Lancaster Wrinkle Lab Deep Wrinkle Smoother Review

Review of: Wrinkle Lab Deep

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On October 16
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This is one of the anti wrinkle products produced by Lancaster. It is sold at $70 for a 15ml container. This product comes with a pink colored container, and included in the set is a mini roll on that can help the user in the application. This product claims that it can smooth out wrinkles by the use of its highly-innovative technology that can trap wrinkles in every angle.

Product Details:

Wrinkle Lab Deep Wrinkle Smoother 15ml/0.5oz
• This tube precisely delivers active ingredients for flash results
• Offers targeted action: fill-in, smooth-out & push-up wrinkles
• Effectively reduces wrinkles, even deep set ones from every angle
• Fresh, light, soft touch texture gives comfortable sensation
• Instantly refreshes fatigued skin & leaves skin visibly smooth
• Perfect for eliminating appearance of most visible wrinkles
• Dermatologist tested

The Technology:

New highly-innovative technology traps wrinkles from every angle for 4-directional targeted repair. Fill-in wrinkles from above, Smooth-out wrinkles on the surface, Push-up wrinkles from deeper inside thanks to an exclusive “Wrinkle Repair System” inspired by the skin’s natural “Scar Healing Process”. Patented powerful anti-oxidant complex (RPF). Patent pending formula.

– There are no ingredients specified on their website.
– There are no actual claims that this product is really effective.
– A little bit pricy.

– It has an anti-oxidant complex formulation that is known to be effective in skin care.
– It uses an innovative technology in repairing wrinkles.

Guarantee: Depends on the website that sells the product.

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Conclusion: According to the facts that we have gathered this, can be an effective anti wrinkle product. It uses a highly-innovative technology that can trap wrinkles on all angles. It can fill in wrinkles from above, smooth out wrinkles on the surface of the skin and can push wrinkles from within. According to their claim, after four weeks of use, 98% – smoothed skin; 96% – pushed wrinkles; and 94% – filled wrinkles. But there are no feedbacks and reviews from actual users that can prove that this product is really effective.

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