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Review of: Prototype #37-C

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On December 18
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This is another wrinkle treatment that claims to be very effective in eliminating wrinkles. Prototype #37-C contains 99% concentration from different peptides while other anti wrinkle products has only 2-5% peptides components. This is the only wrinkle treatment in the market that contains concentrated peptides including acetyl octapeptide-3, syncoll, acetyl- hexapapeptide-8, matrixyl 3000, eveservyl and pentapeptide- 13.

Product Discription: (As seen on their website)
Prototype #37-C is a revolutionary wrinkle treatment that outperformed all other products on the market.
It is 99% peptide concentration. Peptides are the most important ingredients in anti-aging process. Most anti-wrinkle products contain 2 – 5% peptides due to its cost. This amazing formulation includes 99% concentration of 6 different peptides that have been patented and clinically proven. Our confidence is backed up by 100% No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.

Key Ingredients: acetyl octapeptide-3, syncoll, acetyl- hexapapeptide-8, matrixyl 3000, eveservyl and pentapeptide-13.

– There are no actual tests that can prove its effectiveness.
– The product is expensive.
– No free trial is available.
– This company has been flagged by other users.
– There are some claims that this company is a scam.
– No Terms and conditions can be found on their website.

– Prototype #37-C contains 99% concentrated peptides.
– They offer 90-day money back guarantee.
– Its active ingredients are designed to reduce wrinkles.

Guarantee: 90-day money back guarantee.

Conclusion: Although this product claims to be effective because it has essential peptide components, we don’t really recommend this product due to its bad reputation on the Internet. As other people claim, it has red flags raised over the Internet because of their deceitful practice. 

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