Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Day Cream Review


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On April 15
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Most wrinkle creams would claim to have an effect after a few days or weeks of use. But the Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Day Cream claims to be a very good and quick acting cream that it can get rid of fine lines within just hours of use. Surface wrinkles are said to be minimized within 3 weeks while deep wrinkles become shallower after 4 weeks of use. It is able to do this with the claim of having doubled the amount of Q10 to further enhance its anti-aging ability even during the day.

Q10 is a known anti-aging ingredient that has been used in a lot of anti-aging products already. This is because Q10 or its full name of Coenzyme Q10 is a natural anti-aging substance in the body. It has many actions ranging from being a great antioxidant, preventing DNA damage as well as inhibiting the production of collagenase, the enzyme which is responsible for breaking down collagen in the body. These actions will directly prolong the formation of the signs of aging on the face such as wrinkles, as well as dull and sagging skin. In addition to this, Nivea Visage Q10 also has great moisturizing properties which will help your skin retain moisture for long periods of time. This way, skin stay soft and smooth all the time. Lastly, it even has sun protective effects that can prevent damage caused by excessive exposure to the sun. You won’t need to apply a separate sunscreen when going outdoors every single day as Nivea will already do this for you.

Some people might get fooled with the idea that twice as many of the active ingredient should mean twice as more effective. But it does not always work this way. The body can become saturated with too much Q10 that not all of them are put to use. This is why other creams make use of a combination of active ingredients (like matrixyl or argireline) and will not rely on one ingredient alone to carry out its anti-aging effects. This way, you are sure that you won’t be saturating the body with these substances. Also, it is mainly used as a day cream so you will need to use a different cream at night.

– Has a proven anti-aging ingredient in Q10
– Has great moisturizing properties and can also prevent damage from the sun

– Ideally used during the day only so you will need a different cream at night
– May not be able to live up to its claims of working that fast
– Contains only one active ingredient that prevents the aging process

Conclusion: Nivea will have good anti-aging effects, but not to the extent that you may expect. Also, it has a great moisturizing property which is always a plus. Lastly, it also has a sun protective factor which is great as it will lessen the time that you will spend on applying creams on your face in the morning. This is a good product to try. But if you are looking for the best wrinkle cream that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, I recommend Lifecell anti aging cream.

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