Rodial SPF 18 Wrinkle Smoother Review

Review of: Rodial SPF 18

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On October 24
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If you are looking for a complete package of an anti wrinkle cream, then this is one thing that you can consider. Rodial SPF 18 Wrinkle Smoother is five products in one. This product provides daily hydration, sun protection, face lifting, wrinkle-plumping and facial muscle relaxation. This antioxidant and peptide rich product is one thing that can be considered in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Product Discription:

Rodial SPF 18 Wrinkle Smoother is five products in one. It provides daily face and eye hydration, sun protection (SPF 18), instant face lifting, wrinkle-plumping and facial muscle relaxing all in one antioxidant-abundant and peptide-packed cream. Contains pomegranate ellagic tannins, wheat protein and marine collagen.

• Five products in one.
• Fills wrinkles within one hour.
• Contains antioxidants and SPF 18.
• Long–lasting anti-wrinkle product.
• Eye cream.
• Muscle freezing cream.
• Firming serum.
• Daily moisturizer.
• Suntan lotion.

– This product is a bit costly. It cost $145 for a 1.3 oz container.
– This product is not available in their main site. SPF 18 Wrinkle Smoother is discontinued by the company.
– There is no actual evidence of its effectiveness

– It is five products in one.
– It contains SPF 18 for sun protection and antioxidant for skin care.
– It can be a good moisturizer.
– This product is equipped with effective ingredients in fighting the signs of aging.

Guarantee: Depends on the site that sells this product.

Conclusion: This can be a good anti wrinkle cream. It is five products combined into one. It is a wrinkle cream with sun protection (SPF 18), a good combination for a wrinkle cream product. It has also antioxidants and peptides that can aid in eliminating the signs of aging. But this product costs a bit higher compared to other effective skin care products. Another thing is that SPF 18 Wrinkle Smoother has been discontinued by the Rodial. The company will be launching a new product called SPF18 Glamotox. We will try to make a review on this product as soon as it is already available in the market. Note: Rodial SPF 18 Wrinkle Smoother can still be bought on other online stores.

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