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Review of: Oxytoxin Type II
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On April 29
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Oxytoxin Type II claims to be the most advanced anti-wrinkle cream because it makes use of the stem cell technology which stimulates the growth and regeneration of skin cells needed for the production of younger looking skin. It basically works by reducing the dark lines and puffiness that surrounds the eyes, as well as the wrinkles that form all over the face. With its advanced formulation of 5% Eyeseryl, 5% Pepha-Tight and 5% Vitamin C, it claims that it can remove 10 to 20 years off your eyes making you look and feel younger.

The 3 main ingredients of Oxytoxin Type II are in their exact concentrations needed to produce their anti-aging effects. The 5% Eyesryl is a peptide that is responsible for reducing the puffiness and darkness that forms around the eyes by about 70%. That is a really big difference that can be observed in just 14 days. It also helps in increasing skin elasticity which helps prevent the formation of new wrinkles. The 5% Pepha-Tight has been tested in laboratories and was found out to stimulate the formation of collagen while tightening the skin as well. This help in reducing the number and depth of wrinkles already present. Lastly, the 5% Vitamin C also contributes to collagen synthesis, as well as acting as an antioxidant to remove free radical waste build up in the skin.

– Proven safe and effective to use, especially around the eyes
– Effects can be seen within 2 weeks of use
– Has a 90 day money back guarantee
– Has a lot of positive feedback from both experts and consumers

– A bit pricey as it can range from $99.95 – $149.99 depending on where purchase is done
– Works mostly around the eyes only and not on other parts of the face

Conclusion: Almost all indications say that Oxytoxin Type II is a very effective anti-wrinkle cream. It has clinical tests to back it up, as well as user testimonials that say how effective it is at removing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Unfortunately, its effect focuses too much around the eyes and not much on wrinkles on other parts of the face. Laugh lines and other wrinkles might not be affected by the Oxytoxin Type II, thus it is not an all-around anti-aging cream. If your main problem is around the eyes, this would be a good product to use. But if you want to get rid of wrinkles on the other parts of your face, such as around the mouth or on the forehead, other anti-wrinkle creams are recommended.

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