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Helena Rubinstein is an international company that specializes in creating beauty products such as skin care creams, anti aging products and anti wrinkle creams. They also provide professional advice on skin care. One of the products that they provide is the Prodigy Global Anti-Aging Concentrate. This can be a good anti aging product. It contains effective ingredients needed for skin care. This product has the formulation of “Encapsulated” Bio Sap that is known to be effective in fighting the signs of aging.

Taken from their website:

This is what they claim:

Life Concentrate – Global Anti-ageing – The “Encapsulated” Bio Sap is a unique answer to the 5 essential mechanisms of skin ageing.

A texture to spark emotions. Light, silky and creamy to the touch, it melts into the epidermis, leaving behind a pure sensation of gentleness and comfort. Velvety-smooth and luminous, the skin loves this treatment and looks all the more beautiful for it.


The formula of Prodigy is more than complete, it is ideal. It provides the skin with an actual Bio Sap, consisting of 13 ingredients, which are not only combined but actually support each other in the fight against the 5 essential mechanisms of skin ageing: Ceramide 5, Cholesterol, Royal Jelly, Gatuline, Pro-Vitamin B5, Rice Peptides, Soya Proteins, Ginger, Vitamin C, Caffeine, Ruscus, White grape extract and Vitamin E. Irrigated by this powerful life concentrate, the skin is reborn.


Bio-Sap, a true life concentrate, a selection of some of the most highly effective active anti-ageing ingredients for incomparable anti-ageing power. The technological feat: Bio-Sap, as if “encapsulated” into a double mesh, to deliver all its effective action as close as possible to the cells.

– This product is too expensive.
– We found no actual evidence of its effectiveness.

– This product is packed with ingredients essential for skin care.
– They have a good and very informative website.

Guarantee: 30 day money back guarantee
Conclusion: This can be a good anti aging product. You can try this product out if you want to. This product has its 5-way proof: Smoothness: 83%, Firmness: 79%, Radiance: 83%, Even complexion: 81%, Hydration: 86% (Satisfaction rate: 132 women / 3 weeks) – taken from their website. But we have not yet seen any actual results from the users. There is no even enough information from the users of this product. The best way that you can do is to search for more products online in order for you to have some comparison.

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