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Review of: Viterol A
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On June 24
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Viterol A cream is a wrinkle cream that claims to visibly reduce wrinkles and other lines on the face significantly, as well as promote overall skin wellness. It also promises to be extremely safe for the skin even with continued use. With this use, the effects will not wear off and you can have that younger looking skin for a very long time. One characteristic that Viterol A cream claims to separate it from the rest of the field is due to its use of “Nanosomes,” which are 200 times smaller than the human cells and help the cream penetrate until the deepest layers of the skin where it can release its ingredients, including Viatrozone gel.

The Viterol A cream is made by DS Laboratories with 15 years of research behind it. Aside from its “Nanosome” delivery technology, it boasts of having 16% active extracts which means it has a higher concentration of ingredients which are directly responsible for eliminating wrinkles. Some of these ingredients include Viatrozene gel, which is a metabolite of the Vitamins A, C and E. Propylene Glycol helps the skin retain moisture. It also has various oils to help make the skin supple, as well as gingko biloba and other natural plant products which have known anti-aging effects.

In addition to these ingredients, Viterol A cream has laboratory tests which can back their claims. According to a four week study that they conducted, this creams increases the moisture content of the skin by up to 52%. It also has a 61% increase in water retention capabilities, and a 22% in overall firmness. These are important when it comes to preventing skin damage and wrinkles from forming. This product is also hypoallergenic which means even those who have sensitive skin can safely use this cream.

– Contains Vitamins A, C and E which are needed by the skin to become healthy
– Hypoallergenic and safe even with continued use
– Has 2x money-back guarantee

– Very few user testimonials
– Does not have powerful or proven anti-aging ingredients
– Basically works by just increasing skin moisture – may be better at preventing wrinkles from forming rather than eliminating them

Conclusion: Even with all of these claims, this product may be not be very effective as its ingredients are not very popular when it comes to their anti-aging effects. Its active ingredient, Viatrozene Gel, does not have many scientific proofs that it is an effective anti-aging agent. Its laboratory results basically show an increase in skin hydration and nothing more so it doesn’t seem to be effective in reducing wrinkles.

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