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Review of: LifeCell

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On December 1
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Lifecell is the best anti-aging skin care product I’ve ever seen. Nothing else comes close in terms of effectiveness and reliability. Other creams are as effective, but not as reliable (don’t work for as many people). Other creams are as reliable, but not as effective (work for lots of people, but not as well as LifeCell)

lifecell photo 3I’ve seen dozens of people use LifeCell and almost all of them showed a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles! with almost no side effects. It also helped to reduce skin discolorations and brown spots. The ingredients in LifeCell won’t hurt your face, won’t dry out your skin, and won’t cause negative reactions (for 98% of people…there’s always a small percentage who have a negative reaction to anything). This is the biggest problem I’ve found in other products, they have bad reactions to the skin in large portions of the people who use them. Everyone’s skin looks stronger, tighter, and brighter than it did before they used the Life Cell anti aging cream.

It lifts fine lines around the eyes, eye lids, and even the brow bone really well. It also treats the causes of aging, not just the signs. The ingredients help make the skin healthier so that wrinkles stay away longer and have a harder time coming back.

The people who seen use it were all super happy:

“I can’t believe lifecell actually worked for me. I’ve tried 4 different anti aging serums with no results. Now even my husband can see a difference! My skin looks better, and I feel fabulous about myself.”
-Barbara S.
Age 48

Guarantee: The guarantee is the best we’ve ever seen. 100% money back guarantee and they don’t even charge your card for 30 days.


The price was the only negative we could find. Lifecell is the most expensive product we found. It was also the best. When you compare it with the price of botox and plastic surgery, the price isn’t really a consideration.

lifecell photo 2

This is about how much I use with each application.
(somehow the picture made my fingers look red!!! I swear I’m not this clammy!)


  • Tightens the skin to treat wrinkles
  • Makes the skin look brighter to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Ingredients strengthen the skin so it looks healthier
  • lol…people often come back to me after they buy it and thank me for telling them about it
  • Real testimonials from real people (with videos included)including doctors, pharmacists, supermodels, cosmetologists, make-up artists, etc.
  • Before and after photos
  • 120 day, 100% Guarantee
  • Real life alternative to botox
  • Medically backed
  • Contains Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid, Idebenone, Ascorbyl Palmitate (the good kind of vitamin C), Deanol, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3
  • Try it free for 30 days (they don’t even charge your card for 30 days)
  • Order by internet, phone, check
  • 2 day priority shipping
  • Their customer support is really good. They answer the phone, they honor returns, they stand by their guarantee. It’s nice to see a company who actually stands by what they say.

I can’t recommend LifeCell enough. Their whole company from the product to the customer service is the best in the anti-aging skin care industry.

I’ve had feedback from users that Life Cell Skin Care Cream is expensive. I totally understand. But, it’s honestly the best one I’ve found. So, if you have any concerns or questions, please contact me. I’ll answer anything I can.


  1. Jen,

    I’ve been using LifeCell for 15 days now and I can definitely see an improvement in the wrinkles on my face. Now If I can just find something to help my thighs.

  2. Hedy Scholtes says:

    I live in Holland, can I try the sample of Lifecell anti wrinkle cream first before ordering the fullsize?
    Waiting for your answer,

  3. Yes, you can get a sample from the company. It’s not my product so I can’t just send it to you (I only have what I ordered from them).

    The way to get it is to place your order with them. They will send you the cream immediately but won’t charge your card yet. They only charge your card after 30 days of you having the product.

    As far as I know, that’s how you get a sample of the LifeCell wrinkle cream.


  4. Jennifer says:

    I ordered and tried LifeCell. At first I was apprehensive. I thought I made an impulsive purchase. I’ve got botox and restaline injections in the past. And I really had no confidence in LifeCell. But was I surprised. It works. It truly is amazing. I’m hooked. Jennifer

  5. hello, i was wondering if anyone that has tried the cream has noticed a tightness in the skin….i was thinking of trying this product to help reduce the appearance of my double chin

  6. @jill –
    Yes, we noticed a tightening of the skin. That’s one of the ways lifecell works is by tightening the skin. I don’t know if it will reduce a double chin, but depending on how much of a double chin it is, my guess is that it will at least reduce it somewhat.

  7. Bettie says:

    I can attest to the Life Cell Cream effectiveness too. I didn’t have too many wrinkles before I started using it, but the ones I did have are almost completely gone. It has also cleared up a few brown spots on my face. Thanks Jen!

  8. Joanne says:

    I am so impressed with this cream I had to write and let everyone know. My lines and wrinkles look less pronounced everyday. My skin is glowing. I’m 64 years old and keep getting complimented all the times, since I’ve started using LifeCell. I just got on their VIP Club program so I get it sent to me at a discount. I suggest everyone get on the program because it adds to a considerable saving. Joanne

  9. Carrie says:

    I have been using LifeCell for about a week now and like it very much. However, my main area of concern is my neck. I am in my 40s and have started noticing my skin here beginning to sag or pucker. Will LifeCell help this area?

  10. @Carrie

    Life Cell Skin Care should help your neck also. I’ve seen it help reduce the wrinkles on a few people’s necks. Of course, that totally depends on the wrinkles on your neck. Sometimes neck wrinkles are less of wrinkles and more “extra skin” hanging around. It’s unlikely to solve it if this is the problem.


  11. @Christina

    The report on ripoffreport was retracted by the person who made it. The guy was part of an SEO firm and when LifeCell didn’t hire them to do web work for them, the guy got mad and made up the report. It’s totally false, is slanderous, and so as such I didn’t think comments that linked to it had any validity and should be on the site.

    I firmly believe that LifeCell is the best skin care product out there and when people see something on the ripoff report it makes them not want to buy the product. Then they go buy an inferior product that doesn’t help them and they just waste their money.

    I tried to email you about this, but your email address is wrong.


  12. L.H.Scholtes says:

    Hello Jen,
    Thanks for you answer. When I order Lifecell from Holland, how long is the shippingtime. IF it would last 3 weeks or longer I had only a few days to try it. Imagine it don’t work at all for me then they will charge my creditcard before I get the opportunity to sent it back. How much is the shippingcost to Holland? Do you experience the lifecell your self?
    Thanks for your time

  13. Nicole says:

    I moved to Holland from the US 5 months ago. I was using LifeCell back there for about 3 months. I just asked them to keep sending it to my Holland address. It generally takes about 7 days to get to me. By the way if it doesn’t work for you (highly unlikely) they’ll refund your money. I pay $15 for shipping to Holland and I generally get 2 tubes at the same time to save on shipping. I totally love this product. I’m just surprised they don’t have other products to offer. Nicole

  14. S.Gaylord says:

    Does the product help upper lip wrinkles?

  15. laura says:

    I am wondering if Lifecell works better than something my sister is using: Freezox? I truly want to use something that will help the wrinkles around my eyes! They make me look older than my age and I want that to change. How GOOD is this stuff, really?

  16. laura says:

    I would like to know the answer to lip wrinkles as well….and discoloration on the upper lip from hormonal changes

  17. @laura – While I can’t say from personal experience about the upper lip wrinkles (because I didn’t really have them, I’m pretty confident that it will work for them. I have rarely seen a case when it doesn’t work.

    With regards to Freezox, look at this page for my review of Freezox:

  18. shasha says:

    Does lifecell helps tu reduce eyebag and dark circle? Do you have before and after photos of people using product?

  19. Laura, I’m a “LifeCeller” and I’ve been using it for the last 4 months. I am here to let you know that this product is absolutely amazing. It certainly helps reduce the appearance of upper lip wrinkles. I contacted the company and asked them what else I could do to look younger and they sent me a very informative list of things to do. I’ve printed it and keep it in my vallet at all times. One of them, was to quit smoking. The way they explained it, smoking causes severe free radical production that causes wrinkles. If you smoke – quit it or choose whether you prefer looking old or prefer sucking up on the cancer stick. You can’t have both. Alice

  20. yolanda says:

    is lifecell safe to use during pregnancy?

  21. BDurusoy says:

    Do you ship to Turkey?

  22. @Yolanda – I don’t know about using it during pregnancy.. That’s a good question I’ll try to get an answer for. My guess is yes, it’s topical (you don’t swallow anything), but I don’t know for sure.

    @BDurusoy – Yes, they ship to Turkey.

  23. Cathy says:

    I am one of the MOST skeptical women out there when it comes to lotions, potions and make-up. However, EVERYTHING Jen has said about this product is true. EVERYTHING! It makes my face radiant! Thank you for your site and for your very thoroughly and truthful remarks. It is worth every penny!

  24. I’m 44 and want to FINALLY start a skincare routine. Please advise what Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer (do you need one if you use Lifecell?)and microdermabrasion, works best when using Lifecell. I live in Africa and also need a Moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. Do you know if Lifecell contains any Sun protection?

  25. Hi, I know I am a guy but since my wife left me I noticed I have wrinkles and stuff and want to look younger again. I am tossing up between Lifecell and Freezox. Anyone tried both and can recommend? Thanx

  26. Gayle Hyde says:

    I think the after photos would have more credibility if they had no makeup on. I’m a makeup artist and I can achieve the same results by applying makeup.The plainest person can look stunning with makeup. Regards Gayle

  27. @Tim – I’ve had quite a few people ask me about Freezox VS. LifeCell.

    In my opinion, LifeCell is a much better product.
    The prices are about the same.
    The refund policy from LifeCell is much clearer and better (I can’t even find it when buying Freezox).

    If I were you, I’d try LifeCell first. If you’re not happy, then try Freezox.


  28. Auvere says:

    I would like to know specifically if Lifecell is designed as a product that improves the condition of the skin over time….is the impact that this product has cummulative? in other words does it nourish & repair the skin or is it really on effective during use…If i used this product for one month and then stopped…would my skin immediately deteriorate without using Lifecell.

    I ask as there are some ‘anti=aging’ or ‘age-repair’ products out there that really only tighten or moisturize temporarily…like a cosmetic treatment and then by the end of the day the effect is gone…

    I am not interested in investing in a product that is not actually beneficial to my skin.
    Thank you

  29. Jessica says:

    Auvere, I have been an Esthetician for the last 23 years and I know a thing or two about skin care. After doing tons of research I bought LifeCell. It is working great for me and the results are the best I have ever experienced with any skin care product. It has some of the most powerful anti-oxidants, anti-irritants and water binding agents that synergistically work over time to make you look younger and younger.

    LifeCell certainly works, however, skin care is a life-long process. The more you take care of your skin the better it will appear. Besides as you get older you want to take more care of your skin because mother nature takes its toll. Just as you need food everyday to stay healthy and nourished… so also if you want youthful and healthy looking skin you have to take care of you skin everyday. I hope this helps. Jessica

  30. @Auvere
    Jessica beat me to it. Basically…yeah, what she said.

    Yes, LifeCell will help your skin over time. Yes, it will help it short term also.

    And, yes, what she said about the lifelong process is true. LifeCell is just part of what you should be doing to prevent/decrease aging.

    Something she didn’t mention that I would say to make sure you do is use a good sunblock when you’re outside. Use one that has uva and uvb protection. This is so important for long term skin care.


  31. Rodney says:


    I am enjoying this blog. I am a 41-year-old guy who has been practicing routine skincare now for 20 years. Even with all the hundreds (probably thousands) of dollars I have spent on everything from L’Oreal to Estee Lauder, I can still see that I am aging. My skin does look good for its age, but yes, Father Time is definitely creeping in.

    I read rave reviews about Lifecell a couple of weeks ago, and took the plunge to try it. I’ve been using it for about a week now. It is probably too soon to start seeing noticeable differences, but truly, my skin has never felt softer and the crows feet around my eyes are dimished. Should I expect these results to continue…and improve?

  32. I am in in my 50’s. I would like to know how you compare Lifecell with Arbonne RE9 system? Daily I use the complete line and am ready for a change. I am very conscious of the deep lines around my eyes, and my skin is dry because I live in an area of the U.S. with cold, dry winters.
    Also, I have two girls in college $$$. I’m apprehensive about the cost. How long will a tube of Lifecell last?

  33. @Nan – The standard the company says for one tube of LifeCell is 40 days. However, I know people for whom it lasts 60 days. It just depends on how much you use it and how much of it you use.

    I also know that if you want, they’ll change the home delivery plan to be however often you want (within reason I think). I know someone told me they called LifeCell and changed their plan to be every 55 days, because that’s how often they needed the new tube.


  34. Chele says:

    I was wondering if anyone has sent you some before and after photos? Or if anyone would dare send me any On their site is eems like they put morterizer on and had a makeup artist like on the show 10 years younger. Do you know if the photos on the site represented one application or over time use
    Thank you

  35. Chele says:

    Also how new is this product? I can not find many reviews about it

  36. Chele says:

    Do you know more people who this isn’t working for

  37. Rodney says:

    Well, I left a previous message but got no reply. I would be very interested to have some discussions with those who have used LifeCell.

    I do see some entries here where people are not noticing results. I understand the frustration, but what I would suggest is, be diligent and use it day and night. You will not likely see any results within a few days…or even a week really. Consider the way LifeCell works (deep within the skin); it is really not possible to create any noticeable improvement in only a week.

    I will admit, I take issue with the claim that “the human eye cannot see a wrinkle”; rather, it sees the shadow cast by the wrinkle. Therefore, LifeCell uses some kind of microscopic 3-D prisms to fill in wrinkles; thus, making wrinkles disappear. This has not been my experience.

    I have been using LifeCell for two weeks (today). The first week or so, I really saw no improvement to speak of. However, this last week, I do see improvement in the wrinkles near my eyes. I also see and feel a difference in the quality of my skin. It is hard to describe, but my skin has a youthful glow now, and it is much firmer and smoother than it was before LifeCell. My face almost has an airbrushed quality…weird for a guy, but true.

