Vivite Night Renewal Facial Cream Review


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On December 8
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The Vivite Night Renewal Facial Cream has three actions; it claims to exfoliate, hydrate and protect the skin, all of which are needed to promote better looking skin and eliminate wrinkles. It is said to be ideal for use at night as it delivers 8 hours of moisture and nutrient providing effects while you sleep. This is the time when the body repairs itself thus providing it with a cream that helps this process should further boost the regenerating capacity of your body and make the skin look younger.

The three active ingredients included in Vivite Night Renewal Cream are glycolic acid, SYN-AKE and superoxide dismutase. Glycolic acid has many beneficial effects on the skin, and one of its main actions is exfoliation. This helps get rid of the old skin cells in your epidermis which contributes to you looking older. Aside from this, it also helps in improving the skin’s appearance by reducing wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scarring and hyperkeratosis. This gives you skin that is not only smoother, but also free from blemishes. SYN-AKE is a synthetic product which mimics the activity of snake venom which aids in the relaxing of wrinkles. This works by paralyzing some of your facial muscles which contribute to the formation of wrinkles. Lastly, superoxide dismutase protects the skin from free radical damage by eliminating them even before they can cause their damaging effects to the body.

Aside from these active ingredients, other supplemental ingredients found in Vivite are mango butter, algae extract and vitamins A and C which provide hydrating, protective and nourishing effects on the skin. Other properties that make Vivite great at eliminating wrinkles is its excellent capability to be absorbed into the skin, as well as it is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. This is great for those with sensitive skin and cannot tolerate other products which contain harsh chemicals in their ingredients.

– Have a couple of ingredients which can help eliminate wrinkles
– Also helps in smoothing the skin and removing blemishes
– Received great reviews from its users

– SYN-AKE is not a very popular and proven ingredients when it comes to eliminating wrinkles
– You will still need to use a morning cream that is separate from this night cream

Conclusion: Looking at the customer testimonials for this product, you will see that almost all of its users provided positive feedback showing how well it works and that people are really satisfied when they used this product. With its average price for a wrinkle cream, it might be worth trying to see if it gives the results that other people claim to do.

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