Phenomena Advanced Skincare Tighten Up Serum Review

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On April 29
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Wrinkles are formed as one grows older and the elasticity of the skin decreases. In order to reverse this effect, one must increase the skin’s elasticity so that it may be able to return to its original form without the wrinkles and fine lines. The Phenomena Advanced Skincare Tighten Up Serum claims to do this by stimulating the production of collagen by the body as well as some other effects that will help erase years off your face.

The main ingredient of the Phenomena serum is Matrixyl 3000, which is a very popular ingredient used by a lot of wrinkle creams to reduce wrinkles by improving collagen production. It is said to be able to reduce deep wrinkles by up to 68% and moderate wrinkles by up to 51%. This is a very good result which will be able to make you many years younger as compared to when all of your wrinkles were present. In addition to just increasing collagen production by the body and increasing the skin’s elasticity, Phenomena also has hyaluronic acid which is has great moisturizing properties and will keep your skin hydrated for long periods of time. Doing this will help keep your skin smooth and soft as well as reduce blemishes on the skin. Lastly, it also has an Ester C complex provides your skin with Vitamin C that it needs to repair damages faster and more efficiently. This works together with Matrixyl in restoring your skin’s elasticity and improving the skin.

– Contains Matrixyl 3000 and Hyaluronic acid which are used in a lot of anti-aging products and are proven to be effective
– Also provides the skin with Vitamin C, a nutrient required for the improvement of the skin and in the utilization of collagen

– May cause some problems for those with sensitive skin
– Does not have customer testimonials where you can see whether it has worked for other people or not

Conclusion: Like all other wrinkle creams that rely on Matrixyl 3000, the Phenomena Advanced Skincare Tighten Up Serum is a good and reliable cream to use if you want to get rid of your wrinkles. You will surely attain the results that you want as long as this cream is compatible with your skin type. The only problem with this cream is that it might cause some skin irritations for those with sensitive skin. Relying on this cream too much may also cause some negative side effects especially if this cream is abused and used too often. Also, this product is also not yet well known thus it has no user testimonials where you can see how well it has worked for other people.

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