    Anyway, I am not giving up on this product yet. Based on many reviews I have read, the third week is when dramatic changes tend to occur. So, I will report back after the third week has passed.


  38. I have read some of the comments on how great the product is. Is there any samlpes to try before buying? Are the products of Lifecell suitable for sensitive skin or even the sensitive eye are? As we know, wrinkles once developed, there are no way it can be erase, only make less visible. Can it really work on the all the wrinkles around the whole eye area?

    Hope to hear from you.

  39. Do you use this both morning and night? Is that way the 2.54 oz tube only last for a month and a half? I’ve been using the Arbonne RE9 skin care and the facial serum is less than 2.54 oz and last me for nearly six months. How much of this stuff do you need to put on your face?

    It seems extremely pricey to only last a month or so.

  40. Rodney says:

    Hi Chris!

    I am not having much luck in initiating a discussion on Lifecell on this forum. I’ve left a couple of postings, but no replies. I guess people are busy?

    Anyway, I think Lifecell is supposed to be used morning and night (twice a day). I have been using it for 3 weeks now, and the tube “feels” like it is about half full. This would support the information claiming that a tube lasts 40 days. I am not sure, but it probably is not as effective if you only use once a day. Certainly for what it costs, I “wish” it was possible to use once a day and get results, but I am not sure.

    I “think” I am seeing results, but not sure. I probably should have started with half-face applications when I began. Now, after 3 weeks, my skin definitely feels smoother and I swear it looks and feels firmer. It is “$189/tube” firmer and smoother? Well, ths jury is out on that.

    All I can say is, based on the ingredients in the product (according to the box label), Lifecell “should” make a difference in one’s skin. It is full of great things, but is it worth $189/tube, I have not decided yet. If a tube lasted 3-4 months, I wouldn’t mind the price at all. But, spending $189 every month and a half, I just don’t know. Although I do “think” I am seeing some improvememt in my skin, I am still waiting on the “wow” results that the advertisement promises. I e-mailed the company and asked how long should it take to see dramatic results. They replied and said most people see tremendous improvement in 4-6 weeks. That would mean by the time I use up the first tube.

    We’ll have to wait and see, I guess!

  41. I have tried many skin/wrinkle creams and spent much more money than I could really afford–this includes Freezox for $200. Freezox comes in a tiny bottle with a pump dispenser. I was totally turned off to this product b/c there is no way it could make a real difference in your skin by using a 1/4 or 1/2 pump as directed, and no way could it last 3-4 mos. So, I ordered Lifecell partly b/c they allow you to try it without charging you for a month. But, after a month I canceled my next shipment b/c I could not justify paying the $149 every 6 wks. Well, I changed my mind when I considered the changes in my skin. I knew that my skin felt firmer and my wrinkles were reduced and my skin felt smoother. I’m still not sure if it’s worth the money but I didn’t want to give up the progress I had made, so I decided to go for another month before making my final decision.

  42. Rodney says:

    I completely understand where you are coming from, Kathy. I am finding myself in the same boat. Based on what you wrote, it sounds like we are both experiencing similar results, but it also sounds like neither of us is “sure” that the results justify $149/6-weeks (on the discount plan). At this point, I have resolved to just continue using Lifecell until it is all gone.

    I will say that I had an interesting experience today. I went grocery shopping and picked up a bottle of wine. When I reached the check-out counter, the wine was the first thing I sat on the counter. The “kid-clerk” (couldn’t have been a day over 22) immediately asked for my ID. I was shocked because it’s been awhile since I’ve been carded. I handed it to him, he quickly checked the date, and said “Cool”. He wasn’t checking the ID for the purpose of entering the date of birth into the cash register to verify age (which I have seen before). He was just verifying that I was “of age” to buy wine. Now, I have been carded by 70+ year old clerks, to whom anyone under 50 looks like a child. However, this was a kid who could not have been more than 22 years old. If he carded me, then to him, I must have looked (at least reasonably) like a peer.

    I am going to be 42 in June.

    Is the above scenario a result of Lifecell? Is it a fluke? Whatever it was, it made me feel great–and makes me want to persist in my use of Lifecell.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences?

  43. @Rodney – That’s such a wonderful experience. Congrats! and thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

    Whether or not it’s due to LifeCell…I can’t say.

    The reason I recommend LifeCell so much us because when I compared it with everything else out there, nothing else came close to being as effective for as many people as LifeCell was.

    Yes, other things can be more effective (Have you tried Retin-a over a long period of time?) but most of them only work on some people. From what I’ve seen LifeCell works on by far the broadest range of people out of all the products I’ve seen.

    Now, here’s a question for you:

    Are you using any sort of a regimen when you apply LifeCell?

    I’m working on creating some videos right now of my own regimen that I’ve had such good results from. I think that if you’ll use a regimen (it doesn’t have to be mine…but mine has proven pretty effective) it will double the effectiveness of any cream you put on, not just LifeCell.

    Anyway, I’ll let you know when I get my regimen posted on the site.


  44. Rodney, I’ve been a LifeCeller for the last few weeks and the results are amazing. I understand your concern for the $189 price but I plead to disagree with you.

    When you think of buying a separate anti-wrinkle cream, a moisturizer, a firming serum, a day cream, a night cream etc etc etc… it all adds up. With LifeCell – I have it all in one tube. Besides, most creams come in 1oz jars. LifeCell is 2.54 oz. That is a LOT of cream and it lasts me about 2 months. And I use it twice a day. I’ve never received so many compliments on my “beautiful soft skin” as I have after I started using LifeCell. The last time I can remember receiving so many compliments is when I was in my twenties. I love this product. It is worth every penny. Nikki

  45. Natalie says:

    Does anyone know how LifeCell affects acne prone skin? I have always been challenged finding a good anti-aging treatment that did not cause my skin to be more oily or break out. I am 31 this year and have been battling with acne now for longer than I would like to admit. Any advice on this? Thank you.

  46. Hi all!

    To Jen: Thanks for responding. Actually, I am not sure what to think anymore. I was delightfully carded by the 20-something at the well-lighted grocery store; yet, I ordered a martini in a dark bar last Saturday night, and the (evil) bartendress not only did not card me, but proceeded to lecture me on what does, and does not, comprise a “proper martini”! At this point in time, I don’t know how I feel about Lifecell. In some ways, I “think” I see results, while in other ways, I do not. Overall, I see no change (at all) in the fine (and they are just that: fine) lines around my eyes. I’ve just (as of today) finished by 4th week on the stuff. Is it still too early to tell? I am really wondering because I seem to have a yo-yo attitude about it. Can anyone advise me on when I might really notice something?

    Oh–and as for the regimen, actually, I think that is a very good question because it is very possible that I am not using Lifcecell correctly. I know the instructions say “apply to a dry face”. I have tried that, but the problem I have is, when I apply it to my dry face, I end up using a LOT of product. What I have been doing to try to extend the life of the tube is, I have been splashing my face with water, and then applying the product. Could the water be diluting the effectiveness?

    Also, I have some other products I have been using (before ordering Lifecell), and most of the time I will mix the Lifecell with a little bit of those other products. Another reason I have been doing this is that when I have applied JUST the Lifecell, my skin does not feel very moisturized…it feels like it needs something more.

    To Nikki: I agree wholehearedly that if this product really works, then it is truly worth the price. I am just trying to decide, for myself, if the results I am seeing are worth $189/tube? I am still not “satisfied enough” with the results…and am honestly not sure/convinced that I AM seeing any results. Like I said, I think I really should have started with a half-face application so I could do some comparisons.

  47. Hi,

    I’ve spent the last 10 hours reviewing anti-wrinkle creams, and I’m glad I ran into your blog. It’s very challenging discerning what is legitimate information on the various products from marketing noise. Lifecell consistently comes up as one of the top rated anti-wrinkle products, but I’ve noticed that most people who are giving the product rave reviews are actually in the affiliate program for South Beach Skincare, the company that makes Lifecell (in other words, they are getting commissions when people buy Lifecell via clicking through their site). The link to the affiliate program is

    Jen, are you in the affiliate program? Asked another way, are you getting commissions if people order Lifecell by visiting any links on your site and ordering the product? Either way, this is helpful forum.

    I really want to believe all of the hype surrounding this product because I have deep smile lines for my age that I’d love to get rid of (or at least soften). Lifecell seems to be a potential solution, but I keep running into a bunch of red flags. I would love to have help researching these or help reconciling the red flags. Some of the red flags in no particular order are:

    1. The inherent bias in many sites suggesting that they are giving independent reviews when they are actually in the company’s affiliate program and receive commissions for sales made through their site. Some disclaim this, some don’t

    2. On the affiliate program application page, the offer is made by “Amit Suneja.” If you google him, you will find sites like “ferociousmarketingtiger” and “36milliondollarsecret” that basically say that this guy is a genius marketer and can outmarket virtually anyone (and for a fee, he’ll teach you how to do it!). This begs the question of whether Lifecell is a byproduct of a very slick marketer and marketing engine as opposed to well grounded science and efficacy.

    3. Dr. Raj Bhayani, the doctor who opens with a powerful testimony on Lifecell, is pretty tough to find. Admittedely, there are a few “articles” that he wrote out there, but they are pretty weak at best. On certain sites, it lists this guy as a “Chief Resident, Oto-Head & Neck Surgery,” “Columbia University College of Physcians & Surgeons,” etc. I visited and searched for this doctor on the school directory and couldn’t find him. Next, I visited the web page for Columbia’s College of Physicians & Surgeons and there was no listing for him there. Next, what I find alarming is that on lifecell’s main homepage, they took down all of Dr. Bhayani’s credentials, as I guess they’ve been questioned by people in the past.

    4. The date on the Ray Bhayani testimonial always stays current. As of this writing, the testimonial is as of “February 22, 2008.” I find this a little misleading as the letter obviously wasn’t written today but at an earlier date. I understand that this is done for marketing purposes to make everything seem current, but it’s misleading and calls the testimonial’s credibility into question.

    5. The 200% money back guarantee only applies when you order 4 months of Lifecell in advance. You will get 200% of your initial purchase price of $189 back, but you will actually be on the hook for all four months…so you’d actually be out of pocket $378 ($189 x 2). Arguably, this is misleading marketing…

    In fairness to Lifecell, the affiliate program issue seems to exist for a bunch of other “highly rated” products, but Lifecell’s website has very slick marketing, regardless of whether or not the product does everything it claims to do.

    You would think that with everything I’ve written so far, that I won’t be trying the product. I’m actually very intellectually curious to see if this product does what it claims to do, or whether it’s another well marketed product that does nothing. I’m sure you can sense which side of the fence this product will come out on, but I will report back with my findings honestly.

    Rodney, I will use the product on one side of my face to see if the product makes any difference and to better track any progress. You’ve now been using the product for over one month. What is your verdict?


  48. David,

    Well, I did check out the Lifecell affiliate website and my heart sank as I continued to read down the page. If this is legitimate, then that would explain why I have found several of these “” websites, all claiming that Lifecell is the best. (I also notice that these sites only have reviewed a handful of other creams, which I always thought was odd: if you are creating a site devoted to reviewing anti-wrinkle creams, why only review 3-4?)

    I also did similar research on Dr. Ray Bhayani and, like you, I also found the handful of articles on skin issues that he wrote. Nothing bad, but nothing earth-shattering, either.

    It sounds like we are similar in that we are truly looking for the best anti-wrinkle cream out there—and are willing to do research to find the “best”. After reviewing various creams on the internet for several (but not 10) hours, I decided to try Lifecell. Even at the steep price, I figured if it worked the miracles that were claimed, it would be worth it.

    I also have recently done some research on other skincare products, to determine if others contained similar ingredients as Lifecell. Imagine my surprise to learn that a myriad of other products by companies such as Avon, Olay, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden and others also contain ingredients like Idebenone, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (argireline), and others contained by Lifecell. Actually one product that had already been sitting in my medicine cabinet for months (before Lifecell) already contained argireline—and I didn’t even know!

    So now, with the knowledge about the affiliate thing, I no longer feel “comfortable” about the price of Lifecell. If South Beach Skincare is going this route, and are able to pay affiliates 50% of the cost, then what does that tell you about the outlandish price tag? Also, if Lifecell is as good as they say, then I am not sure why South Beach would waste their time on small-potato efforts life website affiliates anyway. If you are already sitting on a formula for the Fountain of Youth (which is what Lifecell is all but claimed to be), then why wouldn’t you spend some money on advertisements in Vogue, etc.—or invest in an infomercial? I don’t know who is responsible for South Beach marketing, but I think I could do a better job—and I am just an engineer!

    Anyway, I hope that the info you posted is wrong because if it is right, then I already feel like I have been “had”. If your post survives long enough for you to see this reply, please contact me directly at I would love to have a discussion with you on your experiences, etc. with other products. Heck, if you DO order Lifecell and try it, then please let me know what those results are, too!

  49. Sylvia Sanchez says:

    I tried LifeCell this fall. I was really excited to try the product – they have great marketing information and I reasoned the price would be offset by it being an all-in-one. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me: I broke out and couldn’t get it cleared up and my skin never really felt or looked smooth. I tried it for 2 tubes and then sent them back. I never did hear from them or get my refund, even though I had been communicating with Michelle throughout the time I was using LifeCell.

    I have also tried Athena 7 Minutes. It worked really well, but it is tricky to put on and not leave the white residue, and inconvenient to work the 7 minutes into my daily routine.

