Sampar Lavish Dream Cream Review


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On December 9
Last modified:March 20


This is a great anti aging cream. It combines nanotechnology and natural elements to create a powerful cream that can reduce water loss by 19.5% in just 48 hours. Combining the Urban Active Complex and Age Antidote Complex, this anti aging cream can fight the signs of aging and can protect the skin from damage cause by external factors.

• Decreases the depth and length of wrinkles.
• Decreases water loss and prolongs hydration.
• Refines the texture of skin.
• Fights free radicals.
• Brings softness and comfort to the skin.

– This cream is a bit pricey.
– There is no concrete evidence of its effectiveness.
– Some of these users claim that it can leave an oily feeling especially during the day.

– It contains Bio-peptides and Antioxidants that can help fight the signs of aging and protect the skin from damage.
– This cream contains natural ingredients that can help moisturize the skin.
– It has a unique delivery method that keeps that product fresh and uncontaminated.
– It can make the skin soft and hydrated.

Guarantee: It depends on the website that sells this product.

Conclusion: This is a great anti aging cream. It contains plant sugar, acerola and walnut extracts that can boost the skin’s natural defenses. It also contains chestnut extract and jojoba oil that are known to be powerful moisturizing components. But there are some users, especially those who have oily skin, claim that it can leave an oily feeling to their skin. Maybe it is because of its powerful moisturizing effect. You can try this cream if you want to. It is a bit costly but it is worth its price.

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