Optimal Moisturizing Cream Review


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On December 5
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Optimal Moisturizing Cream by Mannatech is a new moisturizing cream that was introduced to the market on the second quarter of 2007. It uses an enhanced water based technology that was known to hydrate skin cells more effectively and can refine, soothe and brighten the skin. This is also a preservative-free moisturizer that contains no fragrance and colorants.

This is what they claim:

– Improves 80% of skin hydration in just a one application.
– 100% improvement in skin moisture after 8 weeks of use.
– Skin roughness declined by 96%
– Skin radiance improved by nearly 75%

– It does not have organic ingredients that can also be effective in skin care treatment.
– The ingredients of the product are not clearly stated on their website.
– There is no actual evidence of its effectiveness.

– Offers 180 day 100% money back guarantee.
– No preservatives.
– Allergy- and ophthalmologist-tested

Guarantee: 180 day 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Conclusion: This is another new skin moisturizer that claims to be effective in skin care treatment. With all these claims, no one can really tell if these results are true. There is no actual evidence on how effective this product is. There are no actual feedbacks from actual users. We rated this product fairly because of its unique water based technology and preservative-free ingredients. But we cannot say that this can be one of the best skin care products because it lacks concrete evidence that can prove its effectiveness.

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