  50. Rodney,

    I read your post and wrote down your email address, so I will reach out to you soon. In continuing my research, I came across the site,, that seems to be completely independent of any company or skin care product. They have reviewed hundreds of anti-wrinkle products on the market (, but what’s odd is that Lifecell, Athena 7 Minutes, and some of the other marketing driven products are not listed. The actual rating system for the products is pretty weak (poor, average, good, excellent), but it is very comprehensive. The fact that Lifecell is not listed is yet another red flag for me. Combining my research with Sylvia’s comments, I think it’s enough to make me pass on the product. I really would love to find a solution, b/c as mentioned, I have very deep smile lines that I’d like to get rid of or soften, but the Lifecell marketing combined with the red flags that I outlined, gives me serious doubts on the legitimacy and efficacy of the product.

    On a side note, I found the variuos sites that reviewed only a select group of products pretty bizarre too. Some of these sites explicitly state that they are affiliates and receive commissions for sales on the products that they are reviewing, but most of the sites don’t. The disclaimers are what prompted me to dig into the South Beach Skincare affiliate program in the first place.

    Rodney, for the record, have you seen any improvements since you started using Lifecell?

    Thanks…and I look forward to continuing dialogue over email.

  51. Rodney says:


    Well, I must say that we are certainly having an interesting exchange of information. I also had seen, and I never even noticed that Lifecell was not among the products they reviewed. Frankly, I have noticed a similar thing as far as ratings are concerned. With the few “” websites I have seen, I notice they give numerical reviews (x/100) for the products; but they provide absolutely no basis on how those numerical values were achieved/calculated.

    As far as improvement, I “thought” I was seeing (at least feeling) an improvement in my skin, as it did feel dramatically softer than it used to. Also, I “thought” I was experiencing a tightening of the skin, after having used the product for a week or so. However, for right now, I honestly do not know. Maybe it was all in my mind.

    At this point, I am very disappointed in learning about the affiliate thing. As I indicated before, if Lifecell was so great, there would really be no need for South Beach Skincare to establish such a method of marketing. The product—if it is that great—should be able to stand all on its own, without the need for the shilling websites I have seen.

    I am very, very interested to see what kind of reaction and other comments that your information yields on this forum.

  52. Hi,
    This is for David and Rodney. Guys I really appreciate all of the research that you’re doing. However it’s pretty obvious that you don’t have a lot of knowledge on affiliate marketing. Most websites and or companies have affiliate marketing. It’s the way the web works nowadays. It’s the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to promote a product on the internet, it’s way cheaper than running ads on TV or in Magazines, so of course this is what most companies would rather do. Plus you can literally be selling products within hours if you know how SEO works, or you have a lot of affiliate marketers selling your product. So much as we want to believe that this makes a product questionable, it’s really not the case. Products have to be promoted one way or another, otherwise what’s the point? Unfortunately this does leave it open for a lot of scams. You’ve just got to keep that in mind and stay a little skeptical and not believe all the hype that you read. One other thing is that no product is going to work for everyone, so there’s always going to be a few detractors. I guess that’s what makes life so interesting!! We’re all different and react differently to everything. It would be pretty boring otherwise don’t you think?

    I haven’t used Lifecell myself yet. I’ve just been messing around on the internet to see what’s out there. I may try it, though the price tag is pretty steep.

  53. Rodney says:


    Thanks for the information, Susan. You are right: I don’t have a lot of knowledge (none really) about affiliate marketing. I do understand (to a degree) that internet marketing can be different than conventional TV, magazine, or other types of marketing. I guess I am old-school to a degree.

    I guess my primary concern is exactly the issue that David makes in his reply to your posting. When we see several “independent” (supposedly) product review sites out there–not only which find Lifecell to be the “best”, but also only review 3 or 4 products–then clearly it is understandable as to why they might appear suspicious. Why create all of these “skincare review” websites, if you are only planning to review 4 products?

    Frankly, even with this new (to me) affiliate marketing method of advertisement, I still maintain that if Lifecell is as good as claimed and is the “Fountain of Youth”–(have you seen the Lifecell website?)–then I don’t understand why South Beach Skincare would go this route in promoting their product. Even thought it may be legitimate, it comes across as a little on the seedy side. Why invest so much money, effort and passion into formulating this wondrous product…only to cut corners in marketing it? Doesn’t make sense to me. The risk of coming across as disingenuous (for me) would far outweigh the extra cost of promoting it in more accepted, conventional forums.

    The thing is…after all of this discussion and yo-yo-ing back and forth, it turns out that today was another positive day for me and my Lifecell experiences. I guess the jury is still out for me on this product. Will I repurchase? Possibly. However, because of the cost, it won’t be until after I try several other products that I have recently checked out in my research.

    I will say, I did finally find a website that not only “appears” (to my naive eyes) to be a little more legitimate than some others, but it also actually lists Lifecell as being a worthy cream to try. Here is the link:

    Let me know what you think!

  54. shaquetta says:

    Hi Guys

    I’ve been reading the above comments & look i have to tell you…everybody’s skin is different, so everybody will get a different result.

    I have been using LifeCell for around 3 months & the difference for me has been huge.

    Seriously, the dark circles under my eyes have virtually gone, and my wrinkles on my forehead & crows feet have REALLY lessened. My skin feels soft & glowing! It is the BEST product i have used…and i have tried the LOT! This cream is like a miracle for me.

    Do i care that they do affiliate marketing? Do i care that their website is slick advertising, in-my-face & ewwy? Not really, no!

    All i care is that it works, and it does for me. I took the plunge & I’m really glad I did.

    Hey Rodney, if you don’t like it or can’t decide, heck, just ask for a refund! What’s the problem?

    But as i say, everybody’s different….


  55. Rodney says:

    Hi Shaquetta,

    Actually, there is no problem at all. I have stated quite clearly (in previous postings) that I have not yet made up my mind about Lifecell. There are times when I think I see results, and there are times when I don’t.

    As far as the refund, it is too late to ask, as my 30-day trial period is over. Besides, in the event that Lifecell will (eventually) work for me, I figure at this point, I may as well use up the entire tube before deciding.

    I agree: everyone’s skin is different. (Incidentally, if you read a previous post of mine, you will see that I do state that based on the ingredients in Lifecell, it should have some effect on your skin.) My point was that I was not sure how quickly I would/should see results.

    Do I care about the affiliate marketing? Frankly, yes, I do. When I am spending $189 for a tube of product, I’d like to think that I am primarily paying for the efficacy, research, and quality behind the product. In the case of Lifecell, it appears that half of that $189 is lining an affiliate’s pocket, versus legitimately covering [and justifying] the high cost of product ingredients. I have no problem in paying good money for a high quality product that delivers results.

    However, as I have also said before, if Lifecell was really “that good”, there really should be no need for marketing it via affiliates. If you have done the level of research that some of us have, you would only need to do a couple of “Lifecell reviews” searches on Google or Yahoo to discover the level of apparent affiliate marketing for this product. I am sure it is completely legal and legitimate, but none of that changes the fact that it just comes across as smarmy.

    I have been using Lifecell now for 6 weeks. I have very, very fine lines around my eyes. I have noticed absolutely no improvement in them. None. The biggest improvement I can say without question, is that my skin most definitely feels smoother and softer. It FEELS nicer, but visibly, I see no change after 6 weeks.

    Again, as stated previously, my jury is still out. I probably have 2-3 weeks left in the tube. I will continue until the product is completely gone, and then I’ll come back with a final assessment.

    Thanks for listening!

  56. Lin says:


    I’ve started following this thread since I received my first shipment 3 days ago. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It’s been very helpful and I feel I get more balanced views here.

    After thinking about it for a couple of weeks, I thought I might just try it and see if it works for me, even if I’m kinda skeptical. Don’t try, don’t know, right? Certainly, my wrinkles didn’t “disappear” in the first 60 secs, like it said it would, but then I didn’t expect that to happen, anyway. So I’ll see how it goes and keep you posted.



  57. thank you for your help

  58. To David and Rodney,

    For 2 guys who don’t have a problem or a lot of knowledge about affiliate marketing, you’re both taking a pretty negative view of it. From the time we were kids, we were taught to have a healthy skepticism of all advertising. Don’t believe everything you read. As long as you do your research (and you’re both doing some excellent research), you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. Affiliate marketing is no different.

    I can understand your frustration with “best product ever” reviews. Take the review Jen wrote on LifeCell. She either truly believes that this is a great product or she is just writing this review to get you to try the product so she can get commission. My guess is that the truth is somewhere in the middle. But this forum has value because it gives users of LifeCell a chance to share their experiences. It’s all about getting enough information to make a decision. If you try LifeCell because of the information you received on this forum, she deserves commission.

    Rodney, I enjoyed your remark about how you don’t know who does their marketing, but you could do a better job – and you’re an engineer. This is the same guy David researched and found that “this guy is a genius marketer and can outmarket virtually anyone”. If you don’t understand, and therefore put down affiliate marketing (calling it seedy), then what makes you think you can do a better job than an expert?

    Let’s say that, after years of R&D, you discovered the next big anti aging breakthrough. So now you’re going to market your new product the “old school” way. First, you might send out some press releases to get a little free buzz. Then you start advertising in Vogue and the hundreds of other women’s & seniors magazines. Don’t forget all the ezines. Newspapers, tv, radio, direct mail. And don’t forget, these are all recurring expenses. How long do you think it would take to get your investment back?

    So after spending however much on R&D, you’re going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) to roll out your product. This is amazingly time consuming. You won’t be able to do all this yourself, so of course you have to hire a marketing team to handle this for you. Another expense. All these expenses would add to the cost of your product.

    Now let’s say that you started an affiliate program instead. Some affiliates will just put up a simple review page with their link to the product. But there are many affiliates who advertise in magazines, ezines, newspapers and other conventional ways. Now imagine you have hundreds of affiliates advertising your product like this. Plus, you have affiliates who place search engine ads and write articles that spread across the internet like wildfire. You have affiliates all over the world working to sell your product. You’re saving millions in advertising. You’re saving time. You’re saving yourself the headache of having to hire an entire marketing team. The 50% commission is a bargain. There’s no question which is the most effective marketing technique.

    I know this thread is supposed to be about LifeCell and I apologize for being so long-winded. I didn’t want anyone to think that using affiliate marketing in any way means that the product is a scam. It’s not a cheap or seedy way to market your product. By the way, the site is also an example of affiliate marketing. They get commission on every product listed. Nothing wrong with that. If they gave you good information that convinced you to try the product, they deserve the commission.

    I hope you don’t take offense at anything I’ve said. That was not my intention. And please keep us posted on your progress with LifeCell. That’s why I came to this forum in the first place.

    All the best,


  59. I think I need to set the record straight about all this “affiliate” stuff.

    First, I knew nothing about it until a friend of mine found out about this site and started telling me about it.

    It sounded good to me to be able to make a little money from all the work I’ve done so I had her set up whatever needed to be set up for the affiliate stuff.

    This was very recently, AFTER I had written most of the reviews on this site (yes…including the LifeCell one). Now, fortunately for me, I get a little compensation from a few of the companies I’ve written reviews for.

    I didn’t write any of the reviews on this site to “get you to buy” that product. I wrote them because that was my experience (either my personal experience or experience of people who I’ve talked with).

    Yes, I do make a little money from some of them now. Yes, I have put a lot of work into this site and Yes, I really do stand behind what I’ve said about the products.

    No, I don’t work for any of the companies (I have people ask me this all the time on the meebo chat thing).

    If you’re concerned about the whole “affiliate” thing, feel free to go buy something else. I only put this site up to let other people know what I had found out about the different wrinkle creams.

    The fact is, LifeCell really does work for most people. No, it doesn’t work for everyone. Nothing does. But, it works better and for more people than anything I’ve tried or seen other people try.

    All the chats and comments that are on my site are real. They’re real things users have either posted directly on the site (I don’t edit things…the purpose of the site is to help people, and having comments from other people is certainly helpful) or chats that I’ve had with people on the site.

    So, in the end, no, I didn’t write all this stuff just to make a buck from being an affiliate. Most of you know more about the whole affiliate thing than I do. It just happens to be a way for me to make a little money off the hard work I’ve put into helping people find the best wrinkle cream.

    I hope my website has been helpful to you.

  60. Yanet says:

    Thank you for your comment
    I was thinking of purchasing this product it seems to good to be true.
    I just tried Youtholgy Product & it doesn’t work either scam & waste of money.

  61. trish says:

    i have a few questions about lifecell. i’ve looked at the webpage, which is a bit long. are the ingredients they list and discuss the only ingredients in the treatment, or are there other ingredients? if so, what are they? are the ingredients natural? also, is there any spf in it? and it is non-comedogenic?


  62. Rodney says:

    I was planning to refrain from posting any more information until I finished my tube of Lifecell. But after these latest postings, I do feel I should respond.

    First to Jim: No offense taken at all. I appreciate the time you took to explain/rationalize/justify the existence of the affiliate marketing process. Actually, when I wrote previously that I could do a better job of marketing Lifecell, that statement was made somewhat tongue-in-cheek. From a layman’s point of view, I was just stating how the whole process came across to me.

    As for your comment: “This is the same guy David researched and found that ‘this guy is a genius marketer and can outmarket virtually anyone’.” Actually, what David wrote was: “If you google him, you will find [web] sites… that basically say that this guy is a genius marketer and can outmarket virtually anyone (and for a fee, he’ll teach you how to do it!).” Just because these sites may “basically say he is a genius marketer” does not necessarily mean that he is. (I guess I have done enough research by now to know better than taking for truth anything and everything I see in print.)

    One thing I do want to say to Jen: Thank you for your complete honesty and integrity in how you operate this forum. You could have pulled David’s, mine, and others’ comments here that question the product and that discuss lack of results. However, the fact that you have allowed them to remain, while explaining your side of the equation, speaks volumes for your character as a person and a businesswoman. I wish you the best in all your endeavors, and I thank you again for the wonderful service you are providing to your customers.

  63. Hi,

    Thanks for setting the record straight, Jen.

