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ResDermatrol claims to be one of the top anti-aging creams out in the market today. It claims to be able to produce significant results within a matter of days. Aside from this, it also provides numbers such as 75% decrease in wrinkles, eye lines are reduced by up to 45% while lines around the lips are supposed to be diminished by up to 62%. Lastly, it is even capable of getting rid of age spots that form on the face. These are all great claims but not all of these can be verified.

One of the main ingredients of ResDermatrol which it claims has great anti-aging effects is resveratrol. This ingredient is an antioxidant which is supposed to have other anti-aging effects. It is obtained from red grapes and is supposed to have weight loss capabilities and anti-cholesterol effects. But when applied on the skin, it also has effects such as reduction of wrinkles, improvement of skin texture and appearance, as well as increasing definition around the lips. Aside from these, it also has UV protective effects and is great at preventing the development of skin cancer.

In addition to resveratrol, it also has peptides which boost the skin’s elasticity by stimulating increased production of collagen. This is usually the problem of older people, that their production of collagen has decreased causing their skin to be less elastic. By reversing this, skin will again be more resistant to the formation of wrinkle and fine lines. Lastly, these peptides, specifically argireline, also inhibit the formation of more winkles as it inhibits muscles from contracting. This way, there is less chances that skin folds unnecessarily.


– Contains peptides and argireline which are proven ingredients in the field of anti-aging substances
– Has UV protective effects which is important in preventing skin from aging quickly


– Its main ingredient, resveratrol, is not proven when it comes to its anti-aging effects
– Not much user testimonials to back up its claims

Conclusion: These are all great features of a wrinkle cream but these might not be enough to produce the effects that they claim. While resveratrol has been found out to have a lot of benefits when taken orally, not much has been proven about its ability to reverse the effects of aging. Peptides on the other hand, are great ingredients of any cream and their effects have been mostly proven to help in making skin look younger. One downside to this product is that it does not have much user testimonials to back up its claims.

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