NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution – AHA 8 Reviews


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On June 18
Last modified:March 20


NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution is another skin care product that is formulated to remove excess oil and fats present on the skin. It has 8% AHA (glycolic acid) that can help enhance skin exfoliation and can help clear the pores of the skin.

– There are some users who claim that this product did not work for them.
– There are some claims that this product should not be used on sensitive skin.
– Some claims from actual users:
“I tried but it doesn’t really do anything do me.” – Doris
“I tried this after reading about it in a magazine, but it had no effect whatsoever.” – Karen

– This is good for oily and combination type of skin.
– It can make the skin smooth.
– It can help eliminate red and white bumps on the skin.
– Feedbacks from actual users:
“This product is amazing. I have only used it 5 times and my skin as already so smooth with a huge decrease in the amount of bumps…” – Suzy
“…it does an awesome job of reducing it and smoothing out the skin.” – JW

Guarantee: Depends on the website that sells the product.

Conclusion: This product acts like a toner. It can help reduce red bumps on the skin. It is good to oily skin and combination type of skin. There some people who are satisfied with the results, but there are also people who claim that this product never worked on them. As they have claimed, this product should not be used on sensitive skin.

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