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On September 2
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The Sweet Black Tea Eye Creme from Juara Skincare products is just one of the many available products that they have for the skin. This particular anti aging product is a silky and fragrance-free eye cream which has anti-aging properties and helps moisturize and rejuvenate the area around the eyes. It primarily works by intensely hydrating the skin and providing it with nourishment so that the cells around the eyes may have the nutrients that it needs to produce younger and healthier cells. In addition to this, it also has skin tightening effects which help reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

The active ingredients used in the Sweet Black Tea Eye Creme are rice oil and of course, sweet black tea. You may wonder what rice oil may do for your skin. Well, rice bran oil is extracted from the outer shell of rice and this is rich in Vitamin E antioxidants. These are great for eliminating any free radical buildup that occurs around the eyes. This way, skin will look more radiant especially in the area beneath the eyes. Rice oil also has great moisturizing and softening effects to help make your skin smoother and better to touch. Lastly, it also contains a lot of nutrients which are beneficial for the skin. Sweet black tea on the other hand contains a lot of vitamins and organic acids which help in enhancing the radiance of your skin. This is especially important around the eyes as dull and puffy eyes will greatly contribute to your face looking a lot older.

– Contains a lot of Vitamin E antioxidants and nutrients to help rejuvenate the skin and prevent damage
– Has great moisturizing properties
– Safe to use
– Has a lot of good user testimonials

– Does not contain proven ingredients to eliminate signs of aging
– Does not explain how it stretches the skin and gets rid of wrinkles

Conclusion: The Sweet Black Tea Eye Creme is a product that can be used by anyone. Its fragrance free and hypo-allergenic formulation makes it safe to use. It has a smooth texture which will make it enjoyable to apply and feel on one’s skin. It is also light unlike other moisturizing creams, but it still has great hydrating properties. It can be used during the day and at night to increase the rate of improving the skin around the eyes. It can even be used under makeup so you won’t have any problems applying it in the morning. Based on user testimonials, it is a really good cream that has provided good results to most of its users.

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