Promaxyl Intensive Deep Wrinkle Treatment Review


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On October 10
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Promaxyl Intensive Deep Wrinkle Treatment is uses Matrixyl Complex – the latest on skin care technology. Matrixyl complex is a powerful polypeptide; which combines Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, recognized for its wound healing and regenerative properties. This product is not only used to eliminate wrinkles but it is also used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Clinical Study summary: (taken from their website)
The Matrixyl study was carried out under double-blind conditions versus a placebo and a reference substitute. The test lasted 6 months and involved a panel of 35 female volunteers between 34 and 72 years of age (group mean 58 years) The anti-wrinkle cream containing 3% MATRIXYL was investigated in several ways. Results showed highly significant changes at the T2 month, T4 months and T6 months vs. the placebo
• The surface area of the deep wrinkles was reduced by 68% and in some cases as much as 90%
• The density of the main furrows reduced by 47%
• The area of moderate wrinkles reduced by 51%

– This is new to the market. Its effectiveness is yet to be tested.
– All ingredients are not shown on their website.
– No video testimonials.

– It contains Matrixyl.
– It is effective in wrinkles and stretch marks.
– It offers 60-days satisfaction guaranteed.

Guarantee: 60-days satisfaction guaranteed.

Conclusion: This is a new product that is yet to be tested. But looking on its main ingredient, we can say that this product can be effective in eliminating wrinkles. It contains Matrixyl, a polypeptide that is known to prevent skin damage and can help facilitate skin hydration. You can try this product out. You can buy a 4 oz tube at $49.95

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