Sothys Global Anti Age Destressing Treatment


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On March 11
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This is an intensive anti aging treatment that combines two synergetic ingredients to fight and to reduce wrinkles. Active complex Soya+Nutriskin helps fight cellular malnutrition and hormonal deficiency. The other complex ingredient is called TEX-OE that can help eliminate cellular stress. This product can increase cellular activity and so it can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


• An intensive anti-age treatment combining synergetic high technology active ingredients.
• Strengthens the assimilation of nutrients necessary to boost the cellular activity
• Reinforces the defense capacity of the skin and reduces wrinkles.
• Fights against hormonal deficiency.
• Skin is well protected and revitalized.
• Formulated to create firmer and smoother skin.
• Wrinkles are dramatically diminished.

This is what they claim:

100% – satisfaction for the smoothing and comfort action during the whole day
95% – satisfaction for the diminution of the wrinkles and re-firming effect
84% – satisfaction for the radiance of the skin

Direction for Use:

For an optimal hydration and softening action, apply half a tube in the morning and the remaining half in the evening on cleansed skin for 21 consecutive days. You should apply 1 complete tube per day.

– This product is very costly.
– There are no actual user feedbacks that can be seen online.
– No actual evidence of its effectiveness.

– It has ingredients that are effective in reducing and eliminating wrinkles.
– It has hydrating complex that can make the skin smooth and nourished.
– This product contains peptides and ingredients can help improve collagen synthesis.

Guarantee: It depends on the website that sells this product.

Conclusion: With active complex ingredients, this product can be effective in reducing and eliminating wrinkles. It has ingredients that can improve collagen synthesis and can increase cellular activity on the skin. It has also peptides and hydrating complex that can make the skin smooth and revitalized. But there are no reviews that can be found online. No actual users have testified on its effectiveness. The product’s effectiveness is yet to be discovered.

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