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Shiseido Bio-Performance is known to be a “time-fighting” skin care collection as stated on their website. They have the slogan “The Power of Science to Fight Time”. Shiseido claims that it is using the most advanced biotechnology methods to combine nature and the power of science in order to produce high performance product ingredients needed for a high level skin care performance. There are many users who can testify to the effectiveness of this product. Most of them claim that this product can make their skin smooth and soft and can be a good defense against aging. They also claim that these skin care products can really fight the signs of aging. But on the negative side, most of these satisfied users agreed on one thing: that this product is expensive.

Read a review on Shiseido Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer N, one product under Shiseido Bio-Performance skin care collection.

Taken from the Shiseido Website:

The Ultimate Strategy against Premature Aging

Protecting, energizing, and hydrating skin, this highly-concentrated cream gives your skin its own defense against age-related damage and an aggressive environment. Shiseido’s exclusive Super Bio Hydraulic Acid delivers superior moisture benefits, reforming rough, dry skin with smoothness and suppleness.

Advanced Super Revitalizer N also supplies two potent energizers, Bio-EPO and HKC, to recharge your skin and help it improve itself day by day.

– The only concern of most users is the cost of the product. It is a bit pricey compared to other skin care products in the market.
– There are also a few users who do not like the scent of this product.

– This is a great moisturizer; it’s non-greasy and has a light texture.
– It is very good for sensitive, dry and irritated skin. It can make the skin feel soft and look healthy.
– Works in minimizing the signs of aging.

Guarantee: 30 day money back guarantee (depending on the website that sells this product)

Conclusion: If you are trying to find an effective moisturizer, then you can try this product out. Many users claim that this product really works. Due to its biotechnologically developed ingredients, it can make your skin soft and smooth without irritating it. This product is good for sensitive and easily-irritated skin. But you should remember that this product is expensive. You need to invest a certain amount of money to get satisfying results.

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