Seacret Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream Review

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On October 24
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If you want a cream that has great moisturizing effects and can eliminate wrinkles as well, then the Seacret Dead Sea Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream is for you. It contains a mixture of Dead Sea minerals, herbal complexes and various oils which provide its intense moisturizing effects. Aside from this, it also contains very powerful antioxidants which helps eliminate free radicals and prevents them from doing damage to the skin. Waking up in the morning will leave you refreshed, feeling and looking younger ready to face the upcoming day ahead of you.

The Dead sea minerals and herbal complexes provide the skin with 21 minerals that can help the skin in various healing processes. Aside from this, they also provide a soothing mechanism which helps the skin relax leaving you feeling refreshed the following day. Still, these minerals also have a function in cell metabolism so you can be sure that your cells are constantly working and repairing any damage that it has incurred throughout the day. Lastly, these minerals also work as a moisture regulator and disinfectant, keeping your skin cells hydrated and protecting them form bacteria and other organisms that may invade your skin cells.

Olibanum Extract, Wheat Germ, and Palm and Geranium Oils are also included in the ingredients of Seacret Anti-Wrinkle Cream, and these have similar functions to the minerals and herbal complexes already included in the cream. These increases the moisturizing effect of the cream which sets it apart in terms of moisturizing effects when compared to other creams. it also contains Vitamin A, which is an important vitamin when it comes to repairing skin cells. This vitamin, together with Vitamin E have great antioxidant effects as well so that free radicals may not cause harm to your skin cells. Carrot oil on the other hand, has beta carotene which helps keep your skin soft and supple thus making it better to touch.

– Has very great moisturizing effects
– Leaves you refreshed and feeling younger the next day
– Contains many ingredients which help in preventing damage as well as repairing any damage that occurs on your skin

– Does not have much anti-wrinkle effects
– Has only a few customer testimonials

Conclusion: Unfortunately, this cream may have focused too much on its moisturizing effects that it may have neglected its anti-wrinkle effects. it did not state which ingredients it has that are great in helping eliminate wrinkles. If ever, it just has very little anti-wrinkle effects. Also, there are only a few customer testimonials available so you won’t be able to tell how well customers received this product.

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