StriVectin-SD Stretch Mark Anti-Wrinkle Cream Review

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On December 1
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You would think that stretch mark creams would be different from wrinkle creams as they solve two very different problems on the skin. The StriVectin-SD Stretch Mark Anti-Wrinkle Cream is supposedly a stretch mark cream that is also marketed as a wrinkle cream due to its great effects in removing wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Come to think of it, both stretch mark and wrinkle creams work by improving the state of the skin. One aims to lighten the appearance of stretch marks while the other aims to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. The mechanism of action of both creams is focused on repairing and making the skin look better. This is why both of these creams have some effects on increased cell regeneration and better repair of the underlying matrix of the skin. Looking at creams this way, you can see how their mechanisms overlap and how a stretch mark cream can also work similarly as wrinkle creams.

By coming to this realization, StriVectin-SD cream has incorporated both of the functions of stretch mark creams and wrinkle creams into their product, thus having a 2 in 1 product that you can use for both of these problems. Within 2 weeks, it claims to boost collagen production by the skin to increase its elasticity. By the 4th week, cell turnover rate is very fast thus ensuring old cells are completely replaced by younger ones. by the 8th week, the effects should have taken their effects and both wrinkles and stretch marks are visibly diminished.

Its main active ingredient are powerful peptides that are engineered with the patented NIA-114 technology. This technology helps in rebuilding the layers of the skin which has been proven through a lot of clinical trials. Aside from this, it also contains other ingredients which firms the skin, increases elasticity and hydrates the skin to make it appear smooth and flawless. This way, you won’t have to worry about stretch marks and wrinkles anymore.

– A 2 in 1 cream for stretch marks and wrinkle creams
– Has clinical trials to back up their claims

– Received a lot of negative feedback from its users
– Only has a 4 week money back guarantee but claims to work within 6 weeks

Conclusion: Unfortunately, the reviews for this product were not very good. Many people claimed that this product did not work on removing stretch marks or wrinkles. Some people also complained that the cream claims to work within 6 weeks, but their money back guarantee only lasts for 4 weeks. It would be very hard to determine if you will return the product or not before the 6 weeks are over.

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