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Most eye creams are designed to get rid of puffiness under the eyes and other dark lines that may form in this area. But the SK-II Signs Eye Cream does not only focus on the area beneath the eyes, it also rejuvenates the area above the eyes so that you will have an overall naturally younger looking and glowing eyes. Aside from this, this cream claims to have the most advanced skin repair technology, promotes skin renewal and better texture, reduce appearance of puffiness and wrinkles, and preserve your youthful, glowing appearance.

Similar to other wrinkle and eye creams, this product also claims to apply the most advanced technology when it comes to skin repair. It boasts of its all new ingredients, Active Sirtuin and Power ProteActive to carry out its anti-aging and rejuvenating effects. These are both rather new ingredients wherein not much has been proven. SK-II Signs Eye Cream claims that these products work by enhancing the absorption of its ingredients into the skin so that protein synthesis will be better stimulated. It also claims to have Pitera, which is a chemical substance that was derived from yeasts which has natural self-healing functions. In addition to this, it also helps the skin retain moisture which helps the skin to stay firmer and reduce stress around the eyes. Aside from this, it does not have any other explanations as to how their cream works.

This cream’s claims are very vague and do not exactly provide scientific evidence as to how their cream is the most advanced when it comes to treating wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes. It only gives its effects in the hope that people would believe in their ingredients. Based on some user testimonials, others have found it to be rather effective, while others would not recommend using this cream at all. They claimed that it does not work in making the face look younger even with a month of use.

– Has a money back guarantee
– Can help in moisturizing the face and protect it from getting damaged too easily

– Ingredients are not very known and have no scientific evidence that it works
– Does not have good user testimonials
– Does not have anything that separates it from other wrinkle and eye creams

Conclusion: If you are to look at the products’ claims and ingredients, this does not seem like a very promising product. Add to the fact that there are user testimonials that do not approve of this product. The good thing is that it has a money back guarantee just like other anti-aging creams. This way, you can still try it out if you want without having to waste your money.

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