    As for me, after 10 days of use, the only noticeable improvement is to my lips, which used to be dry and flaky, so my lipstick glides on better. But no other improvement on my skin. Like Rodney, will wait till I get to the end of my tube.

    But I wonder if it’s safe to ingest, because I actually apply in on the lips. Also, I too wonder if what other ingredients they have besides the ones described on their website. In Singapore, it’s a requirement to list all the ingredients in a cosmetic product(but not the concentrations), so I was surprised to find that the tube and the product leaflet do not list any ingredients.


  64. Rodney says:

    Ok, ok…I know I said I would not reply any further until I finished my tube, but I have noticed several requests for the full ingredient listing for Lifecell. Actually, the bottom flap of the box that Lifecell was shipped to my home in, does contain the full list of ingredients. I assume some of you have thrown the box away, but I still have mine (I am a pack-rat). As a courtesy to all—-and to keep the information flowing—-here is the full listing of ingredients of Lifecell (as printed on the flap of the Lifecell box):

    “Water, Caprylic/capric Triglycerides, Ethoxydiglycol, Stearic Acid, Peg-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Di-isopropyl Dimer Dilinoleate, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Peg-40 Stearate, Oxido Reductases, Soy Peptides, Cyclomethicone, Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Extract, Deanol, Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid, Copper Gluconate, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, Idebenone, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Fumed Silica, Silicon Dioxide, Propyl Gallate, Bha, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance”

    Hope this helps!

  65. Thanks, Rodney!

  66. Jen,

    I agree with Rodney 100%. You don’t delete the comments from people who say LifeCell doesn’t work. Since we’re all different, there is no one product that works for everyone. You make that very clear. There are some who are reading this and wondering if they should give it a try. If you’re trying to decide based only on other people’s opinions, you’ll be banging your head against the wall before long. Here is something that may help you decide. I haven’t seen one posting anywhere that says that LifeCell does not honor their guarantee. Of course, I could have missed it, but usually complaints are pretty easy to find. If they were a dishonest company, there would be postings all over the place.

    I also want to compliment you on how this site is set up. I can see why you rank so high on Google when I searched for LifeCell skin care. You also have some very informative articles on It shows that you really care about anti aging. If anyone is interested in reading Jen’s articles, go to Look to the left & find Search Ezine Articles. Set the drop down to Search Expert Authors & type in Jen Hopkins. Almost 900 articles. WOW!! That’s dedication!

    I’m glad I found a forum where I can get honest opinions. Thanks for the great info.

    All the best,


  67. jamie says:

    hummm. This has been a very interesting read for sure. I am a big product person and have a couple of plastic surgeons on retainer, you could say. There is not much I have not tried. So of course I have the life cell. I spend upwards of 300.00 a month on skincare so the cost was not an issue for me. I actually thought it might be an ok product until visiting this site.

    I was concerned when Jen was ask if she was making commission on this product and she seem to vanish. There was no post from her at all for over 2 weeks. I am sure she was trying to determine the appropriate response.

    However the lack of response for 2 weeks speaks volumes. This forum has turned me off to the product because she is being paid for her opinions. With all of the interest in fountain of youth products out there if this was a scientifically backed discovery it would be in all the medical journals and on every news show. However it is being pushed by paid advertisers on the internet.

    Very disappointed indeed.

  68. Jamie,

    I’m a little confused. If you already have the LifeCell product, then why would anything said on this forum affect your opinion? If you’re already using the product, the only thing that matters is if it’s working for you or not.

    Since you’ve tried so many products, can you tell us how LifeCell compares?. Do you like it? Is it working for you? How long have you been using it? What other products have you tried?

    If you don’t like the way LifeCell is marketed, that’s fine (don’t get me started on affiliate marketing again – lol!!). Since you already have the product, then your opinion is the most important thing. I hope you’ll share it with us.

    All the best,


  69. @Jaime,

    Just because I didn’t post for a few weeks doesn’t mean I was “trying to determine the appropriate response.”

    I’m a mom and a husband. I don’t check the comments every day. Sometimes I go more than a week without checking them.

    And, as Jim said, since you have the product, why don’t you post your experience instead of speaking poorly of me? I think everyone would like to know your experience with LifeCell.

    When it comes down to it, I have seen LifeCell work more often, and better, than any other product I’ve seen. This is further evidenced by all the comments I get from people saying “I tried XYZ product and it didn’t work at all, but LifeCell did.”

    No, there isn’t any one product that will work for everyone. I’ve said that before.

    What I don’t understand is how this forum could turn you off the results of LifeCell?


  70. Michelle says:


    I’m 25 and was wondering if LifeCell was created for middle-aged to older people or if its safe and practical for younger people who also want soft, bright skin as well as eliminate wrinkles and dark under eye circles?

    My greatest concern is the dark circles I have under my eyes. Has anyone using the product seen dramatic improvements with dark under eye circles? And, does Lifecell make one’s skin more sensitive to sun exposure? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch.

  71. Ally says:

    I have big pores… does LifeCell help reduce pores? Thanks 🙂

  72. I have tried practically every anti-aging product available on the market the last 4 years- most thru extensive research and with high user ratings, and I have found Lifecell to be the best. I have been using it now for about 2 weeks, and have had the best results based on other products I have used in the past. For me it’s working, and it’s working miracles. I’m sorry to hear that some are not experiencing the same benefits. I give it a full 5 stars!

  73. Does anyone have a problem with the refund? I am thinking to try this product but this company seems very small – no toll free number and no live support person.

  74. @joe gilberto – Everyone’s skin is different. Some people see great results in 1-2 weeks, others take 6-8 weeks. Just the other day I had someone message me saying they were glad they had stuck with it because around 7-8 weeks after using Lifecell they started seeing good results.

    Sorry I can’t give you a better answer…it totally depends on your skin.

    @Ally – While I don’t have big pores, so I can’t say from personal experience, I have seen LifeCell reduce the size of large pores on quite a few women. I’m not saying it will work on everyone, but I have seen it work quite a few times, and I’ve also had 3 or 4 people chat with me saying that it helped reduce their pores also.


  75. melek says:

    do they ship to Romania?

  76. Amber says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading what everyone has said and told myself I’d post once I’ve used it for at least a month (I’ve got half a tube left). Here goes:

    I found no difference in my hyperpigmentation spots.
    I found that the deep lines under my eyes that I’ve had since I was a child (due to constant rubbing from allergies) have softened a little.
    BUT the most noticeable difference I have found is that my pores look more refined and my face has become more lean! It sounds weird but it seems like the skin was pulled back so the jawlines are more defined and my cheeks not so puffy. Someone actually asked me if I had lost weight (I wish!)

    I decided to discontinue using lifecell for 4 days to see if anything “reversed”. Much as I didn’t want to admit it, it did. I know the last two effects are not claimed by lifecell to be a benefit of using the product but I’ve decided to continue using it until the end of my next tube to decide whether I’d stop or not. BTW, I’m 41 years old. Hope this helps any of you out there who’s still deciding! I found the comments from everyone here to be a good reality check of what lifecell can and cannot do, so thanks everyone!

  77. lisa says:

    how does it plump ypour lips and does this stay with continoued use?

    aslo the botox alternative can only work using 10% of argaline … this isnt in the ingrediants????

  78. lisa says:

    hi it does contain argaline but how much % . and only vitamin k and retionaol wil help reduce dark circles long term………..

  79. Doreen says:

    Hi there,
    I noticed your positive comment about this product helping w/wrinkles and brown spots on face. That is a big problem for me and am very self conscious about my face, I hate it! I’ve tried everything……….my question is, “Has it really helped disappear the brown spots?” Your feedback to me is so greatly appreciated….

  80. lisa says:

    i asked thenm how much argaline is in and they gave me some stupid patter about the secrets of diet coke, they are the only company who didnt tell me… seems dodgy

  81. Jenny says:

    I’ve been a cosmetologist for 14 years and I can tell you that skin care formulations that really work are guarded as securely as the state secret. I can understand why they aren’t giving you the percentages. Companies spend millions of dollars in research and development. If they give out the formulation… everyone can copy it. What reason would they have to spend the money to come up with a formula that actually works. I’m in no way associated with LifeCell. I just happen to see amazing results by using it and I can understand through my cosmetologist experience why they won’t give the formula out. Jane

  82. Theresa says:

    Is the “free” 30 day supply sample, really free? Or, are you in fact paying for it at the end of the 30 days, if you decide you like it? I couldn’t tell whether you were paying for what you already had, or whether your card was charged for the next supply….

    Also – I read here that the regular supply cost is $189….. How long does that last?

    Does it help with skin around the eyes that’s been thinned due to having to have ovaries removed (as well as skin damage in my teenage years). I had to have them removed two years ago due to being diagnosed with breast cancer, and have seen a hugh increase in my eye wrinkles!! 🙁


  83. shaquetta says:

    Hey Jen

    is that your photo or not? i saw it on a stock photo website…who are you really? is this just a front for lifecell?


  84. Tam says:

    Did you have a chance to compare “Life Cell” with “Muac Caracol”? Does anyone?

  85. @shaquetta

    You’re right, it’s not me. I put myself “out there” too much with my website as is to also put a real picture of myself on it. There are too many weirdos online for me to want to risk it.

    I’m not quite as pretty as the woman in that picture…just wishful picturing…


  86. magda issawi says:

    can i have a free sample please ,my Addres is 51 EYEBRIGH SQ hallam 3803 vic

  87. Tina says:

    Hi all, thanks for the great forum.

    I too don’t think Lifecell passes the “sniff test” for the following reasons:

    I think it’s strange how the people who give testimonials on the Lifecell website do not really exist. You would think the person that is the European Royalty would be known to Google or Wikipedia. Further, the Las Vegas Cosmetologist that does bridal make up, does not have a website?…How does she get business? I tried to Google her and the only thing that came up in Las Vegas was a Street that shared her first and last name! I also thought it was skeptical about the Plastic Surgeon who doesn’t seem to exist, and how every website that plugs the product seems to use the same advertising wording. I have yet to see Lifecell promoted by one independent well know organization…as all the references on the top of the Lifecell website (e.g. to WebMD, MayoClinic, etc), when I go to their websites and search Lifecell, nothing comes up. If NBC and the NY times and the lot really was promoting Lifecell, you would think Lifecell’s comprehensive website would quote the establishments’ raving about it, or provide a link, but there’s a reason why it doesn’t…because they don’t promote Lifecell.

    I’m glad to hear that it has worked for some, but I think I can find something else that works just as well, that is less money, and is more reputable.

  88. Susan says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is making it so complicated. Here’s the simple no-brainer solution:

    Try out the product.

    See for yourself if it produces amazing results.

    If it doesn’t work for you send it back.

    It is working amazingly well for me. The ingredients are very effective.

    Listen, LifeCell works WHEN you try it. You could be debating the product’s efficacy for the next 1,000 years but will never know if it works for you unless you take then next step and try it out.

    Regarding Tina’s post about the true existence of the testimonial givers on LIfeCell’s website. Let me tell you people… despite what you might imagine… or believe… everyone is not searchable on the web. My mother doesn’t show up. My father doesn’t show up. Nor does my husband or my daughter. And neither do I. The reason is we are very concerned about our privacy and I use an alias online. I don’t want people knocking on my door. I think you all should be concerned about your privacy too. The government is wanting to know everything you do. I’m pretty sure… people so important as on LifeCell’s website are not going to be showing up everywhere. Recently, the owner of Google, his address showed up on a website and Google banned their site from the search engine. Talk about hypocrites.

    If you think I’m paranoid then go and watch the movie Freedom To Fascism. You’ll be able to find it on YouTube or go to their website:

    Let’s put this to rest. Notice a majority of the people who have “actually” tried the cream… have noticed a positive benefit. Period. For the rest of the people who haven’t tried the cream… all we do is develop “stories” based on our preconcieved assumptions about the product.

    How about you just go and try it rather than posting about something based on hearsay and speculation?


  89. vstevens says:

    Tina, thank you for the recommendation.. It is pretty frustrating trying to find a good anti-wrinkle cream.

    I have tried a few other recently and would like to hear from you if you wish to email me at


  90. kerry says:

    how long before you see the brown spots disappear? 30 days? 60 days, or just a daily thing…

  91. ANN CRABB says:


  92. Ron says:

    Thanks Ann, I think you summed it up pretty well. It’s all an elaborate scam

  93. Richie says:


    You talk utter nonsence. Seems like you are some kind of henchwoman or henchman from one of LifeCell’s competition. Why don’t you for once read their order page before whining like a 2 year old.

    It says CLEARLY – if you can read English – that if you used your debit card then they still won’t charge you for 30 days but your credit card company may show it as a “pending transaction” for at least 30 days. This is what you are refering to.

    The first time I ordered – I used a credit card and was NOT charged for 30 days! They kept their word!

    I’ve used this product for the last 4 months… and let me tell you the results are the best I’ve gotten in the last 10 years of my search for the best anti-wrinkle cream.

    It’s not only me. LifeCell recently got voted the #1 cream online on AOL’s search engine. Here is what they EXACTLY said, “Lifecell Skin Care received the highest ratings for its effectiveness and reliability.”

    Go here and read the whole article:



  94. Jesna says:

    I just received my first shipment of LifeCell.

    I did not enroll in “auto shipment”.

    I have used the product for about 1 week. I have not noticed any considerable difference in my face. But I have almost a whole bottle to go. I will update as time goes on.

    It took a couple of weeks for me to finally get the product from South Beach, which was a bit of a bummer. Their customer service does seem to be on top of things though.

