Juara Sweet Black Tea and Rice Moisturizer Review


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On August 1
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People who are fanatics of organic products are in for a treat with Juara Sweet Black Tea and Rice Moisturizer. This product that has Indonesian origins is formulated with the exotic ingredients of Kombucha, rice bran oil, fatty acids and Vitamin E. From the name of the product alone, you can be assured that you are using a product processed in their unique Oriental way.

It is an international best seller among the natural anti-aging organic based skin care products being sold in the market. This hydrating moisturizer is made from a fermented sweet black tea that is mixed with rice bran oil. The product contains high levels of Vitamin E and fatty acids which are essential in skin care treatments. It promotes the regeneration of skin cells, helps in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and diminishes the signs of aging. Sweet black tea, when fermented, is clinical proven to help soften the skin and improve its appearance giving it a youthful and radiant glow. Rice bran oil is popular for its high fatty acid and Vitamin E content which helps in hydrating the skin.

Both of these potent and natural ingredients help in enhancing the skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture and improving its elasticity. With regular use it eventually erases all evidence of fine lines and dreaded wrinkles.

Other benefits you can get from Juara is that this rich moisturizer can be used as a base before putting on make-up. It has no reported side effects so you can prolong its use. Some consumers have been using the product for years and attest to great improvements in their skin texture and appearance. People with dry or a combination skin profess having smoother, softer skin that feels hydrated and healthy.

The product also has a slight “bran” smell, though not overpowering can be an issue with smell sensitive consumers.

– Wholly organic and natural ingredients
– Rich and creamy that helps promote smooth and more radiant looking skin
– Skin feels hydrated and replenished
– Has anti-aging properties
– Can be used mixed with a matte make-up foundation
– Has no reported side effects
– With regular use reduces fine lines and signs of aging

– Expensive at $24 per oz
– Works only for dry and normal skin
– The new packaging makes it hard to use the product to the last drop
– Slight “bran” smell
– No sunscreen

Conclusion: Like all organic products, it is best used with the combination of its fellow organic products made by the same manufacturer. Although this product works well on its own, in order to get the best results, some of the consumers combine it with either the Rice Facial Cleanser (at $25), Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner ( at $27) or with the Sweet Black Tea Eye crème ($37). If you do the math, the complete skin care regimen can be quite pricey.

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