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Nu Skin is a direct selling company that distributes a wide rage of products including beauty and skin care products. There are two options in buying their product. You can buy the products online at a retail price, or you can sign up either as a distributor or a purchaser. If you prefer to sign up as a purchaser, you are entitled to buy their product at about 40% discount. If you sign up as a distributor, you will earn commissions by convincing other people to sign up for the program and to buy their products. In order to join the program, Nu Skin requires the applicants to pay $35 registration fee and an annual fee of $20.

With regards to their products, there are many allegations that they are expensive. And because they distribute a wide variety of products, just like any other company, there are products that are good, some are not effective, and there are also some that are overpriced and not worth buying.

Review of Nu Skin 180°® Anti-Aging Skin Therapy System:

Products within the System:

Nu Skin 180°® Face Wash
Nu Skin 180°® Skin Mist
Nu Skin 180°® Cell Renewal Fluid
Nu Skin 180°® UV Block Hydrator SPF 18
Nu Skin 180°® Night Complex


Each product in this system plays an integral role in delivering the following benefits:

  • Begins to reverse the effects of biological and environmental aging in as early as seven days.
  • Helps erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Works to firm the skin.
  • Increases skin smoothness and radiance.
  • Diminishes the appearance of pore size.
  • Minimizes the look of age spots and discoloration.
  • Repairs signs of past UV exposure and protects skin against future sun damage.

– Even though they claim that these products are effective in reducing wrinkle and fine lines, there is no concrete evidence on their effectiveness.
– These products are expensive.

– They offer a 180-day money back guarantee after you have completed all the requirements.
– They offer discounts to their members.
– There are also some people who claim that their products are effective.

Guarantee: 180 money back guarantee.

Discounts: 40% discount for the members.

Conclusion:  NU Skin is a huge MLM company. They distribute a wide range of products from cosmetics to skin care. But there is no concrete evidence that their products are effective compared to products of the other companies. Just like other skin care lines, there are some effective ones, others are not as effective, and there are also those that are very expensive. You can try these products out as long as you are willing to invest a certain amount of money on them. The products can be very expensive compared to other skin care products in the market.

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