  95. Chris says:

    Hello Jen, I wanted to ask, do you pop out of bed with this radiant glow i have been reading about after using Lifecell or does it occur after applying makeup? I am 52 and an avid retin-a user and do have a radiant glow but basically with makeup. My skin is pretty much lineless except around the eyes of course and have some creepiness on upper lid. Have been in the bowels of the internet for years searching for the perfect skin care for sagging skin and upper eyelid remedies. Lines on the face are not a big deal at this point for me. I believe Retin-a out of the tube will diminish lines on your face and will do minimal tightening. I am convinced after reading this forum to try Lifecell. Will be back to report.
    Thanks, Chris

  96. Chris says:

    oh i forgot, have you ever lied on your back and raised your arms up in the air and looked at the back of your elbow? i am lifting weights and praying that will help . guess i would need a truck load of lifecell for that.

  97. Jesna says:

    I did notice over the weekend that it seems like there may be “parabens” in LifeCell product or something a bit waxy. I believe I had a little bit of contact dermititis on my lower right and left cheek areas/ upper chin.

    After using LifeCell I noticed I had little whiteheads which showed up on this lower cheek/ chin areas, forehead and some on my cheeks.

    This could have been caused by my using a bit too much of the product. I didn’t see these “whiteheads” when I first used small amounts on my face. After a few days I started using a little bit more of the product and this is when I got these little whiteheads.

    I have gone back to using a smaller amount of LifeCell.

    I will report again as time goes by.

  98. lynda says:

    I have tried lots and spent lots trying to sort out my under eye bags. Will Lifecell work or will i end up putting it in the column marked “waste of money” along with several other “miracle creams”. Would like to know if anyone has had positive outcome on their eyes. Or it could be the surgeons knife for me. Ta much

  99. Chris says:

    are you still using lifecell and seeing good results?

  100. Jesna says:

    I don’t know if you’re asking me Chris, but I am still using LifeCell.

    So far, it seems like LifeCell is alright. I do not have those whiteheads popping back up so I believe I was using a bit too much of the product which caused the minor breakout of whiteheads.

    It is too early for me to tell much about the product. I think I have been using it for about 2 weeks now.

    I do believe my face color is looking more even since using LifeCell.

    Will report more as time goes by…

  101. Chris says:

    yes, jesna. thanks for responding. i just ordered it . i figure why not since i have tried everything else on planet earth… hope it gets here soon b4 i find somthin else on the internet i want to order! anyways will let you know . thanks chris

  102. Jesna says:


    It took about 2 weeks before I actually received my order from South Beach.

    I did contact customer service about it, they were receptive.

    Yes, I figured why not give LifeCell a try…like you. I haven’t tried everything under the sun but after years of “fake baking” and thinking nothing of it in my early 20s now I want younger looking skin.

    Ah…the wisdom of hindsight.

    Please report and update once you get the product as to how its working for you!

  103. Chris says:

    i have used retin a for 10 years and i do not have a line on my face. i don’t smoke or lay in the sun. i use a broad spectrum sunscreen every single day even in the winter months. i am 52. i ordered lifecell just to see if it will help with laxity. that is where i need help. so to say that No antiaging creams will work is wrong. It just takes time, patience and money.

  104. Jesna says:

    Has anyone tried using Dermaxin?

  105. Jesna says:

    I was not charged by LifeCell on my most recent charge card statement and it did not show up as a “pending transaction” either.

  106. Jenaspera says:


    I just wanted to say that this is the best wrinkle cream I have ever used. I’ve tried a few others that I don’t want to mention in case it can get you in trouble.

    I used it and in just a few minutes I saw results. A few days later I really saw my skin improving.

    Just a very good product!

  107. Jesna says:

    I have been using LifeCell for about 2.5 weeks. Overall I believe my skin looks better than before I used the product.

    I am not terribly wrinkly, I am in my early 30s. I have caucasian mixed with asian skin.

    I have laugh lines. These seem to have been ironed out by using LifeCell. But the deeper indentation towards the lower part of the laugh lines still remain.

    I have a few creases on my forehead. These too seem to have been ironed out using LifeCell. But the deeper creases still remain.

    Overall my skin looks more even and tone. The color of my skin is more uniform.

    As for hyperpigmentation, I do not see much improvement. There has been some improvement in the hyperpigmentation because my skin color looks more even and flush. When the rest of my skin looks even and tone the hyperpigmentatin doesn’t stand out as much.

    But I still have brown spots on my face. I don’t think these will ever go away period.

    I will report back as time goes on…

  108. Rena Tonelli says:

    I want to order Lifecell but your website keeps going “blue” – and I can’t place the order for the free tr8al.

  109. Bahman says:


    Does lifecell work on laghft line (Smile line)?

    Thank you,

  110. Jesna says:

    So far Lifecell is improving the couple “pock” marks on my face. My face is more smooth and even.

    The wrinkles on my forehead have showed marked improvements. The creases have been disappearing and are being ironed out.

    The area which I do not see enough improvement would be on those laugh lines you are asking about Bahman. I see little improvement with those. The creases still remain.

    I don’t understand why that is because Lifecell has made the creases on my forehead slowly disappear.

    But the laugh lines around my mouth are not improving as much as the rest of my face.

    Also, there are small creases right underneath the tip of my nose. I also do not see much improvement with those.

    I have been using the product for almost a month now.

  111. Kimberly says:

    Can you tell me if this product contains any chemical. If for long term use can it cause any side effect on my skin? I have sensitive skin so I’m worried about that. Can you email the ingredient on this product?

  112. terrye says:

    I’ve been reading your comments for about 2 weeks and I just received my LifeCell today. In it was their letter saying go to, but I keep getting told to check my Spelling. Has anyone else had a problem getting into that website? I have noticed the comments here on how people are doing has died down. What is happening with all of you? I have enjoyed reading all the comments on how you were doing and it looked encouraging. I will decide later whether to sign up for the autoship after I see how it works.

  113. all-e-g says:

    One Word

  114. Jesna says:


    I have not tried going to that “testimonials” e-mail address.

    I too have noticed that people aren’t posting as much as in the past. I guess maybe that is because Lifecell is a new product for us, but not for them. I just heard about the stuff this year but it looks like Lifecell has been around since 2007.

    I am wary to sign up for Autoship. I read in that letter that accompanied my tube of Lifecell that if you ever cancel autoship you will NEVER be allowed to sign up for it again. I like Lifecell but don’t think I necessarily need it shipped to me every 40 days.

    There are some other places that sell Lifecell on the internet and it looks like prices all around are comparable.

  115. lynne says:

    I have to say LifeCell is the BEST product I’ve ever tried. This is from someone who works at a marketing firm and doesn’t believe any marketing information I see anywhere. I was VERY skeptical to order LifeCell. I thought they were just like everyone else… a bunch of empty promisers…

    I feel guilty but I sent them a nasty email (really nasty email)… saying I don’t believe their product works… but I’m going to try it just to prove it to myself.

    Heck, was I wrong. This product works like no other. I barely have any lines on my forehead… and my crow’s feet all but seem to have dissapeared. Every word said about this product on their website is true. I think these guys have too much information on their website. They could be world-famous if they signed up a celebrity to brag about their product. But that’s another story… Take my word… get the product while it is available. Love, Lynne

  116. terrye says:

    Jesna, I too am not going to get autoship until I know if this is going to work. One claim which I really think that they have to quit using is that wrinkles seem to disappear instantly. That statement goes overboard in a big way!!! I am beginning day 3 and am not seeing anything other than I must have used it too close to my eyes because I woke up and they were swollen. I will have to be like some of the other users and see what happens. I have had botox before and will either try fillers if that doesn’t work consider surgery if I have to.

  117. terrye says:


    How long have you been using Lifecell and how long before you noticed results? Like you, I get tired of reading all the wonderful results of products, getting them and using them up to 4-5 mos. with nothing!! And everytime I swear I won’t send away for anything again and then there I am; doing it again! I would love to have something work so that I can say I am glad I tried it. We will see!

  118. Jesna says:

    Ha ha ha Terrye and Lynne. You guys are funny. Lynne, don’t feel back I too have regretted some “nasty” things I have done in the past.

    Like you Terrye I have a problem giving up on some things. But I, like you, hold out for the idea that there is something real in this world.

    As for Lifecell, well I do have to admit that after using the product for a month now I have seen improvement in my face. I also use the product on my neck.

    What I haven’t seen yet with Lifecell though is a real big improvement in my laugh lines and hyperpigmentation as well as those small creases under my nose. I notice some improvement in these areas but it is taking longer than a few weeks.

    But overall I think Lifecell is worth the price. I don’t have really deep wrinkles. But I do have wrinkles and the wrinkles I have have been significantly ironed out using Lifecell.

    Let us know how the product is working on you Terrye. I like you was skeptical and kept an open mind about the product when I used it. I was neither for nor against the product until I started seeing some results, which honestly probably took a good month.

  119. Jesna says:

    Actually, the laugh lines I have are really classified more as

    “nasolabial folds”

    and they are really getting on my nerves because it looks like skin is sagging downward on my face.

  120. Chris says:

    Jesna, i finally got the lifecell 2 days ago… nothing miraculous instantly as you know but that would be asking alot, right? So far, i do like it. It smells different kinda like food or something can’t figure it out. I did notice the next morning after first use, my eyes were swollen but hasnt happend since. It will be a miracle if it does anything for nasofolds but will see. What does work somewhat for tightening is retin a cream combined with Amlac lotion with lactic acid used at nite only. I will use that combination forever with or without lifecell. thanks chris

  121. Chris says:

    Avon? I have used avon b4. great company and great products but nothing hardcore for aging skin. If you do not want wrinkles or sagging. dont smoke, stay out of the sun, wear a broad spectrum 30-50 spf suncreen every single day of your life even if it snows, use Retin A liberally out of the tube each night on face , neck and chest and a moisturizer with some kind of acid in it on top of it. Unless of course you frequent a med spa and experiment with lasers such as the pixel, fraxel, or thermage not to mention temporary solutions such as juvederm , restylane for sagging such as the nasofold area. Just a thought. chris

  122. Jesna says:


    I totally agree with you about Avon. I have used their products before and although they smell good I didn’t see much of an improvement at all. I used the Anew line, about 6 or 7 years ago. It seems like a lot of products just sit on top of the skin and smell nice and, if anything, may stop further skin damage but does nothing to improve the skin.

    Thanks for the tip on the retin A cream w/ Amlac lotion. Where can I get that?

    Funny thing you mention your eye area. When I use the Lifecell under my eye and too close to the eye I think I get some in my eye and it starts twitching.

    The smell of Lifecell reminds me of “ionization”. I once had this brush from the Sharper Image and it was a conditioning brush which used that ionization technology to condition my hair whle I brushed it. Needless to say the brush broke not too long after receiving it.

    Yes, the nasolabial folds is something that, if you have, I would like to hear from you about how Lifecell is helping those, if at all.

  123. terrye says:

    O.k. Sounds as if we have all used the same creams, etc. I am getting a little concerned here because if all the rest have failed to help us improve, are we in trouble again? About how long before you were noticing differences? Jesna, you have been using for over a month. Are you ordering again? Has anyone besides you noticed any difference?

  124. Jesna says:

    Hi Terrye,

    Yes, I have been using Lifecell for a month now.

    How long before I saw any real difference? Well let me get detailed.

    The first place I noticed any difference was in the creases on my forehead. That took about a good 2 weeks. I have 2 creases on my forehead. The more shallow and shorter crease is the one I have seen take a dramatic turn for the better. It really is ironed out. There is still a small indentation of that particular crease. The other larger crease is also improving on my forehead and yes, dramatically.

    I know my laugh lines are improving, which I mean that those creases are being somewhat ironed out. But they sill remain and have not improved as much as my forehead. Then I have those “nasolabial folds”. I don’t think I see a big difference in those.

    To me this means Lifecell is good at tackling wrinkles. But it is good at tackling somewhat saggy skin? I am still on the fence with this one.

    I use on my neck and have seen the ironing out of the 2 creases on my neck. I do not haver sagging skin on my neck.

    Yes, I see an improvement in the wrinkles that I described above. But are they completely gone. No.

    Do I think Lifecell will eventually make them disappear? Maybe.

    Will I try Lifcell again?


    I use an Aveeno SPf 30 product (positively ageless Lifting & Firming daily moisturizer) on top of Lifecell during the day for sun protection. I use Lifecell alone at night.

    Lastly, hyperpigmentation still exists on my face although I believe that has improved as well becasuse I don’t see those brown spots as much and it appears the brown spots have lightened somewhat and my face color is much more even.

    Have the brown spots gone completely away? No.

    So far I am happy with Lifecell.

    But now whether I am happy with the price…well that’s another story. Ha ha!

  125. Jesna says:

    Has anyone tried Dermaxin?

  126. Chris says:

    Hi Jesna, here i go again. thanks for your details. I get my retin a from my dermatologist (not hard to do) and the Amlac lotion from Costco. I do know that walgreens is now carrying Amlac lotion so other drugstores will too. you just get more for your money at costco. It is great stuff, very moisturizing and gives your face this wonderful matte glow after you use it. I have never used dermaxin but I have looked at it on the internet. For sun spots you need a product with 4% hydroquinone in it or you can also get that from your dermatologist. Obagi products do have hydroquinone in them and i think obagi works well for that. i have used it. I do continue to use lifecell , going on my second week i think and not noticing drastic anything but have noticed clearer face, brighter face, and my undereye area looks less lined. i will see if i think it is worth it after 30 days… good luck to you, chris

  127. terrye says:

    Hi, Jesna

    Enjoyed all your comments, too. Have completed one week today on Lifecell and have not seen any difference. But will keep on trying. I am hoping that like you I will notice a difference after 2 weeks. Also, thanks Chris. I am going to try the Amlac lotion and retin A. Good luck to both of you and maybe we’ll have something to celebrate down the line. Terrye

  128. Jesna says:

    Hi Chris and Terrye,

    Thanks for the Amlac lotion tip Chris.

    One thing I noticed about Lifecell, and I know this sounds weird…but it seems like the product works better if you don’t rub it into your skin too much.

    You know, like put it on but don’t continuously rub it into your skin. Apply gently with 2 strokes and that is enough. Terrye, it really did take at least 2 weeks for me to notice a change in my face and like Chris said what I noticed 2 weeks after use was cleaner, clearer skin that had more even tone and texture.

    I found that rubbing Lifecell in more than that 2 strokes seemed to make the product less effective.

    I am glad to hear that someone else has heard of Dermaxin and glad to hear the info from Chris about a product needing to have that “4% hydroquinone” to be effective. I guess Dermaxin doesn’t have it. Dermaxin looks like Bellaplex.

  129. terrye says:


    Isn’t the repeat program $149???

  130. Jesna says:

    Oh yes, you are probably right Terrye, $149 for auto ship with LifeCell company.

    I don’t like auto ship. I’ll tell you why.

    I used to use that “Youthful Essence” with Susan Lucci, a Guthy Renker product. I signed up for the auto ship option. I used that microdermabrasion system for 3 years just because I got caught up in that auto ship.

    Yes, I had the option to change the ship date but when I would call to do that I always had to hear that 5 minute sales pitch before they did what I told them to do. Then when I finally cancelled the product I had to go through that whole sales pitch thing again and it was a real pain in the tush to cancel the product. They sell microdermabrasion products at Walgreen’s; cheaper and I have the freedom to get it whenever I feel like it.

    I prefer to pay a little more for a product but have the freedom of ordering it when I choose. Plus, I didn’t need the Lifecell so soon; I still have enough product to last another 3 weeks. But I ordered it sooner because I still have the funds right now. I also received a few free samples with AskDerm.

    LifeCell Company also tells you that if you ever cancel auto ship you can never be re-enrolled in it.

    Me like a freedom and no ultimatums. HA HA HA!

  131. terrye says:

    Hi Jesna

    I, too, used the Youthful Essence program and the Hydroderm program. Both made me so angry by the time I got through them and out of them.. But they also said in my letter (LifeCell)that the auto ship was only going to be for a limited time longer, too. But like you I get tired of getting in these programs, getting too much of a product, and then trying to get out!!!

  132. Jesna says:

    Yes Terrye, my letter from LifeCell said the same thing, it was only for a limited time.

    I never tried Hydroderm. I was wondering about that product, but by your last reply I think I am getting the impression you did not like it.

    Yes, trying to get out of auto ship is a pain.

    But I’d suppose if it turns out you like LifeCell and you will need it every 40 days, I think it gets shipped every 40 dayson auto ship, maybe it would be a good idea to try auto ship.

  133. Lili says:

    I’ve been using LifeCell for over 2 months (twice a day), it doesn’t work at all, friends told me: my skin looks super dry & wrinkles are getting worse, someone can give me a honest comment on this product please?

  134. Carol says:

    Hi all,
    I’ve just received my tube of LifeCell so it’s too soon for me to tell right now whether or not I see a difference. I did however, have no problem at all on waiting for the product to arrive. In face it came in about 4 days time, which I thought was pretty fast!
    The one thing I have to mention (that a couple of others here also mentioned) is the smell of the product. As soon as I smelled it, I knew I had smelled that smell before sometime in my life. It drove me absolutely crazy trying to figure it out! Then, it finally came to me! It smells just like suntanning lotion! (to me anyway) I know it sounds crazy, but it smells just like one of the self-tanning lotions I used years ago, maybe Coppertone or QT (remember that one?) even the color reminded me of it. Strange, I know, but I use to use so much of those self-tanners years ago rather than bake in the sun and I remember how the smell of them use to drive me crazy! The good thing is that unlike those old fashioned self-tanners, LifeCell’s smell doesn’t “linger” on you once you put it on your skin (Thank goodness!!)

  135. Jesna says:

    I don’t know what to say Lili. LifeCell has given me nice looking skin.

  136. MARILYN REYES says:


  137. Tegan says:

    Dear jen,

    i have a little bit of adult acne, just a few spots around the chin, will lifecell make this worse?

    also, im from australia, am i allowed to be on the VIP list if im an international?

  138. @Tegan
    While I can’t say for sure, I have had people tell me that washing properly before using LifeCell actually helped clear up their acne.
    It kind of surprised me to be honest with you, but that’s what people have told me.


  139. Nancy says:

    I signed up for LifeCell’s VIP Club program with a lot of hesitancy. But so far I can’t think of anything to complain about. I’ve heard about a lot of horror stories of people signing up for autoship programs and then getting stuck with them for life. This hasn’t been the case with LifeCell. I went overseas for two months… and I sent them a quick email asking them to discontinue me temporarily from the program. They did so immediately.

    If you join their VIP Program… you should take advantage of their consulting. You can call them and they’ll help you with your skin care questions/concerns. I’ve “almost” abused this previledge but they’ve been very polite and nice to me. I don’t know what kind of happy pills these guys take? Oh, I forgot to mention… I’ve seen amazing results with the product and it is working very well for my skin.


  140. @panhia
    I’m right there with you on the sunscreen. I never leave the house without my Loreal sunscreen with mexoryl in it. I put it right on top of LifeCell.

    As for the ingredients, I’ve heard the same things as you have, and I don’t know why LifeCell doesn’t have them.

    At the same time, I can’t argue with results. I don’t know why LifeCell works, I just know it does even without those “new scientific” ingredients.

    I should be posting my regimen soon. It’s harder than I thought to do good videos and get them on my computer and put them onto my website.

  141. terrye says:

    Well, Jesna,

    It’s me again and this will be the last time I probably write on this site. I have been using Lifecell since June 23rd and either I’m too wrinkled or too sun damaged for it to work! My skin has dried out and become more mottled than ever. My dermatologist told me I better stop using it because he thought my skin looked healthier 2 months ago! So, am glad it’s working for you guys and I wish you continued success. Terry

  142. Jesna says:

    Oh no Terrye,

    That really sucks. It really is too bad that LifeCell has had that effect on your skin.

    But I can tell you that I have become so much more interested in skin care these days now that I am getting older.

    I would love to be able to hear from you again if you try a product that blows your socks off!

    Never give up!

    P.S. I also use a product called “Light Stim” on my face. It uses LED lights to rejuvenate the skin. I have been using that product for a good 5-6 months now. I do think that helps my skin but it does require lots of time. It takes me about 1 hour every day to use the wand. I believe the Light Stimworks better at reducing hyperpigmentation.

    It could be that LifeCell, in conjunction with the Light Stim, gives me results.

    But I will have to admit, along with another commentator who posted earlier, that my skin looks better with LifeCell than without it and it does make me feel like LifeCell’s effects may not be totally permanent.

  143. Jesna says:

    Hi Panhia,

    I would tell you to go ahead and try LifeCell. You only live once anyways and that way you will be able to see if the product works for you. If it doesn’t you will have your answer and that will be the end of that.

    So far I like the product.

    I ordered my second tube of LifeCell recently but have not had the need to use it yet because I am still on my first tube.

    My skin looks more evenly toned and yes, I have seen the ironing out of certain wrinkles, not all of them. I still have some laugh lines and I really don’t know if those have improved. I believe they have, but will be watching more as I continue use of the product.

    LifeCell has done very well on my forehead creases.

    My neck looks tighter.

    But I admit I don’t have big wrinkle issues.

  144. Hi Jesna,

    Thank you for responding and letting me know how you’re doing on Lifecell. I’m glad to hear that the product is working wonders for you. That really helps me in figuring out how the product is working for you. Maybe I will try out the product. The only problem is convincing my husband to allow me to purchase it because the price is sort of costly. Maybe I can use that as my wish list request for our anniversery next month. Anyways, I totally understand no product will work right away, it takes time and patience to see results as a long term use. And of course it’s not going to fade every little wrinkle on ones face otherwise we all would look like mannequins which is not natural looking anyways. My biggest concern as far as wrinkles is my forehead and the laugh lines. I’m sure it was due to getting too much facial procedures done in the past. Jesna, can I ask what your regimen routine is? Do you just cleans your face and then put on the Lifecell cream? Do you put any additional cream on top of it or use any type of suncreen topical along with the product? If so does the sunscreen affect the Lifecell cream and make you brake out? I would really luv to hear back from you.

    Thank you!

  145. Jesna says:

    No problem Panhia.

    As for your husband, go ahead and ask him. The worst he can say is no. Then you can find the money to order it anyways without him knowing. HA HA HA HA HA!

    I am curious, what kind of facial procedures have you had performed in the past?

    As for me I have had no botox or any injections in terms of facial procedures. I think facial procedures are more pricey than the LifeCell, right?

    Let me tell you my facial regimen.

    In the a.m. I do some facial exercises. Nothing extensive and I don’t wear those white gloves to do them. I have noticed that facil exercises have helped my neck and throat area the most and also have somewhat helped to life the upper eyelid. At one point in time years ago I could tell that one of my eyebrows was significantly higher than the other.

    I have done facial exercises for maybe 6 or 7 years now.

    Before I take a shower I use a toner, Dickinson’s witch hazel or Sea Breeze or whatever, to cleanse my face. Witch hazel really has a nasty smell to it. I bought it because it was on sale at Walgreen’s.

    After shower I put on LifeCell. I try not to rub it too much into my face, maybe 2 or 3 strokes and then I let my face soak it up.

    I use an Aveeno SPf 30 product (Positively Ageless Lifting & Firming daily moisturizer) on top of Lifecell during the day for sun protection.

    I use Lifecell alone at night after using my Light Stim wand-LED light. I have been using Light Stim for about 4-5 months now.

    I have been using LifeCell almost 2 months now.

    My skin looks better with LifeCell on it than without it. This is a downside.

    The LifeCell is going to cost me big bucks in the long run if I can not find another product which works better. This is a downside.

    LifeCell seems to work better on my face if I do not double it up with another product. This is a downside because most of the time I have the SPF on my face because I am awake most of the day and not sleeping.

    The reason I say this is because my skin seems to look nicer in the morning when I wake up then after I put on LifeCell after taking a shower.

    Life is about experimenting. Give it a shot! Other people have and it seems like LifeCell has worked well for them too. But, there are also other people who say it has not worked for them. But now those people know and I don’t think they regret trying it to find out. How do you know unless you try?

  146. Jesna says:


    I too have some asian skin, my mom is asian.

    Thanks for letting me know about the skin procedures. Funny you say it, but my mom has always warned me about botox, etc. She said that she thought that those injections would wear off and then the wrinkles would look worse. My mom has never had any botox done either.

    I too have had facials but maybe I’ll do that once a year and I appreciate you letting us know that frequent facials are not such a hot idea either. Makes me feel better that I am saving myself $70 or so for a facial. The last time I got one done was 1 year ago. Facials are too expensive for me to do often.

    I will continue to post and let you know about further results.

    But in the meantine, treat yourself.

  147. Jesna says:
  148. Jesna says:

    No problem!

  149. Jesna says:

    Chris, what’s up?

  150. carmela says:

    i been using lifecell for about 3 weeks now, didnt see any major changes,i do like the texture and the smell,i m a cosmetic junkies, so i will give this an effort for at least a couple of months,i m also trying in conjunction hidroderm and caracoal cream,i kind of like em all ,i started just about at the same time im hoping they all gonna work toghether, also have dermapril not too crazy about it.I can give u all a good advice though, i been using suzanne somers face master since i was 29 and 37 now, i swear by it, it exercise your face muscles so they dont go south and u stay toned,like when u work out for your body, best product i ever used, i do it about five to six time aweek it takes about half an hour but so worth it, i also take alot of different vitamins,i eat healthy, i don t smoke and i drink alchool very seldom,i m a sun goddess however, and just recently i started to really worry about spf when i tan, but my skin still looks amazingmy wrinkles are not pronunced and i look younger than my age, so i will let u now if lifecell is gonna take 20 years out of my face,HA HA HA.I hope so, i m completely against plastic surgery of any kind,it s unatural and dangerous.Good luck to u all, keep me posted.

  151. Jane says:

    I’m tosing around between Amatokin and LifeCell. Do you have any review on AMATOKIN? I could easy get Amatokin from my country Malaysia here but not LifeCell. Please help!!!

  152. Roxanne says:

    My thing is the sagging cheek skin that causes the parentheses ( ) on each side of my mouth. What results can I expect from Lifecell with this problem?

  153. Leila Bennett says:

    Hello– I been using Life cell for 2 months and a few weeks. I am 45 years old almost 46 wow!! – Prior to using Life cell people have always guessed me for 38 or possibly 36 yrs old in some cases! I want to share with others my experience and thoughts on this product – I will say when I first received my Life cell I was a bit disappointed too -I broke out a bit as I hear some others have as well. Plus the product felt a bit drying. However, that’s all changed– I have stuck with it and the results, well… I’m loving the results!!! Please keep in mind skin has to turnover and heal with any product and this takes time. My niece who is 32 yrs old thinks I look the same age as her, she asked me why is it that I never seem to age?? I told her my new secret, a secret worth sharing!!! She and I actually looked at some photos of me from 3 years ago and get this my jowls and a smile dimple line is completely gone …In the last few weeks I was carded twice for buying my social cigarettes, (yes I smoke here and there) I asked the clerk why are you carding me, she said, “It’s store policy — when someone looks 35yrs or under!!! Wooohooo!! Last week I was making a purchase for a new cell phone, I asked the clerk about the New Motorola Q. She said they don’t have that model in yet.. …hum I said my daughter received one from her Hollywood publicist as a gift. A few minutes later she said “WAIT” who’s your daughter??? I told her blah- blah -blah!! The clerk said, “But your daughter is 20 years old — is she your stepdaughter? I laughed and replied “NO she’s all mine” She said” NO way you are so cute you look like you are 30 yrs old at the most!! She said – Well come to think of it I do see the resemblance between you and your daughter, but you look more like her sister!!! She even asked her fellow employee to guess my age; she did and guessed 31 years old. I was truly laughing by then!!! But, really – I may sound conceited now but, I think the clerk was right some-days I probably can pass for my daughter’s sister and maybe even 30 lol!!! Now I do exercise and I eat well and take supplement. But, really give this product time–everything takes a bit of time when it comes to skin repair — Be realistic – it took years– 45 in my case to earn these lines and it’s taking a few years of other expensive creams and a few months of Life cell to really work!!! PS. I have not had any surgical procedure yet, aside from the minor peels and such– waiting for a pill to pop that will erase the aging process (afraid of doctors and knives)- Tip – I do stay out of the sun, and or hide under an umbrella with my big big Hollywood sunglasses when at the beach and I wear sunscreen everyday! Well, good luck hang in there!!! NO REGRETS on LIFECELL– Truly Leila B.

