OXYTOKIN – Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Aging Cream w/Peptides Review

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On April 17
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Unlike other creams that cost a lot of money but will only give minimal results, Oxytokin claims to be a cream that will give great results but will also cost what it is worth. It claims to contain very powerful peptides that can easily get rid of all types of wrinkles, especially those that form around the eyes. Within a matter of days, it says that a dramatic improvement will be seen and you will look many years younger than before you started using this cream.

Ingredients included in Oxytokin are argireline, which is a well-known peptide that works as a muscle relaxant. This prevents the muscles responsible for forming wrinkles from contracting which will consequently produce wrinkles on the face. Peption-5 is another ingredient that works similarly to argireline. But instead of targeting wrinkles, it mostly works on fine lines that are much finer and thinner than wrinkles. Palmitoyl pentapeptide stimulates the body to produce more collagen and elastin, thus ensuring that it becomes more elastic and resistant to forming new wrinkles. Other peptides included in its formulation will help the skin repair damages while glycerin and sodium hyaluronate improves the skin by keeping them moisturized.

With all of these proven ingredients in the formulation of Oxytokin, almost anyone would think that it is a good cream to use and will give great results. Unfortunately if you look at the various customer testimonials, it does not receive great testimonials. At most, people will give good, 4-star reviews about this product but almost no 5-star reviews. Aside from this, it also received many negative reviews saying that you should not buy this product. At most, it can get rid of fine lines but it does not do much to help get rid of wrinkles on the face.

– Has a lot of proven ingredients that can reduce wrinkles and improve the skin
– Has a reasonable price

– Did not receive very good testimonials from its users
– May not give you the results that you want
– Can get rid of fine lines at most but not wrinkles

Conclusion: Overall, the Oxytokin Anti-Winkle Anti-Aging cream seems to be a very good product based on its ingredients and formulation alone. Its price is also reasonable at $29.99. Unfortunately, you have to look at its results and it does not seem to give good results to most of its users. Its ingredients may be good but its combination and amount may not be enough to give users the results that they want.

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