June Jacobs Age Defying Copper Complex Review


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On January 7
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This anti wrinkle cream can help correct damage skin cells and can help moisturize the skin, giving it a younger looking glow. June Jacobs Age Defying Copper Complex claims that with continued use, it can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles leaving a healthy looking skin. This product contains vitamins, peptides, proteins and antioxidants that are known to be very effective in skin care.

Product Description:
A powerful age-defying, anti-wrinkle cream which helps correct damaged cells and dramatically firm and moisturize fatigued skin. With continued use, it noticeably smoothes and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and resculpts facial contours for radiant, resilient, younger-looking skin.

A powerful concentration of collagen-stimulating Copper Peptides, Proteins, Elastin, Vitamins A, C, and E, skin-fortifying antioxidants, and bioavailable hydrators that synergistically deliver gradual, continual results. This elegant, weightless formula leaves the skin plumped, taut, moist, and glowing with a matte satiny appearance. Enhances the skin’s protective barrier, improves elasticity, and boost the skin’s natural mechanism of renewal.

Directions For Use:
After cleansing and toning, apply to the skin with a gentle tapping motion and gently massage into the face, neck, eye area, and décolleté. Use nightly alone or under night cream, and during the day under sunscreen. Alternatively, use only at night and use June Jacobs Elastin Collagen Serum during the day under sunscreen.

For All skin types, including Sensitive, Sun-Damaged, and Mature Skin.

– There is no actual evidence of its effectiveness.
– There are no user reviews that can be found online.
– This product is a bit costly.

– It contains effective ingredients such as peptides, elastin, and vitamins that can contribute to skin care.
– This product has antioxidants that can protect the skin against damage caused by environmental factors.

Guarantee: It depends on the website that sells this product.

Conclusion: This can be an effective anti wrinkle cream. It contains ingredients such as peptides, elastin and antioxidants that can be effective in skin care. But with such effective contents, we cannot say that this product really works for everyone. There is no actual evidence of its effectiveness. There are no online reviews that came from actual users. Another downside of this product is the cost. It cost a bit higher compared to other anti aging creams in the market.

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