  154. Have you or do you know anyone who has tried Hydroderm (retails $86), AlphaDerm CE (retail $130), or Caracol (retail $60) also antiwrinkle cream? I wanted to know which of these four would be the most effective one in comparison.

  155. Also, anyone heard or have tried ProPLEXIN CR? Any results from any of these products that I’ve mentioned? I’m still researching and debating on which product to go with.

  156. carmela says:

    i been using both hydroderm and caracoal cream with lifecell, so far i used them exactely in that order morning and nite i don t see a huge difference,so i just switch the order to lifecell, hydroderm and caracoal cream,and hope for the best.I do swear by the facemaster from suzanne somers, i been using it since i was 29 am 37 now and i love it it does make your face stay firm, it takes about half hour, it s easy and u can do it every other day or every day if u want to, i also take vitamins eat healthy and exercise, i do look younger than my age i get from 25 to 31 always, but i want my lines to be completely erase, i do however tan, it makes me happy and i only use sunscreen on my face, let me know if u try the other creams and what u think, r u using lifecell already?

  157. carmela says:

    i been using all three for about two months now, that s why i switched the order, maybe i should use lifecell first on my face than the others, i love the smell of lifecell, not too crazy about the smell of caracoal cream, i keep it in the fridge now, cause the first jar wen t bad by the end and it smelled awful,im on the auto ship but i asked them all to send it every 3 months, it s just too expensive, so i dont slather all over my face, just on my wrinkles.Also drink lots of water

  158. Jane Zappulla says:


    how long does it take to see a difference and how often is it used – there is only a 30 day free trial period


  159. Can any one tell me what is the cheapest price to pay for this product, I did come acrossa web site that was offering you to place your best offeer..but I cannot find it. I did buy Lifecell last year, did not ask ofr a supply every 40 days and got it, was promised a charge after 30 days did not get that either, i was advised when I e mailed them that was for US only. I must stress I think it is a great product..but way too expensive. answers gratefully received..thanks

  160. Hi there. Are you continuing to try other products since your dedication to LifeCell? Before I try lifecell because the its pricey, have you tried or heard of the results from these two produces: Caracol cream and Dermapril? Thanks in advance for your response.

  161. @Nanc
    Yes, I still try other products, just not on me 🙂

    I still talk to a lot of people about other products.

    Also, I just thought I’d post this link here:

    I get a lot of people asking about hydroderm. I think people should stay away from it.


  162. carmela says:

    i cancelled hydroderm subscrition, i got scared after i read the link above, so it is true they been giving me the run around for 2 weeks now about the system being down, so i got real mad and hopefully they cancelled, i don t want surprises on my credit card, also i couldn t really see any valuable difference, so now i m using lifecell and then caracol cream, and let see what happen

  163. carmela says:

    is anybody else using both?And if u do what kind of results did u get?Thank u

  164. Cheri says:

    Can anyone tell me how long the tube of life cell works? I would use it twice a day. I do not want to order if it will only last one month Thanks Cheri

  165. Hi everyone.
    Interesting blog. I actually ended up here through the maze that is the internet, via doing some research on non-prescription creams to reduce my chronic dark circles. Been trying various products (and hundreds of lost dollars) … all to no avail.
    I’m a guy who’s approaching 38. I look youthful for my age, but the wrinkles and pores are starting to show, not to mention these pathetic dark tattoos (circles) under my eyes. When I saw LifeCell, and all the great testimonials, I thought I’d do some research into it.

    Does LifeCell work? I don’t know. It might. But I think I’ll stay from purchasing it for now. Superficial investigation for reviews turns up only positive results – this is a red flag to say the least.

    Here’s my issue: after trying various creams (including promises and ‘guarantees’ to give me a youthful glow, reduce wrinkles, etc), nothing has worked. I bought these creams (most pretty expensive) based on the ‘testimonials’ from so many others claiming how great it works.
    Great marketing, good wordsmithing to tell users like me that there is hope, great before-after photos. Surely, this will also work for me, right?
    Nope. Yet again, another product that caters to my insecurities about my appearance – taking without giving, promising without delivering.
    Is this LifeCell also? Again, as I’ve not tried it, I don’t know.
    And yet reading that LifeCell has marketing affiliations – I mean, do you think anyone is going to write a negative review if they are paid for promoting a product? Do you think those who get paid per click of purchase, etc. are going to publish a negative review?

    Testimonials can be a great thing, but only when done in honesty with no motive behind it. I’m finding, unfortunately, that most testimonials are about as honest and trust-worthy as those on late-night infomercials.

    In the end, I don’t know if LifeCell works, but I need to be honest: it appears to be yet another marketing-hype, cashing in on those of us who truly just want some help with bad genetics. I’m appreciative of some of the comments from other posters who, like me, looked into claims first vs. hoping that those who promise to provide results are going to hold true to their word.

    Regardless, good luck to everyone. Just do some research before you buy any skin cream.
    With luck, we’ll find one that truly works.

  166. I got a brow bone, a wrinkle between by brows. It is really dark and looks really bad on me, since I am in my 20s and I thought older people usually get such wrinkle. I was so wrong! Does anyone know if Skincell cream will assist in eliminating the brow wrinkle completely? Anyone has any hands on experience with it. Please advice

  167. favour obi says:

    this is amazeing to hear how good this product is.pls i live in london,could you pls tell me how to get this cream. i am interested.

  168. I received my Lifecell today and hope it is everything promised. Has anyone heard of Complete system by Dermajuv? It is suppose to blow Lifecell out of the water, but I have heard nothing of the product?

  169. Nicole says:

    Abby, I’ve been using LifeCell for close to a 2 years. I noticed small results in the first few days. I noticed dramatic results on the 26th day. Just follow the diet and lifestyle reccomendations the manufacturers of LifeCEll suggest in addition to using the product and you’ll be blown away by the results. The complete system Dermajuv is a scam… they run their own “review website”… critizing other products and plugging their own product. How can anyone trust the Dermajuv guys. Let me know how LifeCell works for you. Nicole

  170. Gia M. says:

    I recently started a full force attack on the wrinkles I’ve been noticing under my eyes. 6 months ago, I could barely see them. At 41, I have had botox (forhead), Radiesse, Perlane, and Restylne injections in my Nasolabial folds. So I have personally experienced the good and the bad of cosmetic fillers.

    I was looking for both a quick fix and a long term solutions to making these wrinkles disappear. So I started doing some research. I read the website on Lifecell. I agree, that it is way over the top and a pain in the butt to read. I found that most of the websites seemed to be financially linked to Lifecell. In fact, I had my doubts and emailed the company to cancel my order after seeing all this hooplah online. It had already shipped out, so I decided to see if it really worked.

    I just received my package about 1 hour ago. It took only a two days to reach me on the west coast. I decided to wash my face (I had makeup on) and try some of the product on my right side and leave the left alone. I only wanted to target certain areas like under the eye on the orbital bone, eyelid, and some large pores I have on parts of my face. Expecting it to fail miserably, it instead blew me away! I was shocked! I was very skeptical of this product and couldn’t tell the fake reviews to the real ones. Within minutes I noticed my pores were reduced back to normal size! My under eye puffiness, bags and wrinkles almost vanished! I even put some on my eyelid very carefully and the eyelid that was treated with Lifecell was actually lifed and noticable. AMAZING!!

    Trust this review. I am a real person has had a great experience with this product within minutes of applying it.

  171. wes perry says:

    Is there prep material and work needed before using this product? If so what and how much?

  172. Cheri,

    Lifecell may last you about 2 months using it twice a day.

    I have been using Lifecell for about 5-6 months now. It is pretty good. But it doesn’t make your wrinkles disappear.

    Your skin will look better with Lifecell on rather than without it. I don’t think Lifecell has helped much with the nasolabial folds, laugh lines.

    But I do believe Lifecell has made my skin brighter and whiter.

  173. I have very thin skin, especially around my eyes area, it shows my veins. I don’t have wrinkle problem, but have pale and thin skin, prone to sun damaged. Would LifeCell helps my skin?

  174. sharon samaras (AUSTRALIA) says:

    Hi Jen, My name is sharon and I am 45 and I care for a very ill husband. Most of my available funds go to medical treatments for my husband and there is not much left over for anything else. My skin is looking tired and sagging particulary the neck area. I have crows feet and bad pigmentation. Jen I would love for this product life cell to work and be all that it says to be. I would borrow the money from somewhere to buy this product if it could help me and my skin. I hope you can assure me that this would be so.
    Thank you and I await your response.
    Kind Regards
    Sharon Samaras

  175. Mechelle (USA) says:

    My name is Mechelle and I am 41 years young. In the past couple of years I have noticed my face looking tired; uneven skin tone; beginning signs of sagging; some wrinkles; dry patches…. So I began my quest for the magic potion around age 39.

    I decided that if I were going to spend my hard earned money on an expensive face cream, that I wanted some sort of guarantee that if I didn’t see the results that the product promised I could get my money back.

    I have used so many products with the ‘guarantee’ they work and I would not know where to begin telling you about them. So, as you can see, I haven’t found that ‘perfect’ face cream for me as of yet. So, I am here to begin my experience with Life Cell and let you know how it works for me.

    I received my order today and will apply it tonight before bed for the first time. Luckily they offer a money back guarantee, as do many of the products that I have tried in the past. I have to say, all the products that I have tried in the past with the money back guarantee, do actually refund your money. If Life Cell doesn’t deliver what they claim, I can only hope this is the case with them as well.

    My major concern with my face is crow’s feet; the “ll” between my eyebrows; some forehead wrinkles; some pucker lines and some hyper-pigmentation in various places. So, as their site claims, this cream should be able to address my concerns.

    I have to say, I am skeptical, but I am willing to try it. Yes, expensive, but if it works, it will be worth it.

    Thank you for this site and all the information that the bloggers have offered to those of us that are searching for “real” reviews.

  176. carmela says:

    i used athena 7 for the second day in a row, i went to work and one of the girls asked me if i had a facelift,cause i didint see her in a couple of weeks,i started to laugh cause she was genuinely shocked that she couldnt see my crow feet anymore,and later in the bathroom with very harsh lights, two more girls,tought i was their age(25-26).Iwas so happy,and by the time i got home my make up still looked perfect.So i decided to use my boyfriend as a guinee pig,just to see if its all in my head,he has lots of wrinkles on his forehead and eyes,i was amazed it worked just as well on him,and even after he washed his face 2 hours later,for the entire nite,he looked rested and smooth like a baby,i couldn t keep my eyes off of him!!!

  177. How good is it for puffiness under the eyes which is my main problem. My skin texture is very good with little wrinkles, I have puffiness though.

  178. Hillary says:

    I have been using LifeCell for 30 days now and am completely satisfied. I am 45 years old and have been feeling a little insecure about my skin for several years now. I kept looking for foundations that would make me look younger and have tried numerous moisturizers but nothing has given me the result that this product has. Not only does my skin look younger but it has a healthy glow that I haven’t seen in quite a few years. I can’t imagine not using LifeCell now.

  179. Estelle says:

    I would like to know what is the best products, to clean the skin from make up (cleansing milk, toner etc..) with Lifecell. Is a moisturizer necessary with Lifecell? Thank you.

  180. sheils says:

    How do I go about trying this product? I have only just picked up this info..I am UK..

  181. Maria says:

    Various wrinkles creams are reviewed and dermaxin is categorized as the best one, has anybody tried dermaxin? Does it work?


  182. hi people,

    Ive tried almost everything out there but nothing seems to get rid of the dark circles. do u reckon lifecell would do anything!!!!

  183. can i use lifecell under my eyes

  184. narges says:

    halloo. i just want to now im 26 can i start to use lifecell now,,,

  185. Ellie says:

    I recently started looking into getting a wrinkle creme for the fer lines on my forehead, but I’m concerned with my fair skin. I was told by my dermatologist to always keep an spf15 to prevent my skin from burning. I’m not sure which would be better for my face the lifecell or dermapril. HELP!

  186. I’ve tried several wrinkle creams advertised on the internet as the “best” and have seen very little results, dermtitage, lift sp, etc.. I am impressed with the life cell claims. Is it really that good? and On some creams if you stop using them your skin looks worse than it did b/f as if the tightening ingredients in them mess your skin up if you stop using them. Would life cell do this, b/c it is pricy! If something happened and I had to stop buying it, would my skin look worse than when I started??

  187. Abby says:

    I’m in the same boat as Nargas and Debbie…I’m in my late 20s, can I still use Lifecell? Also, I have slight baggy eyes…will lifecell helps? Thanks!

