cheap price, while others may be skeptical and think that this product is not effective because it might be too good to be true.

The claims of Jergens are simple so you won’t expect a lot of things from it. It claims to deeply cleanse the skin, soften it and provide moisturizing effects. Aside from these, it does not claim to have the special anti-aging effects of other creams. Its ingredients are not well known and mostly function as moisturizers and cleansers.

As you know, one of the most important actions of anti wrinkle creams is their moisturizing capabilities. A very good moisturizer is already an effective cream in helping the skin improve its overall complexion and resist incurring further damages which can contribute to the faster aging of the skin. With this criterion alone, Jergens is able to fulfill this as well as have a good cleansing effect which is useful for removing makeup before going to sleep at night.

– Has very good moisturizing effects that can soften the skin and even out skin tone
– Is a very good makeup remover
– Deeply cleanses the skin and pores so that no dirt is trapped which can cause pimples and blackheads to form
– Very cheap compared to other less effective anti wrinkle creams
– Has receive a lot of good user feedback

– Cream is very heavy thus it takes a long time to be absorbed into the skin
– Not suited for application in the morning, best used at night so that it can be left overnight on the face
– Has no other anti-aging effect besides deep moisturizing and cleansing effects

Conclusion: Jergens has no other anti-aging capabilities that it can boast of. This puts it at a disadvantage compared to other creams. It does not stimulate collagen production nor increase the rate of cell regeneration. It also does not contain antioxidants which can slow down the aging process. But taking into account its price, you get exactly what your money is worth with this product. Also, considering the positive feedback that it got from all of its users, you can try this product if you want to.

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