  188. Helen says:

    Hi everyone,

    Have been using Lifecell for 3 weeks (started using it in January but got given some lovely Darphin samples and just had to use them up!!) and am generally pleased with the results. My skin is definitely better than it was before, although whether it’s £100+ better I’m not sure… I should have taken a photo before I started using it… I like the fact that it’s not greasy and has made my skin feel “denser & smoother” if that makes any sense! I don’t think I see a significant difference with my fine lines (I am 41 and have good skin generally). I wonder how long it should take to see any real difference – have been applying it faithfully twice a day and want to see results..
    Rodney, I have read your posts with interest – what was your final verdict on Lifecell?? Please let us know…

  189. kathleen goselin says:

    I m 39 yrs old I have bad lines wrinkle around mouth

  190. i need advise…have oily skin. big pores and big dark circles around eyes….is it worth to try lifecell….

  191. carmela says:

    yes Mary i tried athena 7 and it s the best,it made such a difference,the make up stays on for at least 10 hours, even with heavy sweating the lines get immediatly smooth out and u look 10 years younger instantly, im 38 years old ad i just got carded last week,i was having dinner with a bunch of friends they all order drinks and i was the only one to be carded infact at first i tought the waitress was kidding,but she refuse to serve me till I showed the i.d.I also use suzanne somers facemaster.I still use lifecell and isomers stem cell serum,but athena 7 gives u immediate result.

  192. Brenda says:

    I really like LifeCell. It tried them all. All the “latest and greatest” and all the classic creams. And truly LifeCell has made me look young while all others did little or at worst broke my face out. Brenda

  193. Teresa says:

    Hi Mary, yes i have tried Athena and i am sad to say that this products was rubbish, it was tricky to put on, left residue and the effects lasted until you moved your face, please do not waste your money. I have been using life cell now for over a month, i still have brown spots on my face, even fine lines that even botox can not shift my skin gets very greasy throughout the day but, i have noticed my mouth lines improve and my acne seems to of gone as well as my appearance on my face looks better. The cream certainly did not do what the site bragged about but it has made my skin look better, even the children have noticed. i also use Olay Microdermabrasion and skin peel kit which helps, i use this once a week. I will purchase another tube of lifecell purely because it is the only cream so far that has shown improvement. I have used most brands which have done nothing. I have heard revitol is good, but to be honest, i feel ok with lifecell so far. If you really want to find out if this product works, you need to try it out yourselves, we all react differently to creams, but what ever you do, please tell us your results.

  194. Allie says:

    I’ve been using Life Cell twice a day since January, and all I can say it this is one amazing product. I tried Athena, and agree, it was a waste of my money. Life Cell has delivered everything it promised. The fine lines around my eyes are almost gone and the extra skin that was above my eyes is completely gone. I could see the results, but it wasn’t until last week that I finally realized that this product is doing what it says it will do. I’m 49 years old and with all the stress I have from work and life in general, I’m sure I looked older than that. While at a get together with my work collegues, I had several of them come up to me and say how young I looked, and asked if I had any work done recently because they were guessing my age at around 37 or so. Wow, what a compliment that was. That just proved to me that Life Cell, used as recommended, will give you the results you are looking for. I am, and will always be committed to this product. It may not work wonders for everyone, but it is working for me along with a better diet and plenty of water.

  195. Helen says:

    While my husband was ill and requiring 24/7 care from me, I just kind of forgot about my face. My Sweetheart passed away in December, and I was surprised recently to discover that I look about eighty, though I’m sixty-four. How do I know I look eighty? Because that’s how old my brother is, and we look alike now. Oh, wow! I just ordered Life Cell, and I sure hope it works!

  196. Helen says:

    Looks like there are two of us Helen’s. I am not going to tell anyone in my family about this new cream. If they can see a difference without expecting one, then I will know that it wowrks.

  197. Lisa says:

    Jen, thanks for your hard work. Love your site!


  198. Helen says:

    Hey!! It arrived, and the experiment begins!

  199. ema says:

    hi, is lifecell ok to use when u r pregnant or trying to get pregnant in few months. i mean what r the side effects .?

  200. This is the best anti wrinkle I ever tried. In just four days did miracles in
    my skin. I have 24 years old and was beggining to see dryness in my eyes so I decided to give it a chance and wow god it was a great change before one week.

  201. Christy says:

    Just saw some advertisement for iQDerma Essentials and was wondering what you have seen, heard or experienced with this one? I’m ready to do something about my wrinkles, but being a single parent of two boys, I don’t want to waste money on something that doesn’t work!

    Thanks, Christy

  202. janet walker says:

    I love the lifecell but would like to have the automatic debit cancelled. I can not find a phone number. Could you please do this.
    I will order as needed.

  203. sheila says:

    Hi Jen

    i was wondering if anyone had tried Euoko. i have been recommended this product and would like to have some feedback before using as it does cost a lot.


  204. sheila says:

    Hi again Jen

    i forgot to mentioned. thanks for creating this wonderful website which is just a treasure trove of useful information. at least it shows the path.


  205. Why isn’t lifecellskin cream’s price published on its website? I reviewed the website, but I never saw the price. Yes, they do offer you a 30-day FREE Trial but I need to know exactly how much they are going to be charging my debit card each month. If anybody is currently using the product, could you tell me how much this product is per month? I would very much appreciate the information.:)

    • The current price is $189 for a 2 month supply. I don’t know how long it will be that price, in the past they’ve charged $215 for it.

  206. I was hoping someone that has under eye bags and used LifeCell could let us know if they found any difference at all? I noticed a couple of post asking this question but didn’t see any replies. I have small bags under my eyes especially when I smile…and of all the research I have done apparently the only option is surgery…if LifeCell can actually reduce the appearance I would consider trying the product.

    Tx 🙂

  207. Fabbie says:

    Hi, I’ve noticed that many ppl have asked about bags under the eyes. I’ve had them ever since I was a kid with blueish discolouration. Now that I’m in my 30’s I have wrinkles in my bags. Can anyone answer this question….Does it work for dark blueishy, purple, puffy bags under and on top of the eyes?? I’m tired of ppl thinking I haven’t slept or i’ve been punched out!!;) Thanks.

  208. Sherri says:

    I have been doing research on the website to find the best anti-aging skin care product for me. I have very dry skin and am concerned about the abrasiveness of Lifecell. does anyone have any feedback as to whether it is safe to use around the eye area.

    ~Thanks, Sherri

  209. ila says:

    Jen, I was also hoping someone that has under eye bags and used LifeCell could let us know if they found any difference at all? I have a big problem with my eye bags. Please help!

  210. Anne says:

    Lifecell is amazing. I have been using for about 3 weeks and can tell a tremendous difference. The under eye circles and a few sun spots are gone. I don’t need concealer now. My skin is firmer and brighter. I absolutely love it!!!

  211. Cat says:

    Hey everyone, this product is the best darn product out there, I’m on auto ship and it’s been 2 months since first using lifecell and I’m so happy with my results.I turned 40 last yr and notice lines under my eyes ..not too deep but lifecell cured that and my skin is glowing.I’m a woman of color and it’s so hard to find a product to address the many problems with our skin type.The compliments are pouring in, it’s worth the price.

  212. Peter says:


    I am 28 years old; I have wrinkles on skin of my arms. I am surprised how the wrinkles are formed at the age of 28. It would be really a great help if you can suggest me whether LIFECELL can cure this situation?

    Best Regards,

  213. Simi says:

    Good skin is inside out than the cosmetics that we use. Oxidative stress is believed to be responsible as a major factor for ageing, wrinkled skin, decline in energy levels, and memory loss. Noni has ability to reconstruct damaged skin. I have seen my skin improve from nowhere; drastic improvement in my complexion, younger looking skin and from dull pale skin to shiny soft skin.

  214. jean bradshaw says:

    I noted that skincell has the exact concentration of peptide as Prototype 37C which costs $149.OO I was just curious
    in the price difference. I am thinking of ordering skincell, just hope it works. I also tried Prevara it did not work for me so
    I sent it back.

  215. jean bradshaw says:

    Sorry mistyped my e-mail address should be jean bradshaw

  216. Laura Chisholm says:

    Hi Can anyone tell me where in South Africa can one purchase this product???

  217. marian says:

    Hi .

    I am cionsidering investing in Nu-skin galvanic spa and products. While researching reviews on it I came across Lifecell info. I had never heard of Lifecell. Obviously you use it and like it. How would it compare to Nu-skin? Thanks for responidng.


  218. Lyn says:

    Hi, Just wondering if Lifecell is available in Australia yet. Can you tell me how much it ends up being in Australian dollars. Is it available in Australia yet.

  219. Eliz says:

    Hi Lin

    Have you tried lifecell? Would like to know if it works for you.

    I am also from Singapore. Is this product available locally?



  220. Just ordered my trial size will let you know results, good reviews and good forum Jen I’m looking to be one of the blessed ones that this will work for I have a scar from a car accident on my right cheek and if this would help to camoflage this i would sing praises both to God and South beach and I would spread the good news. I’ll let you know. I will take before and after pics and I’m going try on one side like one of the girls did.

  221. Wahine2011 says:

    aloha from hawaii!

    i received my lifecell cream a month ago. i was skeptical at first, but knew i needed something to help with the sun damage caused by years of sun exposure.

    first of all, i aprreciated the free 30 day trial. secondly, this is the BEST 189…. i have ever invested in! within a week, my eyes and skin were vibrant and radiant!!! my wrinkles continue to improve, my brown spots have almost diminished, my skin is tighter and smoother, and makeup goes on much more easily.

    i am so glad i gave life cell a shot!! try it, you will not regret it!

  222. johnny says:

    I wanted to ask, how the contents in 1 package Lifecell.?
    whether the $ 189 price for 1 pack lifecell?
    how long a package will lifecell wearing out.?
    whether I should use lifecell forever?
    if I stop using lifecell, how long I’ll be back wrinkled skin .?… thank u.

  223. Has anyone heard of Xtend skincare?

  224. Stephanie says:

    I am 28 and I am starting to notice slight wrinkle around my eyes and lines on my forehead. Should I start now using this anti-aging now or would it be a waste of money? Everyone always says I look younger than my age but I want to be pro-active.

  225. Vix says:

    Hi I noticed some comments, that I also wanted to query weren’t answered (not a complaint, it’s taken me all night to read these blogs so i appreciated how easy it would be to miss a couple) and it may even be that I also missed them. So Jen can you clarify firstly a comment made a while back from someone in the UK. She/he stated that she was told the 30 day charge delay only applied to US recipients. I’m from the UK and am considering ordering, will I be charged before the end of this period??. Secondly someone also asked (and again sorry if I missed relevant any response) is the trial period actually free, or are you charged if you decide to reorder? And lastly (promise) an order link provided to a user asking for a UK no longer exists, can I order through the general link, I dont really want to go through the whole process and give card details, only to play blank page, payment ping pong between country domains…sorry to be pessimistic but I dont have much luck with technology lol


    • Hi Vix,

      1) 30 day trial period applies to international customers as well.

      2) Trial period is free for 30 days, then customer is charged for that order on the 30th day. If a customer decides to reorder another shipment, then all subsequent shipments are priced at the VIP reorder rate of $149.

      3) Sorry but I don’t understand the last question but If I was to guess an answer, UK customers can most certainly order through our general website.

      Hope that helps.


  226. habbey says:

    hi jen,
    do you think lifecell will work for my tommy? my tommy got wrinkled after the birth of my two girls and an really sad about this. pls let me know your opinion as soon as possible cause am about losing my self confidence now.

  227. Hi habbey,

    I would say you should look for a stretch mark cream. This is one good solution to your problem.

  228. cali says:

    I’m 32 years old and I want to know if this works for my age or this product is better for people around 40 or 50, because I did not see any person of my age here . thanks for your help.

  229. Michelle N. says:

    HI! I am 43 years old. I am pretty thin and tall….5’9′ and 121 lbs. I work out so my body is firm but face is starting to sag (nasolabial folds) and at certain angles I look like I have the beginning of jowels. I also have fine lines beginning under my eyes. I have been using Environ Ionzyme C-Quence for about 6 months now and am on the 4th and final level (bottle is almost empty). I have been told my skin looks “clean” but i have not noticed a firming at all or a lessening of the wrinkles. I have tried botox and it is awesome for the 11 lines but when I tried it around the crows feet area it just seemed to “push” the wrinkles and deepen them under my eys….UGH! I also tried juvederm injections for the folds and it just heightened the sunken look in my cheek area. I LOVE my spa dr. but it is getting soooo expensive and I am at a crossroads right now. Do I continue and buy another pump bottle of c-quence or try something new. YES it soundss like I am looking for a cure all…just need a little guidance as I do trust my dr. to a certain extent, but…he IS making some big $$ off me..I’m about broke now and this does seem kinda expensive BUT if you think I may be a good candidate…I will try it!!

    • Wow, you’ve tried EVERYTHING. Good for you. The only thing I would say to you is that LifeCell has an amazing return policy. Give it a try. If it works for you, great! If not, return it. I’m guessing it will work for you, as there are very few cases I’ve seen where it didn’t.

  230. mary says:

    Have used it for a week and cant believe the difference i look younger, am 48, people have commented the last week i look good they didnt know i was using lifecell , i have seen such a difference in a week of using it, just want to know if you can use foundation over it ???

  231. Melanie says:

    Hi…..i am seriously considering ordering lifecell due to all amazing reviews,the only thing is the cost!!!!! I would also like to ask your recommendation on a firming neck cream that will actually work! I really look forward to hearing from you? Oh and would i still need to use moisturiser before make up?! Thankyou!

  232. lily says:

    What’s the full ingredient list on lifecell. Not 2, 3 good ingredients. I need all the ingredients, including the skin aging, clogging, cancer causing ingredients, please.

  233. Would love to have another number other than 305 395 5645, as i am unable to get through to order, do not want to order over the